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38 Fall Decor Ideas for 2021

By: Susan Finch
September 22, 2020

The changing season is the perfect time to change up your decor and give your apartment a refresh. The best fall decor embraces the season's colors. It’s easy to do and fun to show off! Here are 38 ideas to get started.

1. Create a Cozy Entryway

Make a spirited first impression with a cozy fall entryway adorned with leaf decor, fresh fall flowers, warm tones, and new artwork. An orange or brown pillow on an entryway bench and cinnamon sticks in a mason jar for an amazing scent create a comfortable spot to get ready for work.

2. Bring the Outside In

Fall is about celebrating the changing colors and new season. Collect colorful leaves in a glass bowl for an inspired centerpiece or twigs and acorns in a mason jar.

Fall wildflowers or a gorgeous arrangement from your favorite florist brings together your favorite look. The best part about using nature in your decor is it's free. It inspires every room from your bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Decorate Your Outdoor Space with Fall Foliage

Your outdoor space deserves some attention, too. Decorate your patio, balcony, front porch, or window boxes with fall foliage that brings life to your space.

Add some colorful leaves or create a twig wreath. Hang it on your outdoor window to show off your Fall style.

4. Utilize Vintage Glassware & Tins

Vintage glassware and tins are easy to find at antique stores or markets. They’re fun to use at your next gathering. They also give your apartment a fall refresh.

Create a table setting with vintage mason jars, copper cup tins, and vintage vases full of freshly cut fall flowers. You can also scatter the glassware around your home. Fill it with your favorite fall decor, from acorns to leaves.

5. Mix in Pumpkins & Gourds

Nothing says fall decor like colorful pumpkins and gourds. Display them as a creative centerpiece for your table or add to glass bowls and jars.

Crisp, white pumpkins painted with your artistic touch enhance your look and add a personal touch. Small pumpkins and gourds also work well scattered around your apartment. You can also choose from oversized varieties for your entryway or patio to make a statement.

6. DIY Your Centerpiece

DIY centerpieces are a playful way to enhance your fall decor without the expense. You can collect items from a local park, like pine cones or acorns. Stop by a market or craft store to pick up wheat to tie off with a burlap ribbon or corn husks to display.

Try getting colorful by changing up your candles. Add orange, brown, or yellow wax dye to paraffin and dip the pillar candle base for fall inspiration.

Or, take the opposite approach. Dip the tips of tall candlesticks and add color from top to bottom.

7. Get Crafty

Get in touch with your crafty side during the fall. Create a variety of decor with orange leaves or cross-stitch scenes inspired by fall.

Then, hang them on your mantle or windows. You'll get to spend even more time with your favorite hobbies while decorating your way through fall.

8. Go Orange with Your Accents

Orange is the color of the season. There's no better time to refresh your accents.

Add orange around your apartment with candles, pumpkins, flowers, and even a set of fall-inspired dishes. Add an orange tablecloth to your dining room to signal that fall has arrived.

9. Add a Pop of Plaid

If you're over draping everything in orange and brown tones, add a pop of plaid to your fall decor. Change out your table covering, grab some linen napkins, and add a plaid throw to your couch or favorite oversized chair.

Even mugs and dishes come in plaid patterns. That makes it easy to change up your look.

10. Cover Your Chairs in the Season

Dress up your chairs with the season and wrap yourself in warmth. Think faux fur, wool, and gorgeous oranges, browns, and neutral colors. Add a fall-inspired bow to the back of your chairs to create a more elegant look for your dining space.

11. Throw in Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are a non-committal way to celebrate fall. Go overboard with fall motifs and bright seasonal colors.

You can also go with a more muted approach in neutral tones. Scatter them around your home to make your apartment feel luxuriously comfortable.

12. Lean Into Black & White Decor

Black and white turns fall on its head with stunning decor pieces. Paint your pumpkins and gourds black and white or go for a checkered motif. A table setting with black and white dinnerware and coordinating candles turns your next dinner into an event.

13. Show off Your Fall Treats

Sometimes, the best fall decor is the kind you can devour. Bake up gingerbread, pumpkin pies, spiced cakes and ciders, and leaf-shaped cookies for your table. Make sure to take plenty of Instagram-worthy photos before digging into your edible fall decor.

14. Add Seasonal Plants and Flowers

Annual fall flowers and seasonal plants are a fresh and natural way to embrace your love of fall. Shop for pansies, purple fountain grass, and chrysanthemums in festive shades of red, yellow, orange, peach, and white.

Fall plants and flowers also make perfect gifts for a roommate or loved one who needs a pick-me-up this season.

15. Rethink Fruit

Fruit turns a boring table into something special with some creativity. Carve out pumpkins or apples for cardholders or add fresh pears to a glass bowl as a centerpiece. Sprinkle in some acorns, and your new look is ready to go.

16. Load up on the Knits

Sweater weather is always a good excuse to raid your closet for your favorite look. You can carry over your love of knits around your apartment with chunky throw blankets, pillows, and baskets. You'll end up with a cozy fall apartment that's as practical as it is picture-perfect.

17. Dress Up Your Window Treatments

Swap out your window treatments with fall colors and curtains. They store easily for next season and keep your apartment looking updated and fresh.

If you like the look you already have, add some fall fabric as curtain ties or to the top of your window as a trellis.

18. Warm Up Your Space with Rugs

Rugs warm up your hardwood floors and keep your apartment feeling cozy. Best of all, mixing and matching prints and colors is also trending in home decor. That makes it easier to experiment with your favorite look.

Rugs also create separation around smaller apartments. They help you add more dimension.

