Corcoran, MN: 158 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 24 at 1:58AM
Results within 1 miles of Corcoran, MN
4085 Shorewood Trail
Medina, MN
Updated May 4 at 8:18PM
5 Bedrooms
283 River Rd NE
Hanover, MN
Updated May 23 at 1:49AM
17644 69th Place N
Maple Grove
Maple Grove, MN
Updated May 2 at 5:33AM
2 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Corcoran, MN
The Preserve at Commerce
13600 Commerce Blvd
Rogers, MN
Updated May 23 at 11:01PM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
16768 39th Avenue N
Plymouth, MN
Updated May 3 at 7:52AM
2 Bedrooms
15614 60th Ave N
Plymouth, MN
Updated May 23 at 1:43AM
3 Bedrooms
11309 N Eagle Lake Blvd
Maple Grove
Maple Grove, MN
Updated May 24 at 1:57AM
4 Bedrooms
5985 Wedgewood Lane North #38
Plymouth, MN
Updated May 22 at 8:52PM
2 Bedrooms
4715 Settlers Court
Medina, MN
Updated May 19 at 4:13AM
4 Bedrooms
4355 Vinewood Lane N
Plymouth, MN
Updated May 22 at 11:31PM
5 Bedrooms
Urbandale Ln N
Maple Grove
Maple Grove, MN
Updated May 21 at 9:17AM
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving To Corcoran

The city of Corcoran is most popular among those hoping to live near Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs without actually living the standard Twin Cities lifestyle. Daily life for most Corcoran residents is much more like what residents of small towns throughout Minnesota would experience, marked by a decidedly slow pace and an unfailingly friendly atmosphere. Although a drive through Corcoran makes visitors feel like they are in small town USA, residents living in the suburbs's premier apartments are easily able to access such larger suburbs as Maple Grove and Eden Prairie, not to mention, downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Thus, many prospective residents choose to find apartments to rent in Corcoran because they feel that the outer-ring suburb offers the best of both urban and rural life.

Planning the Move

After you've decided to move to Corcoran and have chosen your ideal apartment to rent, you'll need to plan ahead for your big move. Every rental in Corcoran is different, but in general, you should plan to apply for apartments and duplexes at least a month or two in advance so as to mitigate the Twin Cities' continually low vacancy rate. It also helps to apply early so as to prepare for the actual move; given Corcoran's location on the outer edge of the suburbs, you'll likely need to plan for a full-day rental truck or van. Fortunately, the rural feel of the city and the considerable space between properties means that parking should not be an big issue as you move your possessions into your new home.

Corcoran Neighborhoods

There are a number of neighborhoods to choose from when deciding where to move in Corcoran. They are primarily divided by their location into four different neighborhoods--the north, south, east, and west.

North Corcoran: The northern portion of Corcoran is primarily residential, with prospective residents frequently expressing interest in this region's duplexes for rent. This area of the city is distinguished, in part, by its vast swaths of open land, which feature some of the best natural scenery in the entirety of the Twin Cities.

South Corcoran: South Corcoran is inherently convenient for commuter residents, as a good portion of it borders Minnesota State Highway 55. Access to other suburbs is also made easy through the presence of County Road 19 and Horseshoe Trail. Several prominent Corcoran businesses are located along Minnesota State Highway 55, including the Motor Cafe and Spike's Pet Supply.

East Corcoran: The vast majority of the activity in Corcoran takes place in the suburb's eastern region, as this portion of the city is closest to Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park. This is where Corcoran Community Park -- one of Corcoran's main gathering places -- is located. East Corcoran is also home to the Minneapolis Northwest KOA, where many visitors stay while checking out the natural scenery of the greater Corcoran area.

West Corcoran: Although it is further from the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities, the western section of Corcoran is actually popular because it is removed from Maple Grove and other Minneapolis suburbs. West Corcoran is the best place to go if you're looking to escape the stress of everyday suburban or urban living. It holds a distinctly rural feel, but is still close enough to the Twin Cities suburbs to prevent residents from feeling like they are completely removed.

Life in Corcoran

Corcoran Country Daze

Epitomizing the rural vibe so often displayed in this unique suburb is the Corcoran Country Daze, an annual event that attracts visitors from all over Minnesota. In spite of all the visitors from other Twin Cities, the Corcoran Country Daze's main goal is still to unify the city, just as it was when it was first planned by local residents, in 2004. The event celebrates Corcoran's rural heritage with a variety of entertaining activities, including a softball tournament and music from local country bands. Oh, did we forget something? The event also boasts plenty of delicious comfort food! The Corcoran Country Daze takes place at the end of summer and marks the transition from hot summer days to comfortable fall weather.


No need to settle in as a couch potato in this Minnesota city (not that you would). Corcoran's residents are big on recreational pursuits, which is why so many of those living in local one bedroom apartments make a point of visiting the city's parks. Corcoran Community Park is easily the most popular of these. Residents also enjoy honoring those who have passed on at the Memorial Garden, where they can place commemorative plaques near the beautiful flowers. The Memorial Garden also features a woodland trail and access to plenty of wetland wildlife, which often is used as a backdrop for senior pictures and other photo opportunities.


Due to its positioning on the outer edge of the Twin Cities suburbs, Corcoran can be a tricky place to navigate for anyone reliant on public transit. Fortunately, the city is adjacent to Maple Grove, which offers a greater range of public transit options. Those who prefer to commute into downtown Minneapolis can use route 783 or 854 to get where they need to go. Within Corcoran, many residents make a point of substituting bikes for cars during shorter trips. Since the suburb isn't particularly busy, it's easy to bike without worrying about traffic. Auto transit is similarly easy, thanks to the presence of such main drags as Trail Haven Road, Fletcher Lane and County Road 10. Corcoran prides itself on being the Twin Cities' biggest redneck suburb; thus, it's not uncommon to see residents traveling with the help of four wheelers or, in rare cases, tractors.