89 Apartments for rent in Glendale, WI

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Last updated August 23 at 3:40PM
Results within 1 miles of Glendale, WI
4024 N Larkin St
Northwest Shorewood
Shorewood, WI
Updated August 23 at 9:45AM
2 Bedrooms
4576 N 30th St
Old North Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
Updated August 23 at 10:52AM
3 Bedrooms
5811 N 35th Street
Thurston Woods
Milwaukee, WI
Updated August 22 at 12:22PM
2 Bedrooms
4076 N 15th St
Rufus King
Milwaukee, WI
Updated August 23 at 10:33AM
4 Bedrooms
3138 North HOLTON ST
Milwaukee, WI
Updated August 23 at 11:11AM
3 Bedrooms
3921 N Humboldt Blvd
Milwaukee, WI
Updated July 27 at 5:56PM
1 Bedroom
Results within 5 miles of Glendale, WI
2226 West NEIL PL
Lincoln Park
Milwaukee, WI
Updated August 15 at 3:59AM
3 Bedrooms
4750 N Newhall Street
Whitefish Bay
Whitefish Bay, WI
Updated August 22 at 4:07AM
5 Bedrooms
1429 W Atkinson Ave
Arlington Heights
Milwaukee, WI
Updated August 23 at 9:36AM
1 Bedroom
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City Guide
Moving to Glendale

There are nearly 6,000 properties in Glendale, but don't expect to have an easy time finding somewhere perfect for you. Being so close to Milwaukee and with a range of great commercial opportunities in the surrounding areas, Glendale is a highly sought after city along the coast of Lake Michigan. Great demand can make house hunting a challenge, but finding the right place for you is far from impossible.

What's Available?

There is a good proportion of high-rise buildings and apartment blocks in Glendale, so there are quite a few apartments for rent. Studio apartments for rent, however, are rare, so you better have enough money for a one-bedroom place if you're moving on your own. If you're with a partner, this will really help you save on rent. Rental houses are also common, although when you go above three bedrooms you're less likely to find much available, so bear that in mind.

Fight for Your Right to... Live in Glendale

The vacancy rate in Glendale is lower than that of Milwaukee, which creates a high demand for available lodging. Lots of people tend to move out to the suburbs and commute in, so get yourself geared up for a fight. Most properties will be sought after by more than just you, so you need to act fast. Having your references and proof of employment handy will speed up the process, and get your checkbook ready to hand over a hefty deposit once you've found somewhere you like. This is a real-life example of the early bird getting the worm.

How About Working Locally?

Not everyone commutes to Milwaukee, of course. In fact, Glendale itself offers a load of great opportunities for employment, with several business parks and districts offering a good living for those who want to both live and work in the city. If you intend on working locally, you'd better get a job before you move, because it won't help your application for an apartment or house if you can't prove that you'll be getting a paycheck next month! Ideally, you will be able to show at least a month of pay stubs to your potential landlord.

Neighborhoods in Glendale

The city of Glendale only has three neighborhoods, so you're not going to get the abundance of choices you'd get in Milwaukee down the road. In many ways, this makes things easier, and you won't have to spend day after day trawling through information to work out which neighborhood perfectly matches up with your preferred way of life.

City Center: There's a great mix of detached housing and nice apartment buildings here if you're looking for a nice home for rent in Glendale. Many of them are well placed close to Interstate 43 that cuts straight through the city and down into Milwaukee. The education here is great, with several schools and Cardinal Stritch University in the area. Kletzsch Park is a beautiful spot on sunny days, with the Milwaukee River wrapping around it as it meanders up through town.

W Good Hope Rd / N Range Line Rd: North of the city center, here you'll find a world of beautiful green and open spaces. Brown Deer Park is a relaxing spot, as long as you can avoid the golf balls coming at you from the golf course next door. There's another course to the east along the river, Milwaukee Country Club, that attracts all the suits from the city on weekends.

W Silver Spring Dr / N Port Washington Rd: Here you'll find Bayshore Town Center where there's plenty of employment opportunities and shopping to be done. Whitefish Bay is just a stone's throw away, while inching closer to Milwaukee you'll find Lincoln Park Golf Course and several other outdoor recreational areas.

Living in Glendale

Despite being so closely linked to Milwaukee, Glendale certainly has its own character. It's got beautiful houses, a leafy green and open feel, excellent schooling and employment opportunities, and a load of recreational fun to be had during your down time.

We've mentioned the golf, and it's certainly a big part of the local area. There are three courses circling the city, so it's kind of hard to go anywhere without hearing that clean thud as a club hits the ball. Of course, not everyone loves golf, but they don't have to with all the other outdoor activities in the area. Nature trails, wildlife trails, rivers, and the vast expanses of Lake Michigan are all there, just waiting to be explored.

It's a simple and relaxing life in Glendale if you want it to be. You can quite easily live and work here if that's what you want to do, or, if you're not so inclined, you can jump in the car, set off down Interstate 43, and be in Milwaukee before you know it. Transport links up and down the coast are great via road or rail, and you're always just minutes from just about any amenity you might need.

So how about being social? Bars, restaurants, clubs? Well, if what you get in Milwaukee isn't enough, then Glendale has its own little gems. Devon Seafood and Steak, BD's Mongolian Grill, and the Cheesecake Factory are just a few restaurants that run through the main town. And if you're just after a drink following a long day's work, Silver Spring House and Bar Louie might be just what you're looking for. It really is all here, and there are few better places to live, work, and play in the state.