19. Get Inspired with Leaf Garlands

Nothing says fall like colorful leaves in oranges, yellows, and reds. Collect your favorite variety at a local park and create your own leaf garland.

Hang it along your mantle or across your windows for a festive touch. The best part is, you don't have to store it. You can toss your garland once fall turns to winter.

20. Paint Some Acorns

There's no rule that says fall has to embrace traditional colors of brown, orange, and beige. Grab some paints and decorate a bowl of acorns for a pop of color. It's an entertaining activity for adults and kids alike.

21. Hang Some Pine Cones

Depending on the area where you live, pine cones are everywhere, from parks to trails. They also easily transform into fall decorations without much effort. Add them to a bowl or hang them along some doors to bring in the spirit of the season and the great outdoors.

22. Celebrate the Holidays

Fall is full of some of the best holidays of the year. Decorate for Halloween with your favorite decor, whether spooky or ultra sophisticated.

When Thanksgiving dinner rolls around, add wheat and fall foliage to your centerpiece. Or, create inspired turkey decor with strategically placed flowers tucked into carved-out pumpkins.

23. Swap Out Your Bedding

The chill in the air makes changing out your bedding the ideal time to indulge. A fluffy duvet is a must, along with fall-inspired throw pillows and blankets piled high. Add a decorative tray to your bedside so you can sip on spiced tea and pumpkin chai on a lazy weekend afternoon.

24. Create a Hygge Sense of Mind

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness or contentment. You don't need to adhere to any particular design style, but hygge typically means you're surrounding yourself in soft whites, neutrals, chunky blankets, and steaming cups of cocoa.

If your landlord frowns on candles or using the fireplace, use faux candles. You can also use glowing lamps that envelop you in soft light.

A gallery wall brightens up any apartment, whether you're short on space or have plenty of options to choose from. Go with a fall motif with your favorite photos, artwork, or framed leaves, and display in your living area. You can swap out the theme each season or keep the fall feeling going all year long.

26. Show off Your Fall Hobbies

Lean into your hobbies that are all about fall and use them to complement your fall decor. Hang up your favorite hiking photos, source a gorgeous basket for your knitting supplies, or show off a bowl of colorful apples from the orchard. It's a way to embrace the fall and add a personal touch to your apartment at the same time.

27. Dress Up Your Bathroom

Bring the season into your bathroom with touches of fall. Add a mason jar full of acorns or brightly colored leaves or swap out your bath mat and shower curtain with your favorite fall look.

Remember to soak up your new look by stocking up on your favorite bath salts, bubbles, and soaps to warm up on a chilly day.

28. Embrace Your Inner Lumberjack

Get quirky this season and embrace your inner lumberjack. Add lumberjack wallpaper or peel-and-stick options to your office, bathroom, or any room that needs a whimsical lift.

You can top off your look with faux animal mounts, wreaths crafted from logs, and cross-stitch artwork.

29. Go Rustic

Rustic farmhouse decor is always an excellent way to make the most of your fall decor. Add some wooden crates to your storage system.

Hang some distressed shelving or framed mirrors. Then, situate wooden folding chairs around your table.

30. Adorn Your Mantle

Your mantle is just waiting to be adorned with all of your favorite decor. Add a colorful leaf garland across your garland or add a mason jar filled with twigs, wheat, or cinnamon sticks. Your mantle is also the place to show off your fall photography skills and create a focus on your living area.

31. Have Fun with Tree Branch Coasters

Get crafty with a tree branch coaster set or source your favorites online from Etsy. You can also add a painted leaf to the center to add some fresh design. Remember to grab some mason jars or copper cups to sip on your favorite fall drink while soaking in your new fall decor.

32. Swap Out Your Light Fixtures

Change things up and swap out your light fixtures for a more festive look. Leaf motifs and light fixtures that look like they belong in a rustic lodge are just a few places to start. You can leave it up all year or swap it out, depending on which season inspires you the most.

33. DIY Your Front Door Wreath

Show off your front door and share the season with neighbors with a brilliant front door wreath. You can also add wreaths to all of your interior doors from bedroom to bathroom.

Source some lightweight, bendable twigs. Fashion them into a wreath while adding some colorful leaves to the mix. A fashionable bow or burlap string turns your wreath into a work of art.

34. Add More Copper

Copper brings a pop of color and sophistication to your apartment. Antique copper tubs, vases, light fixtures, and kitchenware are practical to use and look fantastic.

Swap out your cabinet and drawer pulls. That’s a way to add even more copper and tie together your look.

35. Add Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair (or three) turns into a season for relaxation. Add one to your bedroom, living room, or outdoor area. Then, cover it in soft blankets and a seat cushion to rock your way through the season.

36. Decorate Your Stairs

If you live in a townhouse or created your own stairs or ladder to a lofted bed, decorate them with fall in mind. Add pumpkins and faux candles to guide your way through your apartment. A leaf garland wrapped around your banister finishes your fall look.

37. Reimagine Your Laundry Room

The laundry room tucks away your must outlandish, wild, and colorful fall decorations. You get to showcase the tackiest decor and artwork imaginable. That’ll liven up laundry day!

Then just shut the door so roommates who aren’t into your signature decor won’t have to stare at it all day.

38. Recreate Fall Scents

Enhance your fall decor with scents that inspire your imagination. Start with pumpkin spice candles or essential oils to fill your apartment with mouthwatering smells.

Looking for a new place to decorate for the season? Find your new apartment with the help of Apartment List.

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Susan Finch is a freelance writer and content manager focusing on local experiences, travel, and anything relating to really good food and craft brews. Her work has appeared in travel guidebooks and national magazines and newspapers. Read More
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