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City Guide
Moving to Cloverleaf

If you're thinking of moving to Cloverleaf, you're in luck. During your search, you'll find lots of apartments homes for rent -- many of which could be just right for you. Not sure how to begin? The first step is to do some research about neighborhoods in Cloverleaf. What's the point of wasting time looking for an apartment for rent in Cloverleaf if it's in an area you wouldn't actually like? This neighborhood information might help you make a decision about where to conduct your search and ultimately find an apartment.

Cloverleaf's Neighborhoods

Southern Cloverleaf: Southern Cloverleaf is primarily a residential area. It's bounded on the south by Interstate-10, making it easy to get in and out of the neighborhood by car. If you like convenience, this might be the place for you. Southern Cloverleaf has its own park, Cloverleaf Park, which is small, but still provides some green space in a vast cityscape.

Northern Cloverleaf: The northern part of Cloverleaf is the more hoppin' part of town. If you like living near businesses and restaurants and other things to do, this is the place you should look. There's a park in Northern Cloverleaf, too, called North Shore Rotary Park. There are also lots of bars, restaurants and other attractions, so if you get bored easily, this is the place you should consider. Just don't expect to find all bills paid apartments; they probably don't exist.

So, once you've decided on the right neighborhood in Cloverleaf, it's time to take the next step. Gather up all the documents you could need to apply for an apartment. Consider bringing things like your tax returns from last year, bank statements, proof of employment, letters of income, letters of reference from former landlords, letters of reference from employers or former employers, and copies of your identification cards or papers. Every landlord will require something different, so make sure you do your research before you head out. You don't want to miss out on your dream apartment because someone else finishes an application before you do. You should also be prepared to make a deposit once you find the right apartment. In Cloverleaf, deposits tend to be about two months' rent (one month's rent upfront and a security deposit returned to you when you move out). Save up and have the deposit ready when you look; that's the only way you'll be able to secure the home of your dreams.

Living in Cloverleaf

Let's face it. Most people live in Cloverleaf to spend time in Houston. Nearly everyone who lives here commutes, and almost everyone has a car to do it. The area's not the most beautiful and safest in the entire world, so many people take advantage of the affordable living, then spend a lot of their time in nearby Houston. It makes sense that people would spend time in Houston, since the city is so packed with entertainment, dining and cultural options. Love sports? Check out a Houston Rockets game or an Astros baseball game. You can also check out the Houston Texans, or the Houston Dynamo, if you're a soccer fan. The city hosts much more than just sports; there's fine dining, such as seafood restaurant Masraff's, and great nightlife, like Anderson Fair.

You don't have to leave Cloverleaf, though, to be entertained. The parks in town have great sporting and recreation options; go running, play a game of pickup or have a picnic. Like shopping? You'll have plenty of opportunities to spend in Cloverleaf. Go to the Brothers Beef Shop if you're into cooking, or check out Freeport Street Parts if you're into cars. People in Cloverleaf are fit, too. North Shore Boxing, where people get fit and get to know one another, is a popular place in town. Like to dine out a lot? Other fun things to do in Cloverleaf: Woody's I-10 Ice House is a great place to get a beer and a bite, Canary Club is a great nightlife spot where you can dance the night away.