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13 Apartments for rent in Red Bluff, CA

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502 Madison St.#A
502 Madison St, Red Bluff, CA
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
502 Madison St.#A Available 09/20/19 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Duplex - Closely located to shopping and conveniences this is a tidy 2 bedroom 1 bathroom duplex in downtown Red Bluff. This is a small, quiet and quaint duplex.
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1 Unit Available
1725 Scottsdale Wy
1725 Scottsdale Way, Red Bluff, CA
3 Bedrooms
1725 Scottsdale Wy Available 09/01/19 Red Bluff Duplex - Looking for a low maintenance place to call home? This is it, wonderful Red Bluff duplex.
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1 Unit Available
2145 Washington Ave
2145 Washington Avenue, Red Bluff, CA
4 Bedrooms
Great Home - Great family home in desirable neighborhood. Large 4 bedroom with 2 bathrooms and laundry room. Kitchen has tons of storage, garage and extra room for office or play room. Home has yard but non that is fenced.
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1 Unit Available
825 Dumosa Dr
825 Dumosa Drive, Red Bluff, CA
3 Bedrooms
1300 sqft
3 bedroom 1 bath house. All equipped kitchen, gas stove, central heat/air, laundry room with W/D included. Rear yard fenced, converted garage. Approximately 1300 sq.ft.
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1 Unit Available
310 Paskenta Rd
310 Paskenta Road, Red Bluff, CA
3 Bedrooms
1500 sqft
3 bedroom 2 bath house in country setting. Tile in kitchen, open floor plan, electric stove, central heat/air, W/D hookups. 1 car garage, patio area. 1500 sq.ft. Available end of September.
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1 Unit Available
870 Rio St
870 Rio Street, Red Bluff, CA
2 Bedrooms
1400 sqft
2 bedroom 1 bath extra large unit, River frontage. All equipped kitchen, new carpet, W/D included, private screened porch overlooking Sacramento River. Garage. 1400 sq.ft.
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1 Unit Available
505 Brearcliffe Dr
505 Brearcliffe Drive, Red Bluff, CA
3 Bedrooms
1300 sqft
3 bedroom 2 bath house in quiet neighborhood. All equipped kitchen, electric oven, central heat/air, new floors, W/D hookups. 2 car insulated & sheetrocked garage, rear yard fenced. 1200 sq.ft. Available middle of August.
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1 Unit Available
619 Cowles Ave
619 Cowles Avenue, Red Bluff, CA
2 Bedrooms
1000 sqft
2 bedroom 1 bath duplex. All equipped kitchen, gas stove, W/D hookups. 1 car garage, front yard fenced. 1000 sq.ft. Available end of June.
Results within 1 mile of Red Bluff
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1 Unit Available
197 White Rd
197 White Road, Tehama County, CA
960 sqft
960 sq.ft. shop/building on 2.25 acres with tin roof and corner office space. Well water.
Results within 10 miles of Red Bluff
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1 Unit Available
22553 S. Marina Way
22553 S Marina Way, Lake California, CA
3 Bedrooms
1972 sqft
22553 S. Marina Way Available 08/23/19 22553 S. Marina way, Lake California, Cottonwood. - Large home directly off the lake. You will have your own private dock. The house was built right next to the lakeside beach.
City GuideRed Bluff
Many flags have flown over Red Bluff: the metaphorical flags of the native Nomlaki and Yana, the Spanish Flag, the California Republic flag (from the Bear Flag Revolt, when this area was part of a short-lived, little-recognized independent state), and eventually the American flag.

We'll give you three guesses as to the type of topography you'll see in this riverfront town! The iron-rich cliffs provide views of the Sacramento River, which flows from Shasta County north of Red Bluff, all the way down to Suisun Bay in the delta region. Red Bluff is the gateway to Lassen Volcanic National Park and home to one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants. Let the small-town charm and historic roots of the region suck you in and make you a local. This is, as the city sign says, "A Great Place to Live."

