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Neighborhood Guide: Queen Anne, Seattle

By: Bennett O'Brien
June 14, 2019

Queen Anne is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Seattle, making it a very desirable area for new residents moving into the city. However, this wasn’t always the case. Queen Anne is located on a steep hill. The neighborhood actually used to be called Eden Hill. It was one of the last neighborhoods to be developed in Seattle due to its steepness. Now, it’s a lovely home to many Seattle residents. Before moving here, make sure you know the basics. Here is what you need to know about Queen Anne, Seattle.

The Best Views in the City

In a twist of irony, the steep hill that originally made people hesitate to develop on Queen Anne now provides residents with some of the best views of Downtown, Seattle. These views are quite desirable, and one of the reasons the area is on the pricier side. If you pull out your phone and scroll Instagram for a few minutes, you’ll likely see a picture of Kerry Park. This small park atop Queen Anne provides locals and tourists with an incredible panoramic view of the Seattle skyline. Go ahead and grab your selfies. Don’t be ashamed!

A Historic Charm

Queen Anne was an English monarch who reigned over the country of England from 1702-1714. During her time as queen, she helped usher in a new architectural design that became famous around the world for its unique qualities. If you walk through the streets of the neighborhood, you can see many homes taking on this same style. The American version of the Queen Anne style was very popular during the main developmental periods of this neighborhood. Nestled in with the historic homes are large multifamily apartment properties. New mixed with historic is a common theme you’ll see across many Seattle neighborhoods.

Proximity to Seattle’s Landmarks

Queen Anne borders Seattle Center, which is where you’ll find the famous Space Needle. In the same area, you’ll find some other hotspots, like Key Arena and the Museum of Pop Culture. If you like to be close to the action, but not too close, then Queen Anne might be your ideal neighborhood.

A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

Yes, the entire city of Seattle is famous for its coffee. You’ll find some of the best cafes in the Queen Anne neighborhood. Make a day of touring the areas top coffee shops. Le Reve is the spot to go if you are craving delicious fresh pastries. Go for the local favorite, the twice-baked chocolate almond croissant. Swing by Coffeemind and check out the funky furnishings and local trinkets for sale. El Diablo serves up Cuban coffee and food. This one is a hot spot for remote workers due to its ample seating space, both indoors and outdoors. These are a few of our favorites, but you’ll find delicious coffee and trendy cafes all around Queen Anne.

Upper vs. Lower

The neighborhood is broken up into two distinct areas. Both have their own unique energy and vibe. Upper Queen Anne is much more residential and is a haven for families in the Seattle area. It has excellent schools and is generally much quieter. Lower Queen Anne is more urban, commercial, and has more going on. This is where you’ll find many of Queen Anne’s businesses and nightlife. Which area suits you depends on the type of person you are. Have a family and looking to settle down? Look into Upper. Love hustle and bustle, and having plenty to do? Lower is right for you.

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Bennett O’Brien is a professional writer and contributing author at Apartment List. Bennett has been writing in a professional capacity for five years. Read More
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