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Renting in the United States – 2017 Year in Review

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Apartment List experts analyze the most important trends in the 2017 rental market and predict their impact in 2018. In 2017, large increases in multifamily stock decreased occupancy rates and helped soften rent growth in many hot markets. Despite increases in overall rental stock, affordability remains a concern for many renters, as the rental stock affordable for low-income renters continues to deteriorate.

2017 Turkey Index

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With Thanksgiving just a gobble days away, it’s time to feast your eyes on the 2017 edition of our annual Apartment List Turkey Index! Thanksgiving is the ultimate celebration of food, family, friends and football – a combination that always makes for lively conversation. If your dinner table is anything like mine, the conversation inevitably turns to a question as old as thyme – how many turkey dinners would it cost to pay our rent? Thankfully, we can now a-maize our guests by answering that question definitively.

Rental Affordability Crisis: Where Is Cost Burden Worst?

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In 2016, the share of cost-burdened renters, or those spending 30 percent or more of their income on rent, reached the lowest level since 2008. Despite the decrease, nearly half of renters remain cost burdened and one-quarter of renters are severely cost burdened, spending more than half their income on rent. The decrease in cost burden is due to growth in renter incomes, which outpaced increases in rent prices, but this is largely the result of an influx of high-income earners in the rental market, rather than an increase in the wages of existing renters. Florida and California

Rental Insecurity: The Threat of Evictions to America’s Renters

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Analyzing data from Apartment List users, we find that nearly one in five renters were unable to pay their rent in full for at least one of the past three months. We estimate that 3.7 million American renters have experienced an eviction, and the problem disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable members of our society. Evictions are a leading cause of homelessness, and research has tied eviction to poor health outcomes in both adults and children.

Prime Markup: How Much Would Amazon HQ2 Drive Up Rents?

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With as many as 100 cities bidding for the Amazon HQ2, Apartment List delved into the data to analyze the impact of the new Amazon headquarters, or "HQ2", on the housing market. We analyzed the rental markets in 15 metros contending for the "HQ2" and predict rents will rise up to an additional 2 percent per year. The metros most impacted by the influx of Amazon workers are smaller metros with low median wages or metros where building new homes is difficult.