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Garage Apartments: How to Find Them in 2024

Garage apartments, coach houses, and garage suites are great for renters who don't want to fight for parking. Learn more about them and how to find one.

Renting an apartment with a garage can be a huge convenience! But they may be harder to find than an apartment that only comes with a parking spot.

So if you’re considering renting an apartment with a garage, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will cover everything you need to know about apartments with garages.

Garage Apartments

What Are Garage Apartments?

Garage apartments generally refer to one of the three things (two of which are very similar, and a third that is very different):

  1. Apartments with garages somewhere in the building or complex, though they may not be directly attached to your building. This may be either a large parking garage shared by residents and even perhaps the public, or it may refer to individual garages that stand alone or in a row.
  2. Apartments or townhomes over a private garage, also known as a coach house.
  3. Apartment built in the space above a garage, also known as a garage suite.

Because the third type are very specific to private landlords and may differ widely, and because many people are simply looking for an apartment with covered or private parking, we're focusing on just the first two types in the list.

What Are Garage Apartments

Who Rents Garage Apartments?

Garage apartments are generally, though not necessarily, preferred by renters with cars to protect their automobile from the elements. What’s not to like about keeping your car off the street and having convenient access to a parking space whenever you need it?

In the case of private garages, or designated spaces within a garage, you'll be safe from having to compete for parking with your neighbors.

However, plenty of people who don't have a car also choose to rent coach houses or even an apartment with a stand alone garage if it's an option! That's because private garages make really convenient storage solutions, impromptu offices, home gyms, entertainment spaces, and more.

The bottom line? You should consider renting an apartment with a garage if:

  • You're concerned with the secure and convenient storage of your car.
  • You could use the extra space that a garage affords.
  • You don't mind the additional cost (usually specific to having a private garage)

Just be sure to remember that you’ll likely be paying more in rent for an apartment with a garage than you would for an apartment without one.

How Much Do Garage Apartments Cost?

When garages are private but not attached to the building, they generally come with an additional cost that for many renters will start around $100 a month, but can go up to several hundred dollars depending on the type of complex, size of the garage, and other factors. In these cases, though, garages are generally optional and no fees will be incurred unless you choose to rent a garage.

When garages are attached, that additional convenience is generally factored into higher rent prices, starting around $200 up to several hundred dollars more than comparable units without garages.

How to Find Apartments with Garages

As apartments with garages can be a bit of a rarity and in high-demand, you might find it challenging to land one. For now, we'll mainly focus on apartments with private garages since those are the most in-demand and trickiest to find. However, you can use similar strategies to locate apartments buildings with garage decks.

The different apartments types we discussed above are key to finding the right place. For instance, some people only want private garages. In those cases, their options are

  • A coach house or townhouse style layout in which the garage is attached, often immediately below the residence.
  • An apartment complex in which garages stand alone or in rows within a parking lot but are not directly attached to the resident's unit or even building.

If you really want to be able to enter your home from your garage, you probably want a townhouse. On the other hand, if you just want a place to store your extra stuff, you may not care if your garage is a little farther from your front door.

Keep in mind as you search for apartments, though, that if they claim to have garages, you may not see them in photos if they aren't attached.

Start your Search Early

Garage apartments - especially private garages - tend to be in high demand for the reasons we discussed above. There may even be waitlists for garages in some cases.

Starting your apartment hunt early is the best way to avoid becoming overwhelmed and give yourself enough time to find an apartment that’s a good match for you. That said, it’s best to start your apartment hunt at least two months before you’d like to move out.

Another part of getting the timing right depends on when you choose to rent, according to the seasonality of the rental industry.

The best time to rent an apartment with the most availability is in the summer months, before August.

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a few move-in specials.

Search for Listings Online

Choosing the best online apartment listing platform can be difficult. However, it's hard to go wrong if you shop around.

Since you're already here, why not start your search on Apartment List? We offer "garage" as one of our filter options, which means you can select it when you set up your account so that you only view garage apartments. Alternatively, you can flex your amenities, price, or location to see even more options.

Take our quiz and be sure to select “garage” in preferred amenities. From there, you’ll be matched with curated apartment lists based on your chosen preferences.

How to Find Apartments with Garages

Set Up Apartment Tours

Setting up an apartment tour? Don’t forget to bring your list of questions to ask your landlord.

