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35 Laundry Room Ideas for Your Apartment

By: Susan Finch
September 9, 2020

Apartment laundry rooms don't usually make the list for stunning decor and style. However, that doesn't mean you can't give your laundry room an upgrade to incorporate more organization and color.

Get inspired by these 35 laundry room ideas for your apartment and make laundry day your favorite day of the week.

1. Get Creative with Storage Bins

A tightly organized laundry room is a must for any apartment. Get creative with storage bins in bright colors and fun patterns. Stack them against an empty wall to bring more life to your laundry room.

2. Go Vintage with Themed Decor

Everyone wants modern laundry machines. However, that doesn't mean you can't give your room a vintage touch. Add themed decor with vintage signs and artwork, wooden hangers, and bins to tie your look together.

3. Get Rustic

Transform your space into a rustic-themed laundry room. Hang an old-fashioned washboard on the wall and use mason jar holders for your dryer sheets. If your landlord is up for making some changes, ask for an upgrade with a farmhouse sink.

4. Embrace Mid-Century Decor

Mid-century decor combines modern style with the use of clean lines and geometric shapes. Wood, tweed, and elements like bamboo are also cornerstones of mid-century decor. Add a bamboo mat, wooden bins, and geometric artwork to enhance your favorite style.

5. Create an Accent Wall for Your Laundry Closet

Give your laundry closet a pop of vibrant color by painting an accent wall. Or, try adding a sliding barn door in your favorite color. That’ll give your laundry closet some division and style at the same time.

6. Utilize Available Wall Space

Small laundry rooms make it challenging to keep your supplies and laundry organized. Make use of all the available wall space you have with gold or brass wall hooks. Hang up dry towels and cleaning products to maximize your small room.

7. Incorporate More Artwork

Your laundry room can serve an essential function and look fabulous at the same time. Hang up your favorite artwork and turn your apartment laundry room into a miniature gallery.

8. Set Up a Spot for Pet Care

Keep pet dishes and litter boxes out of sight and create a space in your laundry room. Make it fun with pet-themed decor or wallpaper to create a welcoming environment.

9. Go Glossy

Glam up your laundry area with glossy cabinets. Opt for classic, crisp white or colorful varieties to give your space more personality. Complement your look with glossy bins and storage areas to match.

10. Enhance Your Room with a Patterned Backsplash

Get creative with a patterned backsplash in your laundry room. Take inspiration from your own kitchen decor or get bold with vibrant colors.

11. Jazz Up Your Wallpaper

Peel-on wallpaper is a simple way to transform your laundry room without the investment. Choose fun, textured patterns on a single accent wall or throughout your laundry room. You can also unpeel it and start over when you want to change up your look.

12. Try Subway Tile

Subway tiles are a timeless classic that easily adapt to any aesthetic. Add them to your laundry room and extend the look to your bathroom to create a running theme in your apartment.

13. Add a Chalkboard Wall

Keep yourself organized with a chalkboard wall in your laundry room. Keep tabs on what supplies you need and what laundry you need to do. You can also write up a schedule for you and your roommate to use the machines.

14. Upgrade to Colorful Washers and Dryers

White or stainless steel washers and dryers are classic options. When you're ready for an upgrade, go bold with red, blue, or yellow washers and dryers for a vibrant space to do your laundry.

You can even create this look without hookups and traditional machines with portable washers and dryers.

15. Wheel Your Hamper Around

Hampers and laundry bags get heavy in a hurry. Keep your dirty clothes within reach with a hamper on wheels. Roll it directly into your laundry room and come back with clean clothes to wheel back into your room.

16. Upgrade Your Light Fixture

Your original light fixture probably leaves something to be desired. Illuminate your drab laundry room with an upgrade to a fancy new light fixture. Look for faux chandeliers or a pendant light for added sophistication.

17. Reimagine Mix-Used Space

Small apartments need to maximize all available space imaginable, including the laundry room. Reimagine how you can use your laundry area. Combine two tasks or chores into one.

Try organizing your laundry room to encompass a mixed-use space. You could include a small workshop, painting studio, or storage area.

