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City Guide
King City
Moving to King City

Moving to Coastal California is, as expected, a breeze. Vacancy rates aren't amazing, but you can find a place if you hunt for a couple months. The good news is if you're looking for places to rent in King City, you're just like everyone else. Over half the residents either rent a home or have a rental apartment, with fewer homeowners than in some other areas nearby. They have every kind of rental imaginable, from condos to single-family homes to one-bedroom apartments. They even have month-to-month options for folks who fear commitment. Luxury apartments, however, will be few and far between. So maybe remove marble countertops from your wish list.


King City doesn't really have traditional neighborhoods like San Francisco or LA do. Finding the perfect spot to settle down will require a bit more nuance, but here is an overview of the general areas in King City.

West: Honestly, it's mostly tracts of land in these parts, but if you're interested in some serious relaxation or investing in land either for building or farming, there's hardly a prettier area to set up shop.

East: More oversized tracts of very fertile land, this is another option for individuals with rugged American spirit. The Masa Del Rey Airport is in this section, as is the Monterey Wine Company, so if you need to get away suddenly, you have two equally attractive choices.

City Center: It's all about the city center if you want to walk to the grocery store, cinema or restaurant of your choice. There are apartment rentals, home rentals and condos in this section, plus it's abuzz with life. The King City Golf Course and Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum are both here.

Pick Your Pleasure

Finding something fun to do in these parts requires no stretching of the imagination. You've got your typical late night fun in local eateries, bars and cinemas. There are several taco shops vying for the top spot, but Tacos la Potranca de Jalisco seems to be the preferred choice. It's not all burritos and enchiladas, though. Vietnamese, pizza, Mediterranean and classic American burgers are readily available. Once you've stuffed yourself full of tasty comestibles, why not work all that goodness off by gearing up for a hike in nearby San Lorenzo Park or hit the links at King City Golf Course. Maybe you'd rather go birding by the Salinas River. The choice is yours and you'll have time to choose each in turn once you live here.

If you're feeling more adventurous, weekend adventures in Monterey will prove endlessly entertaining. It's about an hour away, but there's the beach, the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, cute shops and a gorgeous downtown area to wile away the time.

In King City, driving is a way of life, so as far as commutes go, expect them to take longer than in some other metropolises. Of course, the actual time depends on where you're working. If you work in town you can bet it'll be speedy. A fair chunk have longer commutes, with some racking up 25-45 minutes in each direction. Having the ideal home life does have to have at least one drawback, right?

You might be worried about all that gas you'll be spending getting to work, but there is a silver lining. King City is remarkably walkable for an inland town. The WalkScore is a stunning 88, meaning you can get most of your errands and entertainments done on foot, let alone on bike. Relax after a long hard day pushing pedals by sauntering over to your favorite burrito joint or meeting up with friends down the block for a beer. With such fabulous weather as a standard, few things are as nice as a warm summer stroll around the hood.

Of course, that doesn't mean you won't need a car. Wherever you do put in time to get paychecks will probably be farther than you can walk, and trips to Monterey are made much faster via four wheels and an engine. There are public transportation options, however. There is a bus that takes King City slickers to Salinas and Monterey City, and Amtrak can get you all over the state (and beyond). That said, you'll still want a car to go cruising down the 101 highway. It's a gorgeous ride.

So now you know that the beach is close-ish and burritos are closer, that wine country and farmland are working hand in hand, and that folks here really do know how to enjoy the simpler things in life. The main truth of King City is that it's a world away from the big cities. It has small town charm and rural identity deeply etched into it. But it's so close to city life that it's hard to be bored given a long weekend. Add in the sunny days and an affordable cost of living, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better situation anywhere.