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5 Must-Try Restaurants in West Seattle

By: Andrew Mortier
June 18, 2019

Luna Park Cafe via Instagram

West Seattle is almost like a separate city. Forget about the frothing urban madhouse that is five O'clock traffic in the downtown area. West Seattle has more of a relaxed neighborhood vibe going on. And that just means more time to sit down and enjoy a good meal. Well, that's what it means if you are a foodie like we are.

If you are new to West Seattle and looking for some local spots, look no further. Here are some of our favorite spots to grub in the area.

1. Alki Spud Fish & Chips

Lets be honest, you should probably be a fish and chips person before you come here. Or at the very least, you ought to be on the fence. If Alki Spud can't tip you to the fishy side, nothing can. It's almost all seafood here, from creamy clam chowder to prawns and fries. They throw in a little chicken for the heck of it. The menu and presentation are simple, but this is good, classic fish n' chip eating in West Seattle. Perfect for the workday lunch.

2. Marination Ma Kai

Hawaiian-Korean cuisine! What will they think of next? The answer is nothing because they will be too busy chowing down on Hawaiian-Korean cuisine. Okay, so there's the Musubi: Portuguese sausage, white rice, and furikake, all wrapped in nori. You don't really come to Marination for cheeseburgers. Although technically, you can grab a few kalua pork sliders on Hawaiian-style rolls of that suits your fancy. And it probably will. With the fusion of two incredible cuisines, you’ll find an awesome and unique selection of delicacies.

3. Azuma Sushi

Your new go-to for Japanese dining delights in West Seattle. There is sushi, of course, but so much more. Seafood ramen is a real treat at Azuma, but don't be surprised if you find yourself enjoying the spicy tofu. Even the biggest carnivores will happily devour this stuff. And you don't know how good yakitori can get until you've had it here. Chicken and scallions drizzled in teriyaki sauce is the perfect entree.

4. Luna Park Cafe

Luna Park is sort of like traditional American restaurant food. Actually, it's a lot like that. But with a steak of the deliciously weird (or weirdly delicious) running through it. If you think the Frankenburger with its hotlink is as weird as it gets at Luna Park, you haven't seen the whole menu. Specifically, you haven't seen the Elvis Burger: Cheddar, bacon, and peanut butter. This is heavy eating for serious foodies who are looking to try something on the experimental side.

5. The Matador

A restaurant is as stylish as it is tasty. Let's start with the exquisitely tart Citrus Shrimp Ceviche: Shrimp with lime juice, jalapenos, and aguachile sauce. It may sound a bit strange, but it completely works. Matador also does street tacos a la carte. The pork belly and house-made chorizo, in particular, are fan favorites. And their carne asada's marinated skirt steak pairs more than successfully with roasted garlic and mashed potatoes.

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Drew is a contributing author at Apartment List. As a previous Seattleite, he obtained a B. Read More
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