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Neighborhood Guide: RiNo, Denver

November 23, 2021

​​What was once nameless industrial sprawl was seemingly transformed overnight into the colorful and trendy River North neighborhood - better known as RiNo, Denver. In homage to its nomenclature, the area displays stylized rhino art in surprising nooks around every corner.

Living in RiNo, Denver

If you’re thinking about moving to Denver, you’ll first want to look at both the cost of living and the average rent to get a better idea of what you will be able to afford. Then, check out the best Denver neighborhoods before starting your search to find your perfect apartment.

For those looking to find Denver apartments with an artsy urban experience, look no further than what the RiNo Neighborhood Denver has to offer. The Denver RiNo area maintains a thematic grittiness while also establishing itself as one of the best places in the city for a classy night out.

To learn more, keep reading this guide to moving to the Rino, Denver area.

The RiNo Vibe

RiNo is “Where Art is Made” and boasts events, collectives, and street art to prove it. Lonely Planet said that RiNo “is playing center stage for the resurgent arts and cultural scenes that have transformed D-Town into the cultural dynamo of the American West.”

Wandering through the stocky warehouses that now serve as residences, breweries, and boutiques, you’ll see vibrant murals on almost any available surface and the hippest of the hip enjoying them. While attendees are young, stylish, and alternative, anyone is welcome.

Most RiNo locals are young professionals, including the hip and artsy folk. With such a booming nightlife, it’s no wonder why RiNo attracts a younger crowd of renters.

Location is Everything

The RiNo, Denver area is located just north of downtown. RiNo borders other popular Denver neighborhoods, including LoDo and Highland, making it a prime location for renters looking to be in the middle of the action.

With its past and current legacy as an industrial area, RiNo is central to many main transportation routes. It’s bordered on one side by I-70 and another by I-25, making it highly accessible from the entire metro area. A highlight of the area is its two-way bike lanes, making it easier to get around on two wheels than four.

Train tracks split the area into commercial warehouses and the cool renovated section. To the south, it’s a short jump to LoDo, Union Station, and Coors Field. To the east is the historic Five Points neighborhood, where Denver’s best annual jazz festival is.

Endless Housing Options

Luxurious loft apartments fill the old storehouses and the occasional new-build high rise, providing endless rental options. Street parking is more abundant here than a few other busy Denver neighborhoods, but unless your building includes parking, you might find it easier to transition to a biking lifestyle.

Street Art Lines the Walls

The feature that draws most visitors to RiNo is the phenomenal street art. Intricate murals, stretching several stories or entire blocks, line the avenues. A fair portion of this street art was created during the annual CRUSH festival, and others are the work of prolific local artists.

Eat Your Fill and Feast Your Eyes

Nestled between beautifully painted walls are some of the city’s best craft breweries and distilleries. Stem Cider Company (cider), Infinite Monkey Theorem (wine), Epic Brewing (beer), and Mile High Spirits Craft Cocktails, to name a few, have great drinks and beautiful patios for a warm summer night.

The Source and Denver Central Market are stunningly restored old buildings-turned-artisanal marketplaces where you can get the city’s freshest salami, incredible tacos, or a life-changing latte (check out Crema Bodega).

In addition to art and drinks, the neighborhood has numerous art galleries, refreshingly original shops, and dozens of excellent restaurants. If an endless array of art, gastronomic delights, and pop-up events catch your fancy, you would be hard-pressed to find a better neighborhood in Denver to move to than RiNo.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are just about sold on making a move to RiNo, make sure that these last few RiNo-specific elements fit your lifestyle.

Parking and Traffic

RiNo, Denver is a busy part of town, though not quite like the more popular downtown areas. While traffic can get hairy at certain times of the day, for the most part, you’ll find it much more bearable in RiNo than in downtown. Similarly, you can expect better parking options throughout this Denver neighborhood.

