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Which Metros Have the Most Cost-Burdened Renters?

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The share of cost-burdened renter households in the US declined significantly last year, as median incomes increased faster than rents. Metropolitan areas in Texas performed exceptionally well, with low and declining shares of renters facing challenges with affordability. Also, despite skyrocketing rents in tech hubs like Seattle, Denver, and San Jose, the share of cost-burdened renters there remain lower than national averages. Despite these positive trends, housing continues to be unaffordable for more than half of renters nationwide. Metros in Florida and Southern California continue to struggle, with high rates of cost-burdened renters in Miami (63.9%), Los Angeles (58.6%), and

2016 Turkey Index

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How much would rent cost if we all decided to pay in turkey dinners? We've run the numbers and can now answer this pressing question. New York City tops our list, with the median monthly two-bedroom rent coming in at 70 dinners. See how cities across the country compare. Happy Thanksgiving!

Where are millennials moving to?

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Millennials form the largest generation in the US, numbering more than 75 million nationwide. As this young, mobile group enters the workforce and forms new households, their decisions have a significant impact on the cities they choose to live in. Today, we look at Census data from 2005-2015, to understand where young Americans are moving to and choosing to settle down. How does your city stack up?

How did renters fare in 2015?

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How did median rents and renter incomes change from 2014-2015? We dive into data from the Census to find out.

Renters and Voting

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Renters have often been labeled as a group of non-voters in the past; but what is the truth about this today? Renters may not think they hold a lot of electoral power, but with the population of voters increasing and more young citizens becoming involved in politics, this is changing. Find out what the data says!