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20 Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Decor Ideas for your Apartment

By: Justin Chaplin
November 18, 2019

Although Thanksgiving will certainly look a lot different this year, that doesn’t mean you need to shy away from the turkey day decor.

Whether you are hosting a Zoom Thanksgiving party or having a small, intimate outdoor gathering, it's time to get your apartment spruced up for the season!

Need Thanksgiving decorations that are as creative as they are inspiring? From fall centerpieces to creative pumpkins, here are 20 easy Thanksgiving decoration ideas.

1. Fall Centerpieces

When it comes to the holidays, Thanksgiving decorations are a must. They’ll help turn your dinner into a festive event. 

Start by dressing up your table with fall centerpieces. Look for a cornucopia bursting with brilliant orange flowers.

2. Napkin Rings and Accents

Once your fall centerpiece is in place, add cloth napkins and napkin rings. These are another way to capture the essence and colors of fall. 

Focus on traditional brown napkins if you like. You can also scour vintage stores for unique fabric you can transform with a hand-crafted touch.

3. Pinecone Wreaths

Whether you have a tight budget or love the outdoors, pinecone wreaths are a gorgeous addition to your Thanksgiving decorations. Try hanging one on your door. You can also place one on your table around your turkey to showcase your dinner.

4. Fall-inspired Mason Jars

Mason jars are fun, easy, and transform into inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations. Add pumpkin spice candles or dried wildflowers to them. Top them off with an orange or brown bow for a charming touch.

5. Dressed-up Desserts

Incorporate the food you serve into your Thanksgiving decorations by dressing up your desserts. Bake up a gorgeous pie, then try your hand at sprucing up the dessert. This’ll create a stunning table display.

6. Creative Pumpkins

There's more you can do with pumpkins than just displaying them around your home. Paint them gold, brown, or white. Then, write your favorite Thanksgiving-inspired words, from "Grateful" to "Family." Pumpkins aren't only reserved for Halloween!

7. Chalkboard Touches

Chalkboards are an engaging way to celebrate the season. Grab a few small, framed chalkboards. Write down the things you are thankful for and your favorite Thanksgiving quotes. You can even get your Zoom guests involved in the fun!

8. Pumpkin Buckets and Vases

Make pumpkins part of your Thanksgiving decorations by turning them into an ice bucket for your wine. You can also turn them into a vase for fresh wildflowers. 

The best part is the easy clean-up. You can just toss your used pumpkins into the compost bin.

9. Gratitude Candles

Warm-up your Thanksgiving table decorations with an assortment of gratitude candles. Light a candle for the things you are thankful for to illuminate your home.

10. Turkey Crafts

It's okay to wrap your arms around the season with turkey-inspired crafts. Consider painting rocks to look like turkeys and adding them to your table as napkin weights. You can also fashion leaves and pinecones into a turkey wreath. 

11. DIY Table Runners

Bring some creativity to your Thanksgiving decorations with a DIY table runner. Add a long, heavy piece of brown paper to your table that you can decorate to your liking!

12. Wheat Cloches

Give a nod to an old-fashioned Thanksgiving with quaint, cozy wheat cloches. First, gather up a few strands of wheat and wrap a burlap ribbon around them. Then, situate them in mason jars or vases to enhance your Thanksgiving decorations.

13. Replace Paper with Pumpkins

Instead of printing it out, write your menu directly on a plump pumpkin. Or, have guests come up and write what they're thankful for on the pumpkin, and use it as a centerpiece.

You can also coat the pumpkins with chalkboard paint first. That’ll create a fun and festive touch for your Thanksgiving table decorations.

14. Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree

Create a gratitude tree with everything you're grateful for written on paper leaves. You can also add some colorful leaves from your backyard. They’ll give your Thanksgiving decorations a vibrant pop. 

15. Patio String Lights

Live in a warm-weather climate and want to eat outdoors? Design a cozy atmosphere with your Thanksgiving decorations this year with string lights. Drape them across a patio trellis or deck railing and light up your Thanksgiving dinner. 

16. Leaf Garlands

Nature already gives us picture-perfect decor with colorful, vibrant leaves. Gather up your favorites from your backyard. Then, string together a leaf garland to add to your Thanksgiving table decorations.

17. Cinnamon Sticks

There's something warm and comforting about the hint of cinnamon hanging in the air. Add cinnamon sticks to mason jars. You can also tuck some into a folded cloth napkin for a festive Thanksgiving table display.

18. DIY Napkins

Creating your own Thanksgiving decorations shows off your DIY sensibilities. It also dresses up your table at the same time. Dress them up real nice with herbs and string, or get a bit more creative.

Grab plain linen napkins and needlepoint "Grateful," "Fall," and "Friends" on them. Consider adding a few leaves on them to dazzle your loved ones.

19. Natural Wood

Your Thanksgiving table decorations can look absolutely stunning with just a few natural embellishments. Try a natural wood display for your pumpkin pies or turkey. That’s a great way to capture the beauty of the season.

20. Golden Touches

Go glam this fall. You can transform your Thanksgiving decorations into an upscale event. 

Spray a handful of pumpkins with glittering gold. Add gold napkin ring holders to your table. Finally, raise your golden goblets in a holiday toast.

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Justin is a Content Manager and contributing author at Apartment List, helping people navigate the world of renting. Justin previously spent his time earning his BBA in Marketing from Boise State University. Read More
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