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Harrisonburg, VA 13 Dog Friendly Apartments for Rent

Prices shown are base rent prices and may not include non-optional fees and utilities.
Finding an apartment in Harrisonburg that accepts your pet may not be easy, but it’s very possible. Keep in mind, most of the time you’ll have to pay a premium for bringing ... Read Guide >
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City Guide for Harrisonburg, VA

Welcome to Harrisonburg, a small college-cow-town in West Virginia. Here, you will find some great bargain rentals housed in old brick buildings and plantation-style mansions, as well as some high-dollar downtown lofts and spacious single-family homes with hardwood floors and cozy fireplaces. So, whether you're a hippie, a hillbilly, a hell-betty or a Betty Crocker mom, Harrisonburg has the perfect rental for you.

Outside your door, you will find plenty of those majestic mountains and great outdoors, along with an historic downtown and the occasional sounds of live blues and bluegrass bouncing between local eateries, shops, and watering holes. You will find a lot of college kids and good ol' boys embodying the "live and let live" lifestyle, as well as a number of devout Christian families keeping the town’s moral compass in check. It's a small town with a big, loud, and proud local culture.

Although there are a few typical apartment complexes, most of the rental real estate around here is made up of renovated and repurposed old homes and buildings. You can find these old-town treasures in the forms of duplexes, lofts, townhomes, shared houses, and single-family houses, many of which are available furnished. Shared houses are very popular around James Madison University, where landlords lease by the bedroom, which is a great bargain for students. In these types of rentals, you can expect to pay about $350 for a bedroom and get to enjoy sharing a large kitchen, living area, and yard, among other perks. But, be warned, living in a shared house can be like living in the Real World or some other awful MTV reality show. If you have a group of friends ready to lease, you can often reserve a whole house for the year. Otherwise, be prepared to coexist.

With this unique rental market, you won't always find places with the typical amenities, such as swimming pools and fitness centers, although we do have a few of those complexes in our listings. However, comfort, coziness, and privacy are very common amenities in these old houses, where fireplaces, hardwood floors, and private backyards cost the typical renter less than $800.

Pet-friendly rentals are hit and miss around here. You can find apartments that accept cats, and even large-breed dogs, meanwhile, you can also find houses with nice, big yards that don't allow pets at all. It's a 50/50 shot. So, be sure to check the pet policy before paying for that $30 application fee.

While Harrisonburg is safely nestled away from the high crime of big cities, way out west, over the mountains and through the woods, there is a bit of petty crime around downtown. It's the kind of small town where you and even your kids can walk around safely at night, but don't leave your bicycle unlocked or a big wad of cash in your car's dashboard... that's just asking for it no matter how you slice it. That is the most of your worries around these parts, though. The moral fiber is strong with this town.

Enjoy living in the great Shenandoah Valley, and good luck in your hunt!

-By Katy Comal See more

What to keep in mind when looking for dog friendly apartments in Harrisonburg, VA

Finding an apartment in Harrisonburg that accepts your pet may not be easy, but it’s very possible. Keep in mind, most of the time you’ll have to pay a premium for bringing your dog along in your new apartment. Some apartments require you to pay monthly pet rent, others will ask for a non-refundable pet fee or a refundable pet deposit.

While landlords and property management companies have varying pet policies, most of them limit the number of dogs you can bring to your apartment and include breed and weight restrictions.

If your pet falls under some of the restrictions outlined in the pet policy, it’s still worth asking the landlord if they can make an exception for your dog. Preparing a pet resume ahead of time could help you build the case for your furry friend. Make sure to include information on behavioral training your dog went through over the years and proof of vaccinations. If you can, include references from your former landlord and/or neighbors.