apartments with washer dryer
Last updated March 4 2024 at 3:03 PM

Blacksburg, VA
127 Apartments for Rent with Washer-Dryers

Finding apartments with a washer and dryer in Blacksburg offers more freedom and flexibility to your weekends. Throwing in the laundry before work or a Saturday afternoon bike... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for an apartment with a washer and dryer in Blacksburg?

Rental prices for apartments with a washer and dryer in Blacksburg range from $500 to $3,750 per month.

How many apartments with a washer and dryer are available for rent in Blacksburg?

Currently, there are 76 apartments with a washer and dryer available for rent in Blacksburg.
City Guide for Blacksburg, VA

At a glance, Blacksburg is a small, liberal town situated between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Alleghany Mountains in Virginia’s Montgomery County. The largest town in Virginia, in terms of population, Blacksburg is home to about 42,000 proud residents. It also happens to be home to Virginia Tech. Though most cities tend to get swallowed up by the collegiate atmosphere, Blacksburg perfectly blends a college vibe with a settled community.

Blacksburg is loved for its progressive and cultural community, gorgeous scenery, large art scene, and its prestigious university. It also doesn’t hurt that the cost of living here is relatively low and residents can easily find an inexpensive apartment. They say that in the south, don’t they? Regardless, if you’re looking for an apartment to call home in the ‘burg, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and let our listings guide you to your perfect Blacksburg rental.

Inexpensive apartments in Blacksburg are about as abundant as Hokie fans (that means they are very abundant). One-bedroom apartments range between $500 and $625, while two-bedrooms will usually run you between $570 and $700. Rental options in Blacksburg consist of studios/efficiencies, townhomes, and student apartments that are loaded with amenities such as pools, sun decks, dog parks, tanning beds, and fitness centers. Luxury rentals, on the more upscale end, feature everything from gourmet coffee bars to grottos! Yes, you read that correctly. Grottos. Awesome. Be sure to bring your checkbook or some dough with you when signing a lease, as deposits can be upwards of $200.

One thing to note about Blacksburg apartment rentals is that many are geared toward the Virginia Tech student body and some rental rates can be as low as $460 (or so) for a two-bedroom apartment somewhere off-campus. Four-bedroom apartments with common living areas are also huge in Blacksburg, but are likely to be filled with VT roommates. As a general rule, the “student areas” are around Patrick Henry Dr. and Roanoke Street/Downtown. If keggers and cram sessions aren’t your thing, be sure to always ask whether a community is student based. It’s also important for those not in college that apartments tend to fill up fast as the semester gets closer.

After you’ve found your ideal Blacksburg apartment rental, get out and explore your new neighborhood. Indulge in the unique downtown area, the great shopping and dining, First Fridays, Farmers Markets, local sports, sports bars and the beautiful surroundings in your new backyard. The ‘burg has plenty to offer, so take a gander at the listings. Your beautiful Blacksburg apartment is just waiting. See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with washer-dryers in Blacksburg, VA

Finding apartments with a washer and dryer in Blacksburg offers more freedom and flexibility to your weekends. Throwing in the laundry before work or a Saturday afternoon bike ride and finishing it up later is inconvenient, if not impossible, without your own set-up.

There are a few things to keep in mind while looking for apartments with a washer and dryer in Blacksburg. Ask how old the appliances are before you sign. A washer and dryer over 10-years-old may need to be serviced regularly or have an expired warranty. You should also ask the property management who services the washer and dryer. Some leases stipulate that the landlord will pay for repairs to an essential appliance like oven or refrigerator, but require the tenant to service the washer and dryer.

Finding apartments with a washer and dryer in Blacksburg can go quickly, so come prepared with your bank statements, pay stubs, identification, and letters of recommendation to sign your new lease.