Still, many residents of RiNo prefer enjoying a car-free life.the You can quickly get anywhere in the city by one of the many forms of public transportation or choose to take advantage of the two-way bike lanes.

Residents of RiNo consider the area to be somewhat walkable, thanks to its walk score of 66. However, for those who will need to rely on alternative transportation, RiNo also boasts a good transit score of 56 and an astonishing bike score of 89.

Local Hot Spot

Although RiNo sits outside of downtown Denver, you’ll still find plenty of renters in the area. Also, it’s important to note that this neighborhood is often a Friday night destination for renters in more residential areas of Denver, such as Highlands.

With so many local clothes shops and an unbeatable nightlife, the weekends and evenings bring party-goers from all over Denver. So, if you’re looking to make the most of your weekends by hitting the hottest spots, you’ll find yourself right at home in RiNo.

Those with young children or early working hours might want to reconsider moving to RiNo and look for more suburban regions of Denver. Thankfully, you still have plenty of options!

Things to Do in RiNo, Denver

RiNo is filled with countless, exciting sites and attractions. You will be pleased with the never-ending supply of activities to do in this area if you happen to be moving to this neighborhood. We have compiled a list of some of the absolute best things to do in RiNo to help get you started in your new neighborhood.

Premier Art District

The RiNo area is known as the premier art district of Denver. With tons of exciting art galleries, studios, and music venues, there is absolutely no shortage of art to be enjoyed in this neighborhood.

Check out fooLPRoof contemporary art for a young and hip take on the art world. Otherwise, take to Wonderbound, where you can experience modern art performances that blend innovation and tradition.

First Fridays

Every first Friday of each month brings a new First Friday event in RiNo., where you can expect nearly 50 galleries and studios to open their doors to the public until 9:00 pm. Enjoy all the best RiNo has to offer, including art, music, and great eats.

Breweries Galore

The Denver Beer Trail consists of 100 taprooms, breweries, and brewpubs throughout the most popular areas in Denver, including RiNo. There are several incredible craft breweries in RiNo and even some urban wineries as well.

Where to Eat and Drink in RiNo

RiNo is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Denver outside of the downtown area. There are countless unique restaurants and exciting nightclubs in this area. Needless to say, there’s a ton to do in the area.

If you are looking for some fantastic spots to dine in RiNo, you won’t be disappointed. The neighborhood is bursting with options. We have compiled a list of some places to check out first if you are new to the area or if you’re making sure you hit all the greatest in your neighborhood.

Gourmet Markets and Food Halls

Foodies will thrive in RiNo, which boasts several indoor gourmet markets and food halls. With so many great options to choose from, it can be challenging to choose the best.

Our top pick includes the Source Hotel & Market Hall, housed in an iconic ironworks building dating back to the 1880s. Here you’ll find a highly curated European-style artisan food market with everything from a design store to a cheese shop to a taqueria inside.

Another great pick worth checking out is Zeppelin Station, the ground-level market hall. Enjoy everything from two elevated cocktail bars to street food vendors from across the nation here. You can even shop around through the countless fashion-forward apparel shops and other retail brands in Zeppelin Station.

Craft Beer Epicenter

Denver is known for its craft beer, and RiNo makes sure he city lives up to its fullest potential. The craft brew industry of Denver thrives in RiNo, with numerous places you can stop by to sample some incredible beers.

If you’re looking to soak in the RiNo neighborhood Denver atmosphere while enjoying a delicious beer, look no further than Epic Brewing. This boutique brewery is craft-focused, with over 39 small-batch beers, each with distinct flavor profiles.

Ratio Beerworks is yet another eclectic taproom in the RiNo area that focuses primarily on craft beers. Make it a point to stop by Ratio Beerworks. Trust us when we say it lives up to the hype!

Wrap Up

These are a few of the places we’d recommend checking out first in RiNo, Denver. What are your favorite spots? Let us know by tweeting us @ApartmentList.

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