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15 Shoe Storage and Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

May 1, 2020

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Living in an apartment can come with many untold perks. Those can include updated amenities, swimming pools, and city views. However, living in a small apartment and managing an impressive shoe collection usually don’t go hand in hand. 

Fortunately, there are at least 16 different ways to make shoe storage fun, easy, and functional without compromising on your favorite look. 

1. Use Under-the-Bed Storage Organizers on the Sly

Make your shoe storage ideas all about being stealth and tucking them away sight unseen.

These shoe storage compartments house up to 24 pairs of shoes. They allow you to see exactly what you want to wear before opening them up to rummage inside. 

2. Rethink Hallway Furniture

Let your hallway inspire your shoe organization ideas with furniture that serves multiple purposes in a small amount of space.

A vintage trunk or accent bench offers a place to sit while storing shoes inside. You can also add a shelf above a horizontal coat rack to tuck away your shoes after a long day. 

3. Hang Organizers for the Doors

Some of the very best shoe storage ideas out there take up virtually no space.

Just hang an organizer over your bedroom, closet, or bathroom doors. That’ll get shoes off the ground and easy to find. 

4. Hang Organizers for Your Closets

If you have some closet space in your apartment, try a hanging shoe shelf closet organizer. That can tidy up 30 pairs of shoes without the floor space.

You may have to do some brainstorming for your shoe storage ideas if you love this look like your bathroom linen closet. 

5. Stack Up Some Cube Organizers

Cube organizers make for festive shoe storage by stacking and decorating them just the way you want.

Use them only for shoes, or leave all your footwear in the bottom. Then, you can add your favorite home decor in the top organizers as a display area. Win win!

6. Go Vertical with Shoe Trees

Go vertical with your shoe storage ideas with a shoe tree with a spinning handle. This multi-tier rack gets shoes off the ground and revolves for easy access to all your favorite pairs.

7. Look to Higher Ground

Who says your shoes need to be on the ground or neatly stacked?

Repurpose a pegboard basket to hang your shoes and easily move around to prioritize your favorite looks.

8. Rethink Storage Ladders

We absolutely love leaning storage ladders as statement pieces to showcase books and decor. So, why not for shoes?

Add one to an empty area near your front door, bedroom, or closet to stack up your shoes in style.

9. Save Space with Shoe Stackers

You'll need some space for these innovative shoe rack stackers. But they’re a fun and stylish way to store your shoes.

And when you double up one shoe on top of the other, you have more room for new pairs!

10. Get Clever with Your Stairs

Baskets are an easy way to organize shoes. However, they don't save much room in your apartment. Instead, reach for these wicker stair baskets.

They can turn your townhouse or multi-floor apartment stairs into a convenient shoe storage area. They can also rest on a bookcase or table if you don’t have stairs to spare.

11. Hang Your Boots

Go ahead and hang up your boots and shoes when you slide off your jacket.

These laundry hook boot clips are portable. They can roam between any closet in your apartment.

12. Add Some Crown Molding

Give your shoe storage ideas a classic touch with some crown molding. Add some floating wall mounted shelves or decorative molding to your apartment and stack your shoes or hang those high heels. 

13. Repurpose Decorative Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases look trendy and stylish while holding secret shoe storage inside. Dedicate one suitcase per season of use and start organizing your shoes. 

14. Add a Shoe Rack to Your Bedroom

There's no rule that says your shoe organizer ideas should stay hidden away. Keep your shoe storage front and center with a shoe rack for your bedroom. Pick and choose your size and push it against a wall when not in use. 

15. Rack for Tall Boots

Remember that tall boots need their own brilliant shoe organizer ideas to keep your footwear looking brand-new. Invest in a tall boot rack with multiple hangers to clip together and hang so they're ready and waiting for the next use.

There’s no reason to compromise your shoe collection for apartment space. Focus on the space you do have. Then, get innovative with the best shoe storage ideas to keep your footwear collection intact.

By: Susan Finch
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