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37 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

By: Susan Finch
September 4, 2020

Even spacious apartments aren’t usually known for their expansive bathrooms or storage solutions. Use the challenge as an opportunity to get creative and maximize every inch of space available.

With the right approach, you can make your bathroom look bigger than it really is. Here are 37 ideas to transform your bathroom into a work of art.

1. Add Small Cabinets

Small cabinets can attach right to your walls. They can keep your makeup, lotions, razors, and gadgets out of sight and out of mind. Choose vibrant colors to bring more personality to your bathroom.

2. Hang Some Hooks

Hooks keep towels organized. However, you can also use them to hang up hairdryers and curling irons.

Just wrap up the cord, cinch it off with a twist-tie as needed, and hang them up and out of the way. For a trendy touch, use brass hooks or a color that complements your bathroom fixtures.

3. Hanging Shower Organizers and Caddy

Keep it classic with hanging shower organizers and caddies. You can store shampoo and conditioner, and waterproof bottles like nail polish to them out of the way.

4. Use Door Hooks and Organizers

Make use of all the real estate in your bathroom, including your bathroom door. Hang a hook over your door or an organizer to tuck away supplies and towels.

5. Hang Storage Shelves

Storage shelves are a must-have in any small bathroom. Use wood tones to tap into the latest bathroom design trends and arrange throughout your small space. Hang them vertically to save space and clear off your vanity to declutter your space.

6. Over-the-Toilet Storage

There’s plenty of storage options that involve maximizing the space directly above your toilet. Use over-the-toilet storage shelving or racks to keep your toilet paper and towels organized.

7. Repurpose a Bar Cart

Roll in a bar chart and stock it with toilet paper, towels, jars of cotton balls, Q-tips, and more. The best part is, you can roll it out to clean your bathroom floors or make space as needed.

8. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are ideal for keeping your bottles, gadgets, and knick-knacks organized throughout your bathroom. Add them anywhere you have space, from over the toilet to a spot beside your sink.

9. Wall-Mount Cubbies

Cubbies are a fun and easy way to tuck away your bathroom items. Mount some to your wall in a fun shape for an artistic flair.

10. Hang a Shoe Organizer Over Your Door

Extra hanging shoe organizers work wonders in the bathroom. Hang one over your bathroom door. Then, fill it with bottles, hairdryers, combs, brushes, and extra shampoo.

11. Add Hidden Bins

Tuck away bins behind cabinets or under your sink to store your bathroom items. Use opaque bins with a top to hide your items. You can also cover them with a decorative towel to keep clutter out of sight.

12. Try a Sink Skirt

Some bathrooms only have pedestal sinks and no vanity or underneath storage. Add a decorative sink skirt to hide away bins and storage and give your space more personality. You can even make one yourself out of your favorite fabric.

13. Repurpose an Extra Shower Rod

There’s plenty of space inside your shower going to waste. Add a second shower rod and use storage hangers and clips to tuck away washcloths, loofahs, and bottles.

14. Use Trays for Decorative Storage

Got counter space to spare? Use trays for decorative storage to enhance your bathroom decor or add an elegant touch.

15. Install Magnetic Strips

There are plenty of magnetic items in your bathroom that can hang onto the wall with the help of magnetic strips. Use them for tweezers, clippers, makeup supplies and more.

You can also add magnetic stickers to the backs of makeup and other items. That’ll get them off of your counter space and on the wall.

16. Attach Crates to Your Walls

Rustic crates are a creative way to enhance your decor while offering more storage items. You might even be able to find free crates at farmer’s markets, liquor shops, and grocery stores.

17. Expand Your Cabinet Space

Make the most of your space with cabinet door organizers. Hang up everything under your sink or in your medicine cabinet. Then, leave the rest of your space for towels, toilet paper, and other items.

18. Organize Some Mason Jars

Mason jars are an innovative way to organize Q-tips and makeup. Arrange them on top of your vanity. You could also install a hanging mason jar organizer to your wall.

19. Try Spray Bottle Hangers

Cleaners and water spray bottles take up tons of space in your bathroom. Look for spray bottle hangers that you can adhere to your wall. Then, add your spray bottles to get them out of your cabinets and off your shelves.

20. Use a Lazy Susan

Spin your way to an organized bathroom with a Lazy Susan. Add them inside cabinets, on top of your vanity, or on a shower shelf to arrange your supplies.

21. Repurpose a Fruit Basket

Sometimes, there’s no place to go but up when it comes to small bathroom storage ideas. Hang a fruit basket and add towels and washcloths for a unique storage solution.

22. Add a Shelf Over Your Door

Running out of wall space for your shelves? Add a shelf over your bathroom door for guest towels and extra toilet paper that you don’t need daily.

23. Storage Ladder to Hang Towels

A storage ladder is a perfect place to hang up your bathroom towels. If you can remove part of the shelving, you can also situate the ladder over your toilet for a unique storage area.

24. Install Outlet Shelves

Always running out of room for your phone and other small items? A small outlet shelf easily attaches and transforms into a unique and easy storage alternative. These tiny shelves are also ideal throughout your home if you’re looking for small apartment storage ideas.

25. File Away Your Stuff

Mesh file folders are a fun, space-saving way to tuck away your hair dryer, folded hand towels, and other items. Attach them to your vanity or wall and file away your extra stuff.

26. Add a Storage Seat

Turn an awkward corner or small space in your bathroom into a storage area with a customized bench. You can work with a carpenter or find a small ottoman with hidden storage for your bathroom.

27. Repurpose a Small Bookshelf

If you have enough room for a small, vertical bookshelf, repurpose it into a bathroom organizer. Stack your items and include a photo or jar of seashells. That’ll give your bathroom a personal touch.

28. Install a Ledge Above Your Sink

A small ledge from a local hardware store or IKEA holds bottles, medicine, and small items. Your vanity will stay clear of clutter, and everything you need is within reach.

29. Transform a Wine Rack

Out of options for towel holders and bars? Add a wine rack and roll up towels or store your shampoo bottles and other items.

30. Grab Some Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers turn into towel hooks in a snap. Just turn them upside down, attach them to your wall, and hang your towels off of the hanger hook.

31. Add Baskets for Towels

Not enough room for towels, hooks, and shelves? Add oversized baskets below your sink or on top of your toilet to store away towels.

32. Use Corner Shelving

Make the most out of your corners with angular shelves. Organize your small bottles and supplies on corner cabinets. That’ll keep them out of the way and within sight.

33. Add a Bathtub Shelf

Limited counter and shower space require some creativity. Include a teak caddy or shelving to situate over your bathtub for your toiletries.

34. Maximize the Window Ledge

Even small window ledges can hold small bottles and other items to get them out of the way. You can also use suction cups to the window to hang lightweight items.

35. Hang Up a Pegboard

Get innovative with your bathroom storage with a pegboard. Hang up small shelves and containers to display everything you need in one place.

36. Install a Full-Length Medicine Cabinet

Short on medicine cabinets? Hang a full-length medicine cabinet that stores away everything in your bathroom for a powerhouse storage solution.

37. Rethink a Swing-Out Towel Rack

A swing-out towel rack works wonders to tidy up your towels. However, you can also use it for other ideas. Add toilet paper or toiletry bags and swing your rack into place for creative storage.

With a creative approach, you can keep even the smallest bathroom organized. Use your favorite ideas to transform your apartment bathroom!

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Susan Finch is a freelance writer and content manager focusing on local experiences, travel, and anything relating to really good food and craft brews. Her work has appeared in travel guidebooks and national magazines and newspapers. Read More
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