Ten cities out of 100 were given A+ grades by renters for city satisfaction, according to results recently released in Apartment List’s Renter Confidence Survey. The top cities overall were Plano, TX; Boston, MA; and Arlington, VA.

Apartment List’s study evaluates cities nationwide across multiple metrics to determine where renters are most satisfied, as well as what key factors drive satisfaction. For example, renters were asked if they felt the city’s economy was on the right track, how they felt about local crime and safety, or how likely they were to recommend the city to friends and family.

At the bottom of the list were Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; and Bridgeport, CT, which each received F grades for renter city satisfaction. Newark renters gave it a D for schools and F grades for safety and the economy.

For more details, visit our survey page, or look at the full rankings for the 100 cities below.


RankCityCity satisfactionConfidence in the local economyPlans for homeownershipSafety and crime rateAccess to recreational activitiesQuality of schoolsSatisfaction with daily commuteState and local taxes
1Plano, TXA+A+C+A+A+A+B+A+
2Boston, MAA+A+A-A-A+C-A+F
3Arlington, VAA+A+A+A+A+A-A+A-
4Austin, TXA+A-A+A-CB+A-B+
5Torrance, CAA+B+B-AAB+A-B+
6San Francisco, CAA+ABA-A+A-A-F
7Washington, DCA+AAC+ADAC+
8Grand Rapids, MIA+A+AB+C-BC+C-
9Orlando, FLA+B+A-B+BA-B+A+
10Minneapolis, MNA+A+A-AA+AAB
11Irving, TXAA-B+A+AA+A+A+
12Louisville, KYAA-A-A+AA+AA
13Newport News, VAAB+DA+A-BBA+
14Omaha, NEAAFB+BA+C+C+
15Denver, COAA-B+A-AB-B+B
16Salt Lake City, UTAA+C+A+A+A+A+C-
17San Diego, CAABB+AA-B-A-C+
18New York, NYAABAA+C+AD
19Fort Worth, TXAA+A+A+C+A-AA-
20Raleigh, NCABFADAC-C-
21Silver Spring, MDA-A-C+A+AA+A+A-
22Saint Paul, MNA-C+BBC-BCC-
23West Palm Beach, FLA-B+DA+DA+B+A+
24Virginia Beach, VAA-C+B-B+B+B+C+C+
25Arlington, TXA-AAAC+DBA
26Columbus, OHA-AABC-C-A+A
28Charlotte, NCA-BC-BDC+C-D
29Sacramento, CAA-A-DA-A-AB+B
30San Antonio, TXA-B+A+A-B+BA-A
31Pittsburgh, PAB+C+C-AA+FC-B+
32Atlanta, GAB+B-B+A-C+BB-B+
33Englewood, COB+A-C+A-BA+AD
34Richmond, VAB+B-BB-AC-BB-
35Alexandria, VAB+B+DAA-BAC-
36Brooklyn, NYB+CBC-A-C-BC
37Chicago, ILB+C-BC-BC-C+D
38San Jose, CAB+A-C-BA-DCF
39Albany, NYB+C+C-B-ADC+F
40Brockton, MAB+BBC+AA+B+A+
41Hollywood, FLB+BA+BB-AAA+
42Jacksonville, FLB+C-CC-A-BA-A-
43Phoenix, AZB+DFC+DA-DB+
44Portland, ORB+CDA-C+B+CB+
45Renton, WAB+C-C+BAC-FC-
46Seattle, WAB+ADBAFB+B
47Cleveland, OHBC-CA-C+BB+A-
48Los Angeles, CABDA-C-BFB+D
49Lansing, MIBBFBDAA-D
50Saint Louis, MOBC+FC+BB-AA-
51Memphis, TNB-DAB-B+ABA-
52Nashville, TNB-C-BB+A+C-BB-
53New Orleans, LAB-B+A-C-BA-BA
54Evanston, ILB-DB+DAA-A+F
55Providence, RIB-A+B-B+B+BA+C-
56Indianapolis, INC+C+C-CBA-C+B
57Tampa, FLC+BC-C+C+C+A-A
58Hyattsville, MDC+DB+BBAAA+
59Buffalo, NYC+BC+DA-DFC
60Colorado Springs, COC+CA-CC+C+FC-
61Anaheim, CAC+C-B+DDA-C+F
62Arvada, COC+A+BA-C+C-C-A
63Hayward, CAC+A-FB-B+B+C+F
64Las Vegas, NVC+BCFDC+DA
65Kansas City, MOC+CB-C-FDA-B+
66Santa Rosa, CACA+ACB+AC+C-
66Vallejo, CACC+B+DFC+C-A-
68Marietta, GACB+A+ACB+DB-
69Greensboro, NCCB+AAA+B+A+A-
70Long Beach, CACC-C+C+C+C+C-C-
71Milwaukee, WIC-FC-C+DC+CC-
72Cincinnati, OHC-B+C+B+B+A-CA+
73Fresno, CAC-C+ADC-A+FC+
74Albuquerque, NMC-C-FDFC-FC+
75Dallas, TXC-BC-C-CB-C+A-
76Rochester, NYC-C+A+FBFBC
77Oakland, CAC-A-BFDC-FD
78Tucson, AZC-FFDC-CBC
79Jersey City, NJC-DDC-C+FA+A-
80Philadelphia, PAC-DA-C-B-FBC+
81Tacoma, WADDB+DC-BDF
82Miami, FLDDC+C+CB+C+A+
83Aurora, CODBCC+B-CC-B
84Houston, TXDAA-C-C-C+BB+
85Toledo, OHDFFAFC+DB-
86Fort Lauderdale, FLDCAC+FCDC+
87Durham, NCDC-A+A-C-AAB+
88Modesto, CADBDCFA-FB
89Baltimore, MDDFC-DBCB+B-
90Yonkers, NYDDC+FCC-B+F
91Joliet, ILFAA+FC+FFC+
92Saint Petersburg, FLFC+B+CB+C-A-B+
93Detroit, MIFC-BDFC-DD
95Columbia, SCFBA+CBC-A+A+
96San Bernardino, CAFFC-FDFFD
97Hartford, CTFFAFC-FDF
98Bridgeport, CTFFFFFFC-F
99New Haven, CTFFDBB+CA-D
100Newark, NJFFDFC-DC-B surveyed 18,675 renters across the United States.  The survey asked questions about renter plans for homeownership and satisfaction with cities such as:Survey Methodology

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend your current city or neighborhood to a friend or family member, with 1 being extremely unlikely and 10 being extremely likely?
  • In the future, which of the following is closest to your plans?  [I expect to always rent. / I plan to eventually buy a house or apartment. / I’m unsure.]
  • Do you feel that your local economy is on the right track?

Apartment List then evaluated cities and states against one another along multiple metrics.  A detailed report explaining the survey’s methodology is available here.

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