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City Guide
A Quick Peek at Kenosha

Before scouring the city for your dream dwellings, there are a few things you might like to know about life on the Wisconsin-Illinois border:

The city boasts a Civil War Museum, the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, and eight miles of parks along Lake Michigan’s shoreline, where you can fish, boat, bike, or just chill (weather permitting, of course).

The comforts of suburbia. Kenosha is the picture of the American Suburban Dream: a city of strip malls and outlet malls, restaurants, neatly-landscaped lawns, parks, playgrounds, the works. Kenosha also comes at a far more pocket-friendly price tag: The average rental property goes for around $750, and even spacious (1100-plus square feet) apartments, lofts, and duplexes are easy to find in the $600-$800 range.

Tips and Tricks

What, then, do you need to know to find the lodgings of your life in Kenosha? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to set you on the right path:

Scout out your ‘hood. Different areas of Kenosha have different looks and feels, so know your neighborhood before signing an apartment lease. Is it your dream to live in a luxury waterfront unit overlooking Lake Michigan? Check out the ultramodern rentals available in the Harbor Park neighborhood. Do you want to experience a bit of urban flair in a mostly suburban landscape? There are a variety of lofts, studios, and mid-sized apartments in or near downtown just waiting for leasers like you to claim them. Of course, if you prefer the serenity of suburbia, your options in Kenosha are limitless, whether you’re targeting Pleasant Prairie down south, the rentals along Route 32 on the northeastern edge, or any area between them.

Don’t settle for second best. Although there’s not exactly an overwhelming surplus of available rentals, there’s not a ton of competition for apartments, either. Modest studio pads, basic 1BR apartments, luxurious lofts, and multi-BR units are readily available, and waiting lists are nearly unheard of. Because Kenosha doesn’t attract a lot of transient renters, complexes don’t experience major spikes in occupancy at any time of the year, so you can afford to shop the market carefully without worrying about an attractive apartment slipping out of your grasp.

Treat your lease like a serious legal document. After all, it is, so don’t blow it off like it’s a mere formality. A common mistake renters make is signing a one-year lease, deciding six months later they don’t like their apartment, then reacting with shock and outrage when they realize they are legally obligated to buck up for the duration.

Prepare for the long haul. Short-term or even six-month leases are hard to come by in Kenosha, as most leases are good for a 12-month span only. Month-to-month leases are often available (at a slightly higher price) only after a renter has completed his/her initial 12-month agreement, so if you’re in the market for a short-term, you’ll find your options are limited.

Bring some backup. When it comes time to inspect your new pimpin’ pad, bring a friend along, since an objective third party is likely to notice some blemishes that your own eyes are too stoked to see. And if something is questionable (weak water pressure, cracks or watermarks on the walls, floors, or ceilings, etc.), bring it up with management before you’ve loaded in. If there’s a major issue (i.e., furnace or air conditioning unit won’t start, light fixtures or appliances are damaged or defective, somebody else is already living there, etc.), don’t move anything in until the issue is resolved.

Set your budget. Don’t forget to factor amenities and necessities like heating and cooling, telephone, television, groceries, and gasoline into your budget (trash, water, and sewer only are usually included as part of your rent). The gas guzzler is king of the road in Kenosha, and even if you live in the urbanized downtown area, you’re likely to need your own set of wheels to shop, dine, bank, work, and play conveniently, so plan accordingly.

One last thing you should know: Chances are, at some point, you’ll find yourself taking the tour of the Jelly Belly factory in Pleasant Prairie, before getting the opportunity to sample every flavor of candied bean imaginable. Our advice: Stick to the flavors you know and love, because the sausage, earwax, and rotten egg-flavored Bellys are as gross as they sound (take it from those of us who’ve learned the hard way!)

And now, bold apartment hunter, you’re ready to begin your hunt! So best of luck and welcome to Kenosha!