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14 Best Neighborhoods in Tucson, AZ

June 1, 2022

Tucson is an excellent choice for newcomers looking for a lower cost of living than the national average. The city doubles as a college town for the University of Arizona, with Downtown and adjacent neighborhoods opening up new pubs, entertainment venues, and dining.

Retirees and young professionals have always loved Tucson for its culture and events, such as 2nd Saturdays along Congress Street, where you can find concerts and local art for sale. So whether you're growing your career in academia, a history buff attracted to the historic Presidio neighborhood, or an outdoor recreation enthusiast, you can find it all in Tucson.

1. Downtown Tucson

  • Population: 15,000
  • Average 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $2,533
  • Median Household Income: $45,227
  • Walk Score: 82
  • Transit Score: 70
  • Bike Score: 100

Living in Downtown Tucson puts you in the middle of the action with live music, cafes, pubs, and nightlife hot spots. You can wake up and walk to work, yoga, or a public green space. Development is booming in Downtown Tucson with new apartment buildings, condos, mixed-use space, and urban amenities.

Downtown Tucson is made up of smaller, trendy districts, including Congress Street. Tucson Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art. You'll also find cultural stops like the Temple of Music and Art, Railot Theatre, and Fox Tucson Theatre.

Other districts include the quirky and artsy Fourth Avenue District and the Main Gate District, attracting University of Arizona students. The historic Presidio District is like stepping back in time, and the Sentinel District boasts an iconic peak offering panoramic views of the city. The Convention Center area serves as the hub of local and visitor activity.

2. Sam Hughes

  • Population: 9,521
  • Median Apartment Rent:$1,054
  • Median Household Income: $36,909
  • Walk Score: 76
  • Transit Score: 45
  • Bike Score: 97

Sam Hughes offers a mix of quiet, tree-lined streets and brewpubs with happy hour specials. This Tucson neighborhood is close to the University of Arizona and attracts students with its sports bars and Mexican cantinas. Yet, despite the influx of students, it's known as a laid-back community.

Beyond the college lifestyle, Himmel Park offers jogging and cycling paths. A swimming pool provides a reprieve from the heat, and an open-air theater entertains during the Fall. Sam Hugues is also family-friendly, with kids attending public schools. Parents commute to the University of Arizona or 2.5 miles to Downtown Tucson.

3. Civano

  • Population: 16,613
  • Median Apartment Rent: $1,560
  • Median Household Income: $95,559
  • Walk Score: 19
  • Transit Score: 14
  • Bike Score: 33

The neighborhood of Civano is a master-planned community on the east side of Tucson. It's earned a reputation for its sustainable construction practices and a walkable lifestyle. In addition, the neighborhood was designed to minimize car use and keep neighbors connected. As a result, homes and buildings are smaller than other areas of Tucson.

Civano amenities include a neighborhood center, tennis court, swimming pools, garden, and service businesses, including cafes and salons. Locals stay active and garden or cycle together around areas like the Fantasy Island Mountain Bike Park.

4. Dunbar Springs

  • Population: 3,573
  • Median Apartment Rent: $733
  • Median Household Income: $31,096
  • Walk Score: 78
  • Transit Score: 62
  • Bike Score: 99

Dunbar Springs is celebrated as the first African-American neighborhood in Tucson. Situated north of Downtown, Dunbar Springs was named after one of Tucson's first teachers, an African-American poet, Paul Lawrence Dunbar. After a rocky go of combining the Dunbar neighborhood with John Spring neighborhood, elders, leads, and activists have worked to make Dunbar Spring a welcoming and diverse place to live that's close to Downtown. As a result, the district has recently undergone a revitalization effort, which has driven up rents and real estate prices.

Locals gather at Trail Dust Town, a historic outdoor shopping center. The area resembles a wild west town with saloon shows, Pinnacle Peak restaurant with Cowboy Steak, and a vintage carousel or Circle-the-Wagons Ferris Wheel. Pack up a picnic for Estevan Park or head to the ballet or a concert at the Leo Rich Theater.

5. Miramonte

  • Population: 6,408
  • Average 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $2,046
  • Median Household Income: $38,111
  • Walk Score: 70
  • Transit Score: 41
  • Bike Score: 91

Located north of Downtown Tucson, Miramonte is a residential neighborhood known for its quiet vibe. The lifestyle is laid-back, but there are still shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues bustling along Speedway Boulevard.

While not located in Miramonte, the neighborhood is a quick commute to Reid Park. The 131-acre urban park features a 9,500-seat baseball stadium, pond, swimming pools, gardens, and a 24-acre zoo. The DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center, or OPC, hosts shows around a large grass amphitheater. Tucson locals come for the open-air concerts, festivals, movie screenings, and live performances.

6. Keeling

  • Population: 7,185
  • Average 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,129
  • Median Household Income: $26,226
  • Walk Score: 71
  • Transit Score: 44
  • Bike Score: 96

The Tucson neighborhood of Keeling has a suburban vibe with quiet streets and a family-friendly reputation. Most locals make the short commute into Downtown Tucson or nearby areas. It's situated north of the University of Arizona. The proximity makes it an easy commute for students and staff. Plus, Pima Community College - West Campus is also just over I-10.

7. Poets Square

  • Population: 5,674
  • Median Apartment Rent: $839
  • Median Household Income: $51,283
  • Walk Score: 58
  • Transit Score: 40
  • Bike Score: 89

Poets Square is an intimate, close-knit community located in central Tucson. This Tucson neighborhood is appealing to college students, professionals, and small business owners. It's known for its unique diversity and advocacy for the community.

