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30 Small Apartment Storage Ideas & Hacks

By: Susan Finch
August 18, 2020

Living in a small space comes with its advantages. It's easy to tidy up and get out to explore your city. However, the limited space also means you have few options for where to store your things.

The good news is, we’ve got plenty of small apartment storage ideas and tips to choose from.

1. Maximize Your Closet Space

Some of the best small apartment storage ideas are all about maximizing your closet space. Clean out your closet, declutter, and install extra shelving.

Adding more box organizers can also help you make the most of your closet. That’ll keep your wardrobe tidy year-round.

2. Add Floating Shelves and Hooks

Whether it's for storage or decor, floating shelves and hooks are innovative ways to add more storage. Load up your picture frames, books, and keepsakes on the shelves.

Hooks are ideal for hanging up umbrellas and scarves. You can also make it colorful by adding a splash of color with gold, silver, or vibrant hooks and shelving.

3. Think Storage-Focused Furniture

Your living room furniture can do more than just provide a comfortable place to sit or prop up your feet. Look for coffee tables with drawers to hold your magazines and mail.

Storage ottomans are also perfect for blankets and extra pillows. They can also serve as a repurposed place to tuck away your books.

Get more small living room ideas here.

4. Put Away Out-of-Season Clothes

There's no need to hang those oversized puffer jackets and coats in your closet during the summer months. Invest in boxes, bins, or large vacuum-seal bags. That way, you can store winter clothes under the bed and out of the way.

5. Hang Your Pots and Pans

Are you limited on kitchen cabinet space? Pots and pans take up precious room. Try hanging them for easy access and a trendy look.

While you're at it, you can also hang up your kitchen tools like spatulas and whisks on a pegboard. That’ll free up more drawer space.

6. Install More Shoe Storage Racks

Shoe aficionados can be in for major challenges in a small apartment. Invest in storage racks to make shoe storage simple. And if you have several pairs of boots, you can hang them up with hangers and clips right in your closet.

7. Hang Up Some Door Organizers

Door organizers go above and beyond hanging shoes and coats. Add organizers on the closet, bathroom, and bedroom doors. That way, you can neatly hang your towels, scarves, hats, and sweaters.

You can even hang up your phone cords and necklaces to keep small items tangle-free.

8. Use Small End Tables

End tables with storage take up little space. They can be a great place to stash smaller items.

They also help create a cozy reading area. Pair with a cushioned, folding chair that tucks away when you're done.

9. Hide Your Desk

Working from home usually requires a desk. However, that doesn't mean it needs to take up space all day.

Install a desktop that folds down from the wall for work and tucks away in the evening. You can even use it as a dining area and skip the kitchen table altogether.

10. Display Glassware and Dishes

Apartment cabinets can only go so far to hold everything in your kitchen. Add shelves and storage for your dishes and glassware to clear up cabinet space in your kitchen.

11. Stack Vintage Suitcases

You can skip the night stand altogether and get creative instead. Stack up old, vintage suitcases and store away out-of-season clothes. Situate your alarm clock and a reading light on top for a trend-setting look.

12. Use a Multi-Purpose Dinner Table

Do you really need a dinner table, coffee table, and workstation in your small apartment? Try a multi-purpose dinner table, like an oversized coffee table.

Add cushions to eat in style, or clear away the dishes to get started on a project or game night with friends.

13. Hang a Cork Wall

A cork wall or panel transforms your junk drawer into an organized masterpiece. Hang up mail that you need to sort, necklaces, ties, or photos to save valuable space.

14. Add Risers to Your Bed Frame

You don't need to buy a whole new bed frame to get more storage under your bed. Look for risers to create more space to slide under boxes and bins.

15. Use Drawer Organizers

Cluttered drawers are hard to manage or find anything in. Invest in drawer organizers in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to keep things tidy. Without the need to search for your keys and everything else in your drawers, you'll also save yourself tons of time.

16. Grab Some Baskets

Oversized baskets are a stylish way to create more storage in every room in your apartment. Look for your favorite colors in wicker, wood, or fabric varieties. Top them with a throw blanket to hide any clutter. You can even add them to your bathroom to store towels and robes.

17. Get Creative with Clear Caddies

Clear, plastic caddies on your bathroom wall can replace overstuffed medicine cabinets. Use them to stash away your medicine, nail polish, and small items. That’ll free up more room.

18. Circular Shelves

If you're tired of shelving and bookcases, mix things up with circular shelves. Add mail, display your decorations, and organize magazines to clear off your valuable drawer and table space.

19. Storage-friendly Bed Frames

Your bed frame takes up so much real estate in your apartment that you might as well put it to work. Invest in a bed frame where the mattress raises up to tuck away boxes and storage bins, or one that comes with pre-installed drawes. The best part is, the stuff you’re storing is never far from reach.

20. Hang Up Your Lights

You can eliminate the need for nightstands and tables by hanging up your lights. Faux chandeliers are a fun and stylish way to illuminate every room in your apartment. They also free up floor and table space.

21. Loft Your Bed

Loft beds aren't just for college dorms anymore. Modern, trendy lofts get your mattress off the floor and leave room for a workstation underneath. Look for lofts that include built-in shelving for even more storage.

22. Use a Digital Projector

In a small apartment, every inch of your wall space counts. Instead of hanging your television up on the wall, use a digital projector on a blank wall or portable screen to stream favorite shows and movies. Your new setup will also be a fun way to spend a movie night with roommates or friends.

23. Reimagine Your Fireplace

Whether your apartment fireplace actually works or is just for show, you can reimagine it as a storage space. Repurpose your fireplace into a bookcase as a unique way to show off your collection.

You can also display photographs or fill it with candles. That’ll create more ambiance in your apartment without taking up space.

24. Use Kitchen Folding Chairs

Keep kitchen chairs out of the way and look for colorful folding options instead. You can even find hanging chairs with padded seats for a high-end touch.

When you're done with dinner, hang them up on hooks. You can also tuck them away behind the table to free up more space.

25. Set Up a Moving Bar

You don’t have to give up a home bar just because you live in a small apartment. A rolling bar cart or tray table sets you up for an evening of cocktails. Portable bars are also perfect for small patio spaces that need some imagination.

26. Repurpose a Windowsill as a Night Stand

Studio apartment layouts leave little room for nightstands and tables. Situate your bed near a window and use the windowsill as a tidy nightstand. Add a clip-on light to illuminate your room and prop your book upright before calling it a night.

27. Clip on an Armchair Table

Small rooms still need a surface to put down a drink, book, or smartphone. An armchair table clips right onto your chair. It can come on and off whenever you need more elbow room. You can even find one to match your favorite colors or wood grain to complement your furniture.

28. Grab More Trays

Small apartments don't even need tables as long as you have some trays on hand. Grab an ottoman and add a tray to transform it into a coffee table instantly.

You can also use a tray on a couch or bed. That’ll create a quick tabletop for a wine night with movies.

29. Create a Utility Closet

You don't need an entire closet dedicated to brooms, mops, and supplies. You just need a door. Hang up a horizontal coat rack and hang up your gear for a convenient way to keep your space tidy.

30. Add a Wall Planter

Have a green thumb but no room to indulge in your hobby? A wall planter hangs up your favorite plants and greens to transform your kitchen into a nature display.

Stock up on your favorite herbs and free up more room in your fridge to save space like a pro.

Living in a small apartment doesn't have to mean living small. Dive into our small apartment storage ideas and create more space in your life.

Need a new apartment? Apartment List can help you find a studio, one-bedroom, or any size and neighborhood to fit your lifestyle. Just get started with the quiz above!

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