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6 Must-Try Restaurants in International District, Seattle

June 14, 2019

Seattle’s wonderful International District is home to some of the city's best Asian cuisine. Residents new to the area might be overwhelmed at the abundance of options. But if you’d like to optimize your dining experience, try some of these. These are our recommendations for the best eats in the ID!

1. Uwajimaya Food Court

This first entry is actually a bit of cheating on our part. It’s technically a cluster of restaurants hidden at the end of Seattle’s biggest Uwajimaya, a heavenly intermingling of delicious aromas at the end of your shopping journey. Or maybe you came here strictly for the food court, which honestly is a pretty common thing to do for ID residents.

Thai curry, Japanese street food, and even some puff pastries, this is a haven for snackers. Walk around the food court, sample a few things, and get to grubbing.

2. Maneki

Japanese cuisine is a dime a dozen in the Japantown district of International District. Tons to choose from, but we suggest you stop by Maneki. Their rice entrees are a crowd pleaser and are served with some of the freshest fish in the city. It’s like they went into the kitchen and caught the fish after I ordered Once you taste their kohaku don, you’ll see what we mean. Authentic Japanese food that’s both delicious and fair-priced? Sign me up.

3. Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant

It’s not all green, my dear carnivores, so don’t fret. But it could be and you wouldn't notice. You’d be too busy stuffing your face. I hate to admit it, but Green Leaf has spring rolls that will make you forget about meat for a very strange and ecstatic ten minutes. Worry not, the restaurant also has rice and noodle plates with awesome meat cuts. Try out the vermicelli with grilled chicken, a local favorite.

4. Harbor City Restaurant

Swing by Harbor City for tried and true dim sum. They keep their dishes classic, and they do what they do very well. Their traditional Chinese cuisine has flavors that will convince you all your other dining experiences in Seattle have been mistakes (a temporary illusion, I assure you). Their fried potsticker appetizer should be mandatory. Take your pick at any of their steam buns and dumplings and you’ll understand why this spot is so popular.

5. Thai Curry Simple

Simple name, simple mission. But there’s nothing simple about the complex, rich curry sauce in which Thai Curry Simple specializes. I’d advise curry haters to go elsewhere, but if there’s a restaurant that can restore your faith in Thai food, this is it. If you really aren’t feeling curry, you will not be disappointed by their Pad Thai or Pad See Ew.

6. Pho Ba

You simply cannot talk about Seattle’s International District with talking about pho. Pho Ba is a little hole in the wall in Chinatown that serves Seattle’s best pho. And the best part? The prices are dirt cheap. Feast on a generously-sized bowl and sip on the best broth you’ll have ever tasted. Also note, this place is cash-only. So come prepared!

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Drew is a contributing author at Apartment List. As a previous Seattleite, he obtained a B. Read More
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