18. Add a Laundry Closet Curtain

Laundry closets often sit exposed for everyone to see your clunky machines and dirty laundry. Give your apartment more privacy with a laundry closet curtain in crisp white. Or, hang your favorite whimsical pattern.

19. Get Inventive with Flooring

Your laundry room flooring also deserves some attention and a refresh. If you can't replace your actual floors, try a textured mat or utility rug to complement your apartment decor. Your landlord may even approve painting over old hardwood floors that need some work.

20. Hang a Drying Rack

Delicate clothing needs to be hung up to dry and often ends up all over an apartment. Even small laundry rooms can accommodate a drying rack if you hang it on the ceiling.

Get to work installing your new rack and hang up your socks, shirts, and unmentionables. That’ll increase your clothing's longevity.

21. Add Shelving

A long shelf or countertop laid over your washer and dryer creates a space to fold, sort, and spray your laundry. Add shelves to the rest of your room to store detergent, fabric softener, and all of your supplies.

22. Wall-Mount Your Ironing Board

Ironing boards take up precious space in your closets and laundry room. Mount a folding ironing board to your wall instead. Unfold it to start ironing.

When you're done, just fold it back up to keep it out of sight.

23. Use Crates and Baskets

Small laundry areas don't always have enough room for storage bins and oversized tables. Instead, use crates and baskets to tuck on top of your laundry machines, shelving, or hang directly onto your walls with hooks.

24. Hang an Over-the-Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer keeps your laundry supplies tidy and decreases the clutter. Store your detergent pods, dryer sheets, and sprays there. That’ll keep them within easy reach.

25. Show Off Your Green Thumb

Laundry rooms with windows are an ideal place to indulge your green thumb. Hang up potted plants, bright flowers, and herbs to brighten up your space and refresh your apartment.

26. Add an Appliance Skirt or Curtain

Some apartments have a washer and dryer that are out in the open with the rest of your things. If you don't have a laundry closet, grab some fabric to create an appliance skirt to hide them from sight.

Add a countertop board over the top with plants and some photos. That’ll turn the space into part of your decor.

27. Use a Lazy Susan

Instead of lining up your detergent bottles and sprays, use a Lazy Susan instead. Arrange everything you need and spin it to keep your supplies within reach.

28. Add Corner Shelving

Laundry rooms short on space can still sneak in a corner shelving unit. Mount it to your wall for extra storage to keep your area organized.

29. Install a Medicine Cabinet

You can use medicine cabinets in other areas besides your bathroom. Add a full-length medicine cabinet to your laundry room wall to store smaller supplies.

You can even sneak in overflow from your bathroom to tuck away your mess and decrease your clutter.

30. Hang Your Spray Bottles

Mount spray bottle hooks directly to your wall. Afterward, just clip on your bottles. That’ll free up valuable surface space throughout your laundry room.

31. Add a Chair

Make laundry day a relaxing affair with the help of a comfortable chair. Sink in with a good book or catch up on texts while you wait for your laundry to finish.

If your space isn't big enough, try a folding butterfly chair. Look for one that you can tuck away when you’re not using it.

32. Make it Personal

Bring some personal touches to your laundry room with your favorite keepsakes. Add photos from home, travel souvenirs, or a dish of seashells to make your laundry room feel homier.

33. Keep it Seasonal

Change up the look of your laundry area according to the season. Swap out your laundry closet curtain for a beach scene during summer and a snowy mountain retreat during winter. You'll feel inspired all year long every time you pop in a load of laundry.

34. Add a Pegboard

A pegboard keeps your laundry room organized. It can also create a motif of color.

Choose red brooms, mops, and dusters to tie into your favorite color scheme. Pepper in red bins and crates for an intentional look.

35. Add Yoga Mats

Laundry room floors are often rigid and uninspired. They’re also not forgiving on your feet.

Measure your space and stock up on yoga mats to warm up your space. Your feet will feel better. You can even get in some stretches while finishing the laundry.

Need a new apartment with your own dedicated laundry area? Register with Apartment List and find an apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer in the apartment of your dreams.

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