When it comes to renting an apartment with a garage, it’s important to have prepared questions that go beyond the basics, like “How much is rent?” or “Is this a pet-friendly apartment?”

You’ll need to ask questions that pertain to the garage, as well. These questions include:

  • How many parking spaces does the unit come with?
  • Are there any additional fees associated with the garage?
  • How does guest parking work?
  • Can I rent additional parking spaces for my household?
  • Can I use the garage for personal use beyond car storage?

It’s important to learn everything you can about the garage, especially since it’ll likely drive your rent up significantly.

You should also use your tour as an opportunity to get an idea of the apartment’s state. You don’t want to overlook any issues like bed bugs or mold.

So, take your time and get a good look at the apartment to avoid any major issues cropping up later on.

Apply and Sign Your Lease

Applying for an apartment is a straightforward process in which you provide relevant information about yourself to your prospective landlord or property manager.

To complete your application, you’ll need to have ID, proof of income, and details about your rental and employment history on-hand.

You’ll also be asked to provide consent for background and credit checks, so it’s a good idea to review your credit score before applying to an apartment.

Once you have submitted your application, your landlord will review it to ensure that you are an ideal tenant. They may check up on the rental references you provided, so be sure to give your references a heads up beforehand.

If you are approved for the apartment (Yay!), you’ll be asked to sign a lease agreement and pay associated fees and a security deposit to formalize the arrangement.

Review the lease agreement before signing it. It’s essential to know what you are agreeing to, as lease agreements are legally-binding documents.

Once you sign a lease agreement, you’re on the hook when it comes to following all its terms, regardless of your lease length.

Pros and Cons of Apartments with Garages

An apartment with a garage sounds good on paper, but it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of renting one.

Pros of Apartments with Garages

  • More Security: The risk of break-ins and hit-and-run accidents is simply higher when you leave your car parked on the street. A garage offers protection from those events, especially if the garage has a locking mechanism.
  • Guaranteed Spot: There’s nothing worse than arriving home from work and having to cruise around your neighborhood trying to find a spot. With a garage, your spot is always available just for you. Sounds like a dream, right?
  • Convenience: If your apartment features an attached garage, you’ll have convenient access to your car, meaning no slogging in the rain or trying to remember how far down the road you parked last night.
  • Vehicle Protection: Storing your car in a garage means that it’s protected from the elements. There’s no snow to brush off or ice to scrape off in the winter months. Hail isn’t a problem either. Nor is any other potential disaster.
  • Extra Space: Whether you want to turn your garage into the perfect home gym setup or you need a place to store your belongings, garages offer the extra square footage you’ll need to make it happen.

Common Benefits of Garage Apartments

Cons of Apartments with Garages

  • Cost: Apartments with garages typically come with higher price tags than those without. Garages are highly-coveted amenities, especially in major cities where parking may be scarce. Be prepared to face a lot of competition for apartments with garages.
  • May Have Limited Space: If you have a larger vehicle or a household with multiple vehicles, you may find that an apartment with a garage doesn’t have enough space to accommodate your needs.
  • Availability: Unfortunately, apartments with garages aren’t commonplace. They are typically found in newly-built apartments, which can increase the cost and competition for these units.

Common Drawbacks of Garage Apartments

Find a Garage Apartment Today

Although apartments with garages are good to have, you’ll ultimately have to decide whether renting an apartment with a garage is the right move for you.

If you have a car and are interested in having secure parking whenever you need it, then it might be a good move.

Additionally, if you could use the extra space a garage provides, then go for it! Otherwise, you may be better off saving a few hundred and looking for apartments without garages.

Regardless of your choice, your apartment search starts with your preferences. Take our easy quiz and select "garage" under your amenities preferences to get matched with a great place today!

Garage Apartment FAQs

What is another name for a garage apartment?

Other terms that people might use for garage apartments including coach house, which is a historic term for a carriage house with rowhouses above it, garage suite, and in the cases of apartments above garages, people also use the terms granny flat and in-law suite.

What is a garage with living space above it called?

A fully constructed living space above a garage is usually called a garage suite if it's used by the owner or their family, and sometimes called a garage apartment if the owner chooses to rent it out.

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