Bradley Gardens, NJ: 55 apartments available for rent

Last updated May 22 at 11:36PM
Results within 1 miles of Bradley Gardens, NJ
79 2nd Ave
Raritan, NJ
Updated April 10 at 10:14AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Bradley Gardens, NJ
Woodmont Square
100 Bellis Ct
Green Knoll, NJ
Updated May 22 at 10:20PM
2 Bedrooms
798 Eves Dr
, NJ
Updated May 18 at 1:00PM
1 Bedroom
269 N. 1st. Ave.
Manville, NJ
Updated May 7 at 1:42PM
1 Bedroom
2907 Kent Pl
, NJ
Updated May 15 at 5:15PM
2 Bedrooms
530 Andria Avenue
, NJ
Updated May 13 at 5:57AM
1 Bedroom
Results within 10 miles of Bradley Gardens, NJ
229 KEMPSEY Drive
, NJ
Updated April 26 at 5:53AM
2 Bedrooms
6 Ford Ave.
Somerset, NJ
Updated May 16 at 11:05AM
4 Bedrooms
Somerset, NJ
Updated May 13 at 2:44PM
3 Bedrooms
Princeton, NJ
Updated May 22 at 11:36PM
2 Bedrooms
75 Princess Drive
, NJ
Updated May 4 at 7:50PM
3 Bedrooms
92 Clay Street
, NJ
Updated May 3 at 7:49AM
2 Bedrooms
, NJ
Updated May 22 at 8:44AM
2 Bedrooms
899 Robin Rd
, NJ
Updated May 22 at 5:40PM
2 Bedrooms
Princeton, NJ
Updated May 14 at 9:18PM
2 Bedrooms
Princeton, NJ
Updated May 1 at 11:46PM
5 Bedrooms
54 Gregory Lane
Franklin Park
Franklin Park, NJ
Updated April 5 at 2:20PM
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Bradley Gardens
Moving to Bradley Gardens

Bradley Gardens was one of the first communities in Bridgewater and is made up of mostly older "cottage" house rentals and fixer-uppers alongside more modern, newer, and shinier apartment homes and businesses. Years ago Bradley Gardens was covered with small duplexes for rent. However as time went on, the property values increased and housing sizes grew, and developers started pulling down the little cottages and replacing them with starter ranches. They in turn have been replaced with larger bi-levels and even some colonials. However, for the first-time homeowner, this is the perfect place to buy. There are still small cottages available and if you are into DIY, you can make a beautiful home that will be quite valuable.

If you want to move to Bradley Gardens, start by doing some research. Find homes that appeal to you, then make appointments with real estate agents to see them. When you go to your appointments, bring your IDs, your bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, and more. You'll want to be prepared to apply as soon as you see apartment complexes in Bradley Gardens that you like!

Neighborhoods in Bradley Gardens

Bridgewater Township is comprised of nine communities, some of which also overlap into other nearby townships. To learn more about where you might end up living in the area, check out the list below.

North Branch: This is mostly part of Branchburg Township, but a portion of this community lies to the east of the North Branch of the Raritan River and is thus claimed by Bridgewater Township. The Redington 30 is a famous bike ride which is 49.76 km long. The bike ride has a maximum elevation of 121.93 m and was created by MK1 Race in 2007.

Finderne: Finderne is the site of the brilliant Finderne Wetlands Mitigation Project. This was established by the Army Corps of Engineers in collaboration with the State of New Jersey. The banks of the Raritan River has a rich variety of birdlife that is world renowned.

Thomae Park: At the southeastern end of Nagle Street, Bridgewater, is home to a playground that is hardly ever crowded. They have a large climbing structure for small children with a tube slide. There are fun things like mushrooms, monkey bars, flower swings, Tarzan-style zip line and so on.

Green Knoll: Bridgewater Commons is located here and is made up of mainly residences and government offices.

Country Club (or Meadow Road Area): This part of town and Milltown (or Vanderveer Road Area), Martinsville, and Sunset Lake are all predominantly residential areas with mixes of older and new homes.

Living in Bradley Gardens

Bradley Gardens is a community in Bridgewater Township in northern New Jersey. It's about thirty minutes outside of Princeton and an hour's drive from the Big Apple, or two and a half hours from the City if you go by train. The weather is pretty typical of the American Northeast with mild springs and falls, but the highs and lows in the summer and winter can be quite unbearable and you'll wonder why you chose to live there. There are areas that are prone to flooding; however, that is something a potential new resident will want to check with their bank and real estate agent about in your search for apartments.

There are five public parks within a five-mile radius of Bradley Gardens and a huge choice of places to go shopping. As for schools, there are 55 preschools, day care facilities, learning annexes, academies, as well as elementary, middle, and high schools within five miles of the center of Bradley Gardens.

Taking everything into consideration, this is a diverse city with equally diverse places of interest. To enjoy a holiday or to move here, you will never complain about boredom!