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13 Studio Apartment Layout Ideas to Maximize your Space

By: Susan Finch
April 27, 2020

Studio apartment layout ideas may seem hard to come by. However, these pint-sized apartments offer tons of benefits over a traditional multi-room apartment. 

Studio apartment rents are cheaper and give you more room in your budget to live in your dream neighborhood. There's also less to decorate and clean in a small space, not to mention lower utilities. 

There are some downsides to living in a studio apartment, like confining space and inflexible layout. However, with the right strategy and mindset in place, you can experiment with the best studio apartment layout ideas to create a dynamic, functional space. 

1. Define Each Functional Area

The first step to tackling your studio apartment layout is figuring out all of its functionality and purpose. Despite the small space, your studio has untold potential with nooks, crannies, and areas that hold functionality and purpose. Spend some time jotting down ideas for each area to start brainstorming.

2. Add Double-Duty Furniture

Apartment maximizers know that furniture playing double duty is a gamechanger for your studio. Your bed can double as a sofa, especially if you invest in a daybed that’s intended to function as both. 

Traditional beds can also serve as storage space with a bedframe outfitted with drawers and shelves. 

Versatile furniture can also transform your room to serve more than one purpose. Low seating around a large coffee table instantly doubles as a dining area for you and your friends. 

3. Invest in Built-In, Structural Furniture 

Create more space and efficiency in even the smallest spaces by maximizing your storage area. Floating shelves and built-in, structural furniture gives you room to roam without clutter taking up every countertop and floor space. 

A decorative room divider, bookshelf, or modular storage area can also divide up your room and create the appearance of a one-bedroom apartment. Create the impression of a multi-room apartment with the storage and dividers you already have.

4. Divide Up Your Space with Curtains

Dividers create more dimension and keep your studio layout flowing. Invest in some gorgeous, airy curtains that create different areas in your studio apartment. 

Whether you hang them across your kitchen nook or divide your living area from your bedroom, curtains are easy to hang and move around your studio to create the layout you want.

5. Utilize Your Entryway

Every inch of space counts when you live in a studio apartment. Utilize your entryway as a place for storage or display furniture that serves multiple purposes. 

A small trunk can serve as show storage and a place to sit. Double up the side table as a small bookshelf. That can also be an area to place flowers, keys, and a basket for your mail.

6. Low Ceilings? Create Visual Height 

Studio apartments with low ceilings can still mimic the feeling of visual height. The right furniture doesn't take up much vertical space and can make your apartment feel bigger. Next, hang a curtain high above a short window to mimic the look of oversized windows.  You can also draw eyes upwards by adding hanging decor on the walls and ceilings.

7. Reinvent Your Closet Space

Your closet is full of potential to reinvent your space. Use organizers to keep your clothes and shoes tidy or get creative. 

Move your wrinkle-free clothes to storage containers under your bed or old vintage suitcases and reinvent your closet space. 

Add a small desk inside the closet with photos and keepsakes on repurposed shelves. A folding chair can easily tuck away. A rolling clothing rack can hide away behind a room divider.

8. Limit the Color Scheme

Too many color schemes can make your space feel overcrowded. If your landlord allows you to paint your studio, opt for a simple color scheme like off-white, blue, and green to make your space look larger than life. Once your walls are the perfect color, design your furniture and accessories around a minimalist color scheme.

9. Maximize Your Light

Natural light reigns in studio apartments. So, change out those heavy drapes and window coverings to maximize your lighting. 

If you don't have much natural light, try adding hanging crystals near the window to scatter the light around your studio apartment. Adding soft lighting in dark corners can also help brighten up your small space. 

10. Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors mimic the look and feel of a window with the right placement. Add them directly across from your windows or as close as possible to capture the natural light. Placing mirrors in areas with no windows can also create the illusion of a window. 

11. Use Transparent Furniture Accents

Heavy, wooden furniture may look upscale. However, it can keep your studio feeling dark. 

Instead, opt for transparent, clear furniture. That’ll make your space feel larger than life. It's also a fun and trendy way to decorate that is versatile to your favorite color scheme. Small transparent accents like the desk chair above can make a big difference.

12. Get Creative with Corners

Corners are prime real estate in your studio apartment. Add corner shelving to create a small bar area or wine shelf. 

You can even ask a local carpenter to custom-build a padded seat that fits perfectly in your corner. That’ll create a cozy reading nook.

13. Transform Your Studio into a Boutique Hotel

Embrace your studio apartment as if it were a luxury boutique hotel. Add high-quality bedding and invest in minimalist, high-end furniture that's as functional as it is gorgeous.

A fanatic piece of artwork, a fluffy rug, and luxurious touches like gold frames and a soft color scheme makes your studio feel like a curated masterpiece.

Final Thoughts

There's no need to settle for static studio apartment layout ideas just to land in your favorite neighborhood. Embrace small living as an opportunity to transform your studio into a creative, multifunctional space designed to impress.

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Susan Finch is a freelance writer and content manager focusing on local experiences, travel, and anything relating to really good food and craft brews. Her work has appeared in travel guidebooks and national magazines and newspapers. Read More
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