apartments with washer dryer
Last updated February 22 2024 at 3:38 AM

Bellingham, WA
60 Apartments for Rent with Washer-Dryers

Finding apartments with a washer and dryer in Bellingham offers more freedom and flexibility to your weekends. Throwing in the laundry before work or a Saturday afternoon bike... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for an apartment with a washer and dryer in Bellingham?

Rental prices for apartments with a washer and dryer in Bellingham range from $1,350 to $4,800 per month.

How many apartments with a washer and dryer are available for rent in Bellingham?

Currently, there are 41 apartments with a washer and dryer available for rent in Bellingham.
City Guide for Bellingham, WA

The Pacific Northwest has a lot going for it when it comes to lifestyle and Bellingham, Washington, located 80 miles north of Seattle, is the perfect example. Oh, pardon me. B’ham Washington. For a minute there I lost my cool and, above all else, one must maintain one’s cool in B’ham.

If you like pretty scenery, art festivals, rain, seafood, coffee, and rain, you’ll love living in B’ham. It rains about eight months out of the year but when the weather clears and the sun shines, Bellingham is one terrific city.

North Bellingham

North Bellingham communities include Cordata, and an area that is seeing a bit of a population boom lately. You’ll find a mix of new homes and commercial and industrial areas. The Meridian ‘hood is a lot like Cordata but, because it is closer to Interstate 5, it’s more convenient for commuters. Another area in the northern part of the city is Barkley. It has an “urban village” vibe going on with a mixture of industrial, commercial and residences. The northwest side of B’ham is mostly residential with not a lot of apartments.

South Bellingham

Edgemore, in southwest B’ham is a residential area. Most of the homes have incredible views and sit on tree-lined streets. South, another neighborhood in south B’ham is a woody area with scattered single-family homes. It might be worth living here, though, just so you can tell your friends back home that you live at the base of Chuckanut Mountain.


A good place to apartment hunt on the east side of town is the Puget neighborhood. There are lots of apartments in the area. There’s an awesome sports complex in the neighborhood that draws crowds of B’hammers. It features an aquatic center, indoor ice and soccer facilities, a baseball field and a bike jump park. While you’re checking out Puget, head north to the Roosevelt neighborhood where you’ll find more apartment complexes. This is a good area for the commuter, as it’s located on Interstate 5.


Western Bellingham has a lot to offer the apartment hunter. The Birchwood neighborhood has several complexes but most of the apartments and condos are located in the Lettered Streets neighborhood and near Northwest Avenue and W. Maplewood. One of B’hams neighborhoods, South Hill, sits on Bellingham Bay in the southwest part of the city. This is primarily a residential neighborhood but if you head south, you’ll find plenty of apartments and condos in the Fairhaven neighborhood.

The rental process here is much like renting in other cities. Most owners ask for a deposit and there may be some non-refundable deposits, such as for cleaning when you move out, credit check fees and money to protect the owner from damage your pet may cause. You may also be asked to pay the last month’s rent when you move in.

Landlord/tenant laws in Bellingham require that the tenant provide the landlord with a 20 day notice before moving out, when renting on a month-to-month basis.

There ya have it. Welcome to B'ham! See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with washer-dryers in Bellingham, WA

Finding apartments with a washer and dryer in Bellingham offers more freedom and flexibility to your weekends. Throwing in the laundry before work or a Saturday afternoon bike ride and finishing it up later is inconvenient, if not impossible, without your own set-up.

There are a few things to keep in mind while looking for apartments with a washer and dryer in Bellingham. Ask how old the appliances are before you sign. A washer and dryer over 10-years-old may need to be serviced regularly or have an expired warranty. You should also ask the property management who services the washer and dryer. Some leases stipulate that the landlord will pay for repairs to an essential appliance like oven or refrigerator, but require the tenant to service the washer and dryer.

Finding apartments with a washer and dryer in Bellingham can go quickly, so come prepared with your bank statements, pay stubs, identification, and letters of recommendation to sign your new lease.