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3 Things to Do in Beacon Hill, Seattle

By: Andrew Mortier
June 14, 2019

Beacon Hill may be one of Seattle’s more relaxed areas, but don’t assume it’s got nothing going for it. After all, it’s a Seattle district! That means some combination of nearby tours, curiosities, parks, museums, and of course, food! If you are new to Beacon Hill, and looking for some ways to get to know the neighborhood, here are a few of our favorites.

1. A Walk in the Park

Jefferson Park is a classic American neighborhood locale, with some neat Seattle add-ons.  It’s the sixth-largest park in the whole city of Seattle (which is saying something), and has its own golf course! It also manages to make other parks feel bad by featuring a community center and a bowling alley. Now that’s efficient design.

For the kiddos, there’s also nearby Oxbow Park and Georgetown Playfield, two stellar options for families on Seattle’s sunny Sundays. “Oxbow” is not just a name--this place goes West in a big way with an enormous pair of cowboy boots and an equally large hat, presumably for some massive cowboy.

2. Making Your Own Fun

The Centilia Cultural Center is one of Seattle’s coolest community event spaces. From meetings and workshops to full-on conventions, this place is a big beautiful space just waiting to be utilized.

Near the Beacon Hill area, you’ll also find Emerald City Trapeze Arts. This venue is a center for actual circus training! Try one of their aerial arts classes just for the bragging rights. Or at least a little something to bring up during your next session of workplace icebreakers.

Looking for something even more esoteric? Lawless Forge is a modern blacksmith’s haven located just a little west of Beacon Hill. Do some literal forging at an anvil, hammering your very own steel into whatever shape you see fit. It’s a bit like a gym membership for just one of your arms.

3. Grown-Up Stuff

Okay, so what about the classic adult activities? West of Beacon Hill lies a miniature private retreat known as the Little Red Day Spa. Advertised largely as a getaway for couples, it’s actually “part wine and cheese party, part class, part private lesson and part couples getaway.” This rustic delight is a rejuvenating course in love and self-care.

Unless you give coffee to your young kids (are you a maniac?), Victrola Coffee Roasters is an adult activity in my book. Featuring a tiny little add-on library, there are few locations in the Beacon Hill area as quaint and curious as this little cafe.
Speaking of adult beverages, have you ever toured a distillery? Start with the nearby Westland Distillery, producer of the masterful Westland American single malt whiskey. This is an adventure for novices and connoisseurs alike, and it even offers some smoky meat platters to wash down with those sweet, sweet spirits.

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Drew is a contributing author at Apartment List. As a previous Seattleite, he obtained a B. Read More
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