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City Guide
Vineland is affordable

The average 1BR unit in Vineland goes for less than $800, and move-in specials pop up frequently. Waiting lists are practically unheard of (if a unit is full, just move on to the next, since most complexes offer comparable amenities and living space), so shop the market thoroughly without worrying about having your dream pad slip through your grasp.

Vineland is old-school

Brand new apartments are slim pickings in Vineland, where only about 6 percent of residential buildings were constructed post-1995. In other words, if you’re looking for an apartment with boatloads of flash and dazzle, you’re barking up the wrong vine. Older apartments often have some warts that newer units don’t, obviously, so inspect your new place carefully for cracks, leaks, drips, tears, and bullet holes (just kidding, Vineland isn’t that bad!) before moving in.

Shhhh …. Vineland is sleeping (if it’s currently after 9 p.m., that is)

Vineland is a largely rural municipality with about as much nighttime excitement as you’d expect in any largely rural municipality. The difference between yogurt and Vineland is that yogurt is a living culture. On any given night, the most happening places are the bowling alley, drive-in theatre, or one of the handful of dive bars and sports pubs that dot the city. Is Vineland a great place to raise the family, walk the dog, sip lemonade on the front porch, and toss the ball around with the 2.7 kids playing in the front yard? Absolutely! Is it a hotspot for night owls and young urbanites? Not exactly, but the good news is that Philadelphia is a mere 25 minute trek and downtown Manhattan is just two hours away, meaning you can both soak up the quiet life in rural America and enjoy the action of the big city as well.

Vineland is iffy (parts, anyway)

Generally, the eastern neighborhoods and South Vineland are the more family-friendly areas of town, while the sketchier neighborhoods are clustered near the city center. Of course, different people feel comfortable in different types of neighborhoods, so be sure to visit an area in advance to see if you’re comfortable before targeting an apartment there. Downtown Vineland has been undergoing a facelift in recent years, with numerous new businesses and residential units sprouting up, but many locals still advise newcomers to avoid the urban core after the sun’s gone down.

Vineland is sprawling

Because Vineland is so spread out, the only convenient way to get around is with your own set of wheels (or else to line your pockets with perpetual cab fare, which might get a bit costly after a while). The NJ Transit Bus is extremely limited, so unless you live near one of the few bus stops and don’t mind your mobility being extremely limited, you’ll have to rely on your own gas guzzler to bum around town. Luckily, there’s hardly any traffic in most parts of town (especially compared to neighboring megacity Philadelphia) and parking is more than ample anywhere you go.

Vineland is convenient

It doesn’t get much easier to score an apartment than it does in Vineland. All you’ll need is proof of income, a fresh check to buck up for the modest security deposit you’ll probably have to pay, and a list of prior residences. Some, but not all, landlords perform background credit/renting checks on potential tenants (usually at the tenant’s expense), so if you have a history of dodging your rent and using your bills for papier-mâché practice only, you’ll need a co-signer to seal the deal.

Vineland is rebuilding

Formerly a bustling manufacturing hub, Vineland has seen many of its largest corporations close up shop in recent years, causing unemployment rates to spike to more than 13 percent. Obviously, many locals rely on jobs in neighboring towns or in Philadelphia to bring home the cheesesteaks. The good news is that many parts of town have been classified Urban Enterprise Zones (slums), which has encouraged new businesses, who receive spiffy government tax breaks, to set up shop in Vineland. Still, Vineland’s local economy remains in a rebuilding phase, so be sure to have a solid paycheck lined up before embarking on your apartment hunting adventures. And now it’s time to get down to business and comb the listings for the apartment of your dreams. Best of luck and welcome to Vineland!