True to its name, many streets around Poets Square are named after famed poets, including Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, and Olive Wendell Holmes. But the area didn't become a registered neighborhood association until 2022. Longtime residents rallied together to stop a late-night fast food restaurant from disrupting the community's fabric. Shopping malls are just a few miles away, and it's about a ten-minute drive to the University of Arizona. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and the Pima Air & Space Museum are close enough for a weekend visit.

8. Catalina Foothills

  • Population: 50,454
  • Median 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,779
  • Median Household Income: $92,929
  • Walk Score:13
  • Transit Score:
  • Bike Score: 30

Catalina Foothills is home to spectacular art galleries, golf courses, trendy dining, and shopping at your doorstep. The neighborhood attracts young professionals, millennials, and empty-nesters looking to live in one of Tucson's posh neighborhoods. The area is also popular with snowbirds to escape the cold winters of the midwest. Notable spots include the 10-acre DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.

Outdoor recreation is also plentiful, with the 9,159 foot-high mount Lennon. It's the highest point in the Santa Catalina Mountains and is a favorite destination for skiers. In addition, Sabino Canyon offers swimming, waterfalls, and a 45-minute tram ride to explore the grounds across nine different stops.

9. Armory Park

  • Population: 4,204
  • Median Apartment Rent: $802
  • Median Household Income: $38,936
  • Walk Score: 76
  • Transit Score: 64
  • Bike Score: 99

Listed within the National Register of Historic Places, Tucson’s Armory Park neighborhood boasts a rich collection of the city’s past eras, including many barrio-style homes, bungalows, and adobe row houses.

Entertainment and recreation options in Armory Park are as diverse as the neighborhood’s architectural styles, with tons of options running from reading a book in a relaxing cafe to scouring shops for vintage threads.

The units available in Armory Park are primarily located within new high-rise developments. However, there are plenty of single-family homes, units within apartment communities, and duplex units available for rent.

10. El Presidio Historic District

  • Population: 3,223
  • Median Apartment Rent: $806
  • Median Household Income: $16,240
  • Walk Score: 69
  • Transit Score: 66
  • Bike Score: 98

Situated just northwest of Downtown Tucson, El Presidio boasts plenty of character and has a dense collection of recreation and entertainment options. As a start, The Tucson Museum of Art is located at the neighborhood’s southern end.

On the western end, you’ll find the El Charro Café, which holds the prestige of being the oldest Mexican restaurant in the country. El Presidio residents have kept this restaurant alive for over 100 years, so you’ll need to stop in and taste the key to its longevity!

You may also be inclined to visit Old Town Artisans, a sprawling building with galleries stocked with the wares of local artisans and a beautiful courtyard.

Rentals in the neighborhood won’t provide much diversity, as available units are primarily located within newer high-rise developments. That said, there are also a few single-family houses for rent within El Presidio.

11. West University

  • Population: 8,533
  • Median 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,535
  • Median Household Income: $23,853
  • Walk Score: 87
  • Transit Score: 64
  • Bike Score: 94

West University is home to plenty of college students — University of Arizona students, to be exact. Additionally, the neighborhood is also home to a solid population of young professionals, usually newly graduated students choosing to stay in the area.

Beyond having a youthful population, West University is also an attractive location for those who need to commute to Downtown Tucson. Fortunately, if you work from home, you won’t have to worry about too much noise.

Despite being so near campus, West University is a notably quiet neighborhood. So if you’re ready to plunge into the West University rental market, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including luxury apartment units, bungalows, duplexes, and more.

12. Campus Farm

  • Population: 8,433
  • Average 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,401
  • Median Household Income: $31,625
  • Walk Score: 55
  • Transit Score: 38
  • Bike Score: 86

Like West University, Campus Farm is another small neighborhood near one of the University of Arizona’s main sites, namely the university’s Agricultural Center. As a result, you can expect to find a sizeable population of students and young professionals within its borders.

Located about an 18-minute car ride away from Downtown Tucson, living in Campus Farm provides easy access to some of the city’s best amenities. However, being surrounded by farmland and animals may contribute to a sense of being disconnected from the city’s urban environment.

The apartments available within the Campus Farm neighborhood are generally more upscale, as the area has been the site of new developments. However, some very affordable apartments are available within the neighborhood, including single-family homes and units within apartment communities.

13. Midvale Park

  • Population: 33,318
  • Average 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,343
  • Median Household Income: $60,216
  • Walk Score: 26
  • Transit Score: 28
  • Bike Score: 51

Midvale Park is located about a 20-minute drive south of Downtown Tucson. This area is far less urban than other Tucson neighborhoods and is a sprawling suburb. The neighborhood’s residents have cited rising crime as a concern, but most contend that the area is relatively safe.

A large retail center sits in the neighborhood's southern end, where residents typically stock up on groceries and home supplies. However, the neighborhood lacks a significant small business presence, and most stores and restaurants are satellites of large chains.

Rentals in Midvale include units within apartment communities and single-family homes. While there isn’t a lot of housing diversity, the available units are generally affordable and won’t break the bank!

14. Broadway Pantano East

  • Population: 13,147
  • Average 2-Bedroom Apartment Rent: $1,245
  • Median Household Income: $48,078
  • Walk Score: 63
  • Transit Score: 39
  • Bike Score: 94

Broadway Pantano East offers the best of both worlds regarding urban and suburban living. Due to the neighborhood’s proximity to Downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona’s campus, you’ll find a good mix of young professionals, college students, and long-term residents.

Your commute to Downtown Tucson shouldn’t be too bad. Even with traffic, you’ll spend around 20-minutes getting to your destination. However, you won’t have to leave the neighborhood to find entertainment options.

Broadway Village is within walking distance for most residents and offers a variety of restaurants, shops, gyms, and more.

Which Tucson Neighborhood is Right for You?

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