66 Apartments for rent in Selden, NY

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Last updated December 13 at 8:29pm UTC
Results within 1 miles of Selden, NY
172 Skyline Dr
Coram, NY
Updated December 6 at 4:15am UTC
2 Bedrooms
30 Linden Ln
Farmingville, NY
Updated November 28 at 3:36am UTC
33 Theodore Dr
Coram, NY
Updated December 13 at 5:39pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
506 Sara Cir
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Updated November 9 at 9:47am UTC
3 Bedrooms
759 Hilltop Ct
Coram, NY
Updated December 9 at 1:41am UTC
1 Bedroom
Results within 5 miles of Selden, NY
201 Storm Dr
Holtsville, NY
Updated December 5 at 10:08am UTC
2 Bedrooms
9 Fredricksburg Ct
Coram, NY
Updated December 6 at 4:19am UTC
3 Bedrooms
4990 Veterans Memoria Hwy
Holbrook, NY
Updated September 21 at 2:30am UTC
2 Bedrooms
17 Donald St
Holbrook, NY
Updated September 21 at 2:36am UTC
2 Bedrooms
107 Red Oak Ct
Port Jefferson
Port Jefferson, NY
Updated December 12 at 1:23am UTC
4 Bedrooms
4 Sunny Rd
St. James
St. James, NY
Updated December 9 at 1:44am UTC
3 Bedrooms
214 Elton Ct
St. James
St. James, NY
Updated December 13 at 5:39pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
132 Swezey Dr
Gordon Heights
Middle Island, NY
Updated October 4 at 9:49am UTC
4 Bedrooms
28 Case
East Patchogue
Patchogue, NY
Updated November 21 at 1:26am UTC
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Selden

Selden's population may have reduced between 2000 and 2010, but that likely had more to do with the recession than anything specifically related to the city, which remains a safe, attractive destination. The violent crime rate here is only a fourth of the New York State rate generally. Having a safe place to stay in New York only about an hour away from the Big Apple? What's to not love about that? There's no point in just assuming it'll be easy to rent an apartment in Selden, however; you'll do much better if you do a little prep work first.

When to start looking

It likely wouldn't hurt to start looking for a spot, regardless of whether you want a house or are seeking out studio apartments for rent, about one to two months in advance. About one out of every five residents of the city rents their residence, so you've got that going for you. And while there are definitely a variety of places to go around, you don't want to just settle, do you? Remember when you did that with your first significant other? Yeah, not great. A couple months of searching around will ensure that you find the spot that's just right for you.

When to make the move

Fortunately, Selden is just far enough away from New York City to really have no ill traffic or other effects. This means that any time of the year should be fine for avoiding traffic. Keep in mind, though, that temperatures during the winter can drop below freezing. In fact, the average low temperature for some winter months drops down to 22 degrees. Heck, Selden even reached -13 degrees back in 1984. So yeah, you might want to aim for the summer if at all possible.

What to bring along

When you're looking at rental apartments in Selden, don't make the mistake of thinking that landlords need to rent out a place immediately or go bankrupt. If that were the case, they'd be living somewhere less expensive than New York. This means you need to bring your A-game, and that usually includes references from former landlords and a nice little credit check. Heck, since the crime rate is so low, you'd probably even be doing yourself a favor bringing along a criminal background check. After all, it's likely that they're going to do one anyway.

Selden Neighborhoods

Selden has plenty of great things going on for it, but if you're going to move somewhere, you want to know that you're not going to have to drive all over town to get to them. Because we all know how difficult driving can be. That was sarcasm. Realistically though, every neighborhood in Selden has its own little perks. This is why you should start looking for a place in advance. At least then you'll know everything you're getting in any given area.

South Evergreen Drive: Houses are plentiful in this area, and this is likely why you'll be right next to the Selden Fire Department. Oh, and if you plan on bugging them about your cat being in the tree, you'll probably be ecstatic about having the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness and Laser Surgery Center nearby. That was a mouthful.

Boyle Road: Your pleasant new home, whether apartment complex or huge single family house, has several shopping destinations. A Home Depot for those who like to build, and a Bath and Body Works for those who like to beautify.

Town Center: Though heavily residential, the town center also has several shops and other benefits sprinkled around. You're right next to all the shopping you can handle at College Plaza.

College Road: You can probably guess why this area has a street named College Road, but that's not all it has. There are various shopping areas nearby, and pet lovers will love the nearby Petco.

Living in Selden

So you know what's great about each individual neighborhood, but that could be true of every neighborhood in America. You need to look at Selden in general to see what's really best about staying in this place. Being on Long Island (did we mention it's on Long Island?), you know that there are a variety of great things about the entire area. When it comes to Selden, however, you'll likely be bragging to all of your left-behind friends when you find an apartment to rent and get to call this hamlet home.

Let Your Inner Kid Out

Who wants to have to work all the time? Well, you should probably keep up the job. For rent and such. When you get a break, though, you can enjoy go-karts, batting cages, and a full arcade over at Selden Batting and Grand Prix.

Access to Everywhere

Selden is adjacent to Highways 97, 25, and 83. This makes it only a short drive to Interstate 495, and this makes getting to New York City quite simple. Oh yeah, you heard it. The Big Apple.

Easy Vacations

Selden is just about the halfway point between New York City and the Hamptons. That means that you can head into the big city when tourism dies down, and when the New Yorkers start fleeing the city to head towards the Hamptons, you'll have a good hour's head start on them.

All of Brookhaven

Seeing as how Selden is a hamlet within the town of Brookhaven, you're pretty much entitled to have fun at anything within the Brookhaven city limits. Well, you can have fun anywhere, but things like the Volunteer Firefighters Museum, located in Brookhaven, are exceptionally close by.