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11 Must-Have Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

By: Susan Finch
May 6, 2020

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Your apartment bathroom is full of trendsetting possibilities. You could complete one of these projects in just a few hours or over a weekend. 

Whether you want to go for the gold with all brass finishes or focus on smart enhancements, here are some of the best bathroom design trends for 2020 and beyond.

1. Brass Finishes

Give your bathroom a vintage touch with brash finishes from faucets to cabinet pulls. And if you’re going to invest in an upgrade, go and indulge in a fabulous spa-worthy shower head. You’ll find great options in brass and gold finishes. 

Need ideas? This luxury spa shower head offers multiple spray settings. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and just looks great. So, you could save both money and the world while you shower. 

2. Wood Accents

Thoughtful wood accents for your apartment bathroom are also in for 2020. Think gorgeous wooden mirrors, cabinetry, and decorate wooden storage baskets. Those can create warmth and depth to your apartment bathroom. 

You can also create functionality with your wooden bathroom accents. These wooden Boho Wall Hanging Shelves are stylish and unique while offering a little more storage to your apartment bathroom.

3. Warm, Earth-Tone Color Schemes

Wrap your bathroom in warm earth tones that mimic a glass of champagne or a latte. You can accomplish that with a fresh coat of paint (if your landlord allows it), or with decorative towels and other decor.

Looking for something brighter with more pop? Try light yellow, blush, and rose gold. 

4. Stylize your Bathroom with Wallpaper

This isn’t your grandma’s bathroom. Think big, bold, colorful patterns that transform your bathroom into a work of art. This cheeky pink flamingo wallpaper peels off and sticks so you can create your new look without the mess. 

Marble wallpaper is also rapidly gaining popularity. There are options to peel and stick it onto your vanity and countertops for an upscale and sophisticated look. 

5. Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors instantly upgrade your apartment bathroom with options for flexibility. Choose a series of small mirrors to create a funky design. You could also go vintage and ornate

You can also hang a mirror in a small bathroom without much natural light. That’ll mimic the feel of another window. 

6. Shaped, Decorative Cement Tiles

People are pushing the old standard rectangle subway tile out of the way in favor of funkier shapes like hexagons and scallops. But don’t worry if you can’t swing a tile upgrade. There’s also tile wallpaper to choose from, like this blue florentine tile wallpaper

7. Energy-Efficient Lights

Energy-efficient lights are a must for 2020 bathroom design. Look for energy-efficient bulbs. They’ll save money. They’ll also reduce the need to change out bulbs with shorter life spans continually. 

You can also try some energy-efficient smart light bulbs. They’ll create a remarkable experience that integrates with Amazon Alexa and your Google Assistant. What's better than being able to change bathroom lighting to fit your mood whenever you like?

8. Luxurious Drapes

Why should your bedroom get all of the design attention? Luxurious drapes can also find a home in your bathroom, adding some pizzazz to your windows. They’ll create more privacy and enhance your aesthetic. 

Whether it be vibrant blues or subtle beige, decorative drapes make for an easy bathroom upgrade. 

9. Add More Green

Why let your balcony have all the fun when it comes to potted plants and small trees? Snake plants, palms, and other tropical variations are perfect for your bathroom and thrive in the humid climate. Grab some colorful pots or earth tones to match your favorite bathroom aesthetic. 

10. Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Spas are always in when it comes to trendsetting bathroom design. You may not be able to install the soaking tub of your dreams, but you can still add plenty of touches to create that zen vibe.

Look for a bamboo bath mat, hang a fluffy white towel on a door hook, and add an inexpensive bath pillow to your shopping list. Light a few candles for your vanity or shelf and display your favorite bubble bath and lotions to capture the spa experience you deserve.

Not every renter can give their apartment bathroom an upgrade, whether budget or your landlord is standing in the way. Instead, focus on what you can control, like fabulous accessories, that create the look you want. From bold print shower curtains and bath mats to mirrors, candles, and curtains, you can still score that dream bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Your apartment bathroom deserves the same amount of design inspiration as the rest of your place. Invest in your favorite design-worthy splurges to fit your budget and needs to set the bathroom design trends for 2020.

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Susan Finch is a freelance writer and content manager focusing on local experiences, travel, and anything relating to really good food and craft brews. Her work has appeared in travel guidebooks and national magazines and newspapers. Read More
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