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Last updated December 12 at 5:12am UTC
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City Guide
Moving to Aldine

You won't need much more than the standard fare when it comes moving in. The basic paperwork should include proof of income, a couple of reliable references and probably a credit check, although a lot of rentals rely less on credit score than they do on rental history. Regardless, it shouldn't be necessary to jump through that many hoops to find a great place to live.

Keep in mind that it's always hot in Texas. Always. The temps never really go below the 60s and and can get as high as the 90s. To make your move as safe as possible, try moving in the months of December, January and February.

Neighborhoods in Aldine

There are five main districts to Aldine that serve as the neighborhood centers for the city. Each is located close to an easily recognizable landmark and differs from its neighbors in surprising fashion. Wherever you choose to begin your search for housing for rent in Aldine, there are a number of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. If you're working in the Houston area, this could be a great place to seek out less expensive, more laid-back surroundings to return to in the evenings.

North: To be quite honest, there are very few property rentals in the northern neighborhood. You may be able to locate a studio apartment or 2, but only if you focus on the very uppermost establishments of Aldine Manor and Swea Gardens. The remainder of properties here are zoned for more commercial uses. There are, however, some excellent choices just to the east.

Southwest: The neighborhoods in the southwest have a distinct character to them. Northfield Place, Eversdale and Oak Glen Place are single-family, mostly 1-story homes. The amount of land provided per house may be a little shocking to those accustomed to bigger cities with little to no actual lawn to speak of. On average, homes here sit on a half to a full acre.

South: Like the western part of Aldine, Aldineuth region is dominated by the city's main source of income. Here, you'll find mostly open green fields and one of the largest car trading and parts depots for hundreds of miles. One-bedroom apartments, if available, are spread out with plenty of room between neighbors.

Northeast: The most popular and established residential neighborhood in Aldine lies in the north and southeast. This is also home to Halliburton and the location of WW Thorne Stadium. Just north of Keith-Weiss Park is where you get into classic Americana. If you look once more, just to the south, you'll find the most residentially verbose neighborhood in Aldine.

Southeast: Last, but certainly not least. Row after row of homes south of Keith-Weiss Park leave little doubt to where most Aldineans prefer live. Close to Eastex Freeway and Hardy Toll Road, access is easy and commute times are greatly reduced.

Living in the City

There are a couple of things to expect when moving to the south and the Houston region in particular. This is the Gulf. It means moderate winters (with little use for more than a sweater) and balmy subtropical summers, similar to San Diego and Miami. The good news? It never snows in Aldine. The better news? You're only a short drive away from one of the most popular spring vacation destinations in the U.S. So when the sun does show itself, you'll be soaking it up amid palm trees and sand, cooling yourself in shimmering ocean waves. If it sounds a lot like paradise, there's a reason for that. As far as millions of Gulf Coast residents appear be concerned, shoveling sunshine beats the white winters of the great north any day of the week.

Aldine benefits from an ideal location. The progress and prosperity of Houston have ensured the longevity of the city, while it is still far enough out to enjoy a little of the peaceful country setting that many move to the area for. The music scene in Houston is hopping, and the clubs are bouncing every night. Arts, entertainment and employment are so abundant there is virtually no excuse not to move here. Texas is a country unto itself, and Aldine is the embodiment of that spirit. Independence and a unique approach to life is the hallmark of small-town Texas living. Once Friday night comes around, the term "community" takes on a whole new meaning. All your friends and neighbors will be found cheering on the team, and come Saturday, it's grills in the backyard. Some stereotypes just happen to have their roots in fact. That being said, Aldine isn't all BBQ and NASCAR, either. There's a thriving cultural center fed by neighboring cities that includes arts of all kinds, markets, and mom-and-pop shops all spread throughout the area. It would seem there's just a little bit of something for everyone.