Moving to Red Bluff

Red Bluff is a "Victorian City on the river" featuring historic homes with all of the gingerbread architecture you'd expect from the period. Of course, it's not all antique and twee here -- you'll find the modern assortment of apartments for rent as well. Whatever you're looking for, you're probably going to find it if you go prepared with the usual renters' stuff: proof of income, credit history, deposit money -- but you know this. After all, it's not your first rodeo, right? But where do you plunk down that deposit money?

Neighborhoods in Red Bluff

Check out the different areas of Red Bluff below before deciding which place to make your own.

City Center: As in most places, you'll find the greatest variety of housing and easy, walkable life in the city center. One- or two-bedroom apartments are widely available here. Or, if you'd prefer not to share walls with neighbors, two-bedroom homes -- some of them historic and filled with local charm -- are also waiting here. You might even get a view of the rolling Sacramento River. Grab a milkshake at Tremont Cafe and Creamery -- you can thank us later.

South Area: Around Luther Road, south of the city center, you'll find a similar array of options, but with some slightly more recently built rental homes. You'll be further from the downtown action and attractions, but you may decide that's a fair trade for a bit more peace and quiet.

Surrounding Areas: You don't have to go far out of town to be, well, far out of town. There's a lot of rural living to be enjoyed here if you just want to take in the valley winds and circling hawks overhead. Step outside of town (well, drive there), and you'll find houses for rent with ample land.

Living in Red Bluff


The area met its first European settlers in the early 1800s. Red Bluff's first modern structure was an adobe house built by John Myers which served briefly as the lone hotel in the area. By the mid-1800s, Red Bluff, like most of California, benefited from the Gold Rush. It was a "staging town" -- that is to say, there wasn't any gold in the hills, but it was a great jumping-off point to go look for some. A lot of goods passed through the area by boat and wagon and, by 1870, rail as well.

There must be something in the water here, because a lot of sporting types come from Red Bluff. On the gridiron: Chuck Cecil and Gale Gilbert. Taking part in the great American pastime: Jim Davis and Marv Grissom. On the green: Al Geiberger. On the stove top: Michael Chiarello. Okay, he isn't an athlete, but he is a famous chef you might have seen on the Food Network's Next Iron Chef.


As with much of central California, you'll enjoy a Mediterranean climate in Red Bluff, with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Before the weather heats up fully, mark your calendar for the Red Bluff Round Up, one of the largest rodeos in the west with nearly 100 years of history in the city. Once an informal gathering of cattlemen and their hands celebrated with a picnic and rodeo, these days the event spans a week and includes a bowling tournament, field races, dances, a chili cook-off, a parade, and more. It's a massively popular time to visit Red Bluff, filling hotels and restaurants throughout the area.


In the city center you will finding dining options ranging from Firehouse Pizza to Thai House to China Doll Restaurant. If you need a burrito, you can head to La Corona or Burrito Bandito on the north side of town. There's even a cozy diner called, well, Cozy Diner. You'll be able to take care of your shopping at the usual assortment of big-box stores (okay, slightly less of an assortment) as well as at local boutique shops in the City Center like California Kitchen and Co (take a cooking class there, too!). Or pick up a great housewarming gift (yes for yourself, you've earned it) at Village Pottery, and take in the candy colored storefronts as you explore your hometown. What is that sound? Oh that's just the hooves and wagon rumbles of yesteryear in the air.

Things to Do

If you run out of things to do in town, all you need to do is drive about an hour or so in any given direction and take your pick of national forests: Lassen, Shasta, Plumas, Mendocino -- seriously, there's a lot of forest land around. Just short of one of those forests, you can visit Big Bluff Ranch "nestled in the oak woodland savannas of the Coastal Range foothills." Sounds dreamy, right? Big Bluff Ranch is a sustainable ranch outfit focused on holistic land management, which means you can feel really good about eating the steaks that come from grass-fed animals living and roaming free here. In fact, the place runs one of the few meat CSAs -- that stands for community sponsored agriculture -- around. Think of it as a farmers market that delivers to your door. You can even visit, get a tour of the ranch, and stay at a private lake in a cabin. Not that you'll be short on camping options in this region.

In short, if you're looking for modern conveniences in a setting that's reminiscent of bygone days, Red Bluff beckons you.

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