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Neighborhood Guide: Beacon Hill, Seattle

By: Andrew Mortier
June 14, 2019

With all of the flashy places in Seattle, it’s easy to get distracted. Downtown Seattle’s mammoth skyscrapers of steel and concrete; Ballard’s antique mystery and charm; Fremont’s signature quirkiness. But Seattle isn’t all about space needles, underground cities, and stone trolls.

Those things are certifiably awesome, but do they speak to the heart of a homebody? Maybe not.

For those prospective Seattle dwellers who are looking for a neighborhood that’s relaxed and unassuming, do not overlook Beacon Hill: The little portion of Seattle with a bright name and a quiet character.

Hello, Neighbor

If Seattle’s districts/neighborhoods were characters from children’s programming, Beacon Hill would probably be Mr. Rogers.

It’s that sweet, friendly,and genuine neighborhood. It’s definitely the gentle old man of the greater Seattle area. You’re looking at a library, a few churches, and Seattle’s obligatory parade of wonderful restaurants.

If you want those stark Seattle skies over the Pacific Northwest’s deep greens, but you’re looking for that suburban flair, Beacon Hill is your kind of place.

See the Views and Take a Ride

It’s got “Hill” in the name for a reason. If you make it to the right location within Beacon Hill, you can drink in a truly gorgeous view of downtown Seattle. Suburbia with benefits, if you’d like to think of it that way.

In fact, you get more than a view of busy Seattle. Beacon Hill is one of the stops on Seattle’s futuristic light rail, a speedy subway that pops travelers across long distances in short spans of time. Compared to public transportation you might be used to, Seattle’s light rail is clean and enjoyable.

This gives Beacon Hillers access to a range of key locations within the Seattle area. What can’t be reached directly through light rail can be reached reasonably quickly by bus. The suburban feel with connections to the rest of the city makes it the best of both worlds.

Local Attractions

So this is all well and good, but what does one do in Beacon Hill?

If you’re constantly looking popular events and hustle and bustle, Beacon Hill probably isn’t your deal. But don’t assume this area is like one of those single-road towns you can pass through in two minutes flat. The neighborhood offers plenty to its residents.

Beacon Hill has everything you need for the classic American suburban experience. Jefferson Park is your one-stop what-do-I-do-with-the-kids-this-weekend station. With a playground, hiking trails, tennis courts, and an interestingly-designed golf course, Jefferson Park is a hot summer spot.

There are also popular Coffee joints like The Station, which also specializes in beer and wine and Victrola Coffee Roasters with it’s cherished mini library (a very Seattle-style quirk, by the way). Salon Nouveau is a nearly famous hairstylist to “dye” for. The district-wide circulation system for pedestrians and cyclists only is a dream. For younger children, the Beacon Hill Playground is a popular compact little jungle gym.

Ultimately, Beacon Hill is one of the go-to options for families in Seattle, or simply just young couples looking to build a family. With great views, things to do, and easy access to the city, it’s clear to see why it’s so popular.

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