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10 Places Offering Free Furniture Donation Pick Up

March 25, 2021

A new apartment brings new furniture and a time to reflect on what you need and can do without. After all, who needs two couches and five armchairs when moving in with a roommate? 

Instead of trying to push your stuff to the curb for bulk garbage day, donate furniture for free to some worthy charities. 

Here’s where to give back to those in need while getting rid of your furniture at the same time.

Charities that Pick Up Furniture Donations for Free


Donate to worthy veteran-focused charities through the help of AMVETS. The organization needs: 

  • small furniture
  • electronics like flat-screen TVs and computers
  • kitchen supplies
  • lamps
  • toys
  • games
  • homeware items like curtains
  • bikes
  • books
  • seasonal items 

AMVETS will even come and pick up your exercise equipment. 

AMVET requires donations to be 5 years old or less. They’re open to accepting other items that are not on their list.

Currently, AMVET only offers furniture donation pick up in California, parts of Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, and Texas. Send an email or your phone number through the AMVET site to schedule a furniture donation pick up between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

2. The Arc

Help support the largest organization devoted to helping those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The Arc helps ensure those with disabilities receive services and programs they need by working with local and national governments. 

Arc currently accepts clothing, small furniture, and household items. 

Check your local Arc chapter online to discuss items and donate furniture. You can schedule a pick up for free between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

3. Donation Town

Not sure where to donate? Donation Town connects people who wish to donate furniture, clothing, and other items with charities that will pick up items for free. Just enter your ZIP code and choose from a list of charities. 

Donation Town is also ideal if you’re looking for a hyper-local charity that accepts furniture donation pick ups.

4. Goodwill

Donate to a good cause that helps get your community on their feet and into the job market. Goodwill helps support community programs like job training and placement, classes for people with disabilities, and those challenged with traditional employment.

Goodwill usually prefers items that people donate in person. However, some chapters will pick up large items like furniture. 

Most locations will not accept:

  • large appliances
  • broken electronics 
  • torn and stained furniture 
  • car parts
  • paint or chemicals
  • mattresses
  • encyclopedias 

Find a local Goodwill pick up online to discuss your items and schedule a pick up. Goodwill’s furniture donation pick up hours vary depending on your location.

5. GreenDrop

Give back to your favorite charities like the American Red Cross, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the National Federation of the Blind through Green Drop. 

The organization picks up donated furniture, household items, and clothing later sold through thrift operators. Proceeds go to support programs and charities to help those in need. 

Green Drop has a more specific list of acceptable and unacceptable items than most. They accept: 

  • small furniture
  • electronics
  • sporting goods
  • kitchenware
  • decorations
  • appliances
  • clothing
  • items that are less than 50 pounds

You can find a full list of acceptable donations here.  

Green Drop cannot accept large appliances such as: 

  • dishwashers
  • computer monitors 
  • old tube TVs
  • particleboard
  • heavy or oversized furniture
  • wicker furniture
  • grills
  • carpets
  • wheelchairs 
  • hangers
  • lawnmowers 
  • beds
  • baby items
  • other items 

Here’s a list of their unacceptable donation items

Green Drop accepts in-person donations. You can also schedule a furniture donation pick up through their website. Pick up hours vary depending on your location.

6. Habitat for Humanity

Help give the world a decent place to live with the global nonprofit Habitat for Humanity. Most local Habitat ReStores offer pick ups of furniture donations, appliances, building materials, and other items. 

Acceptable items include: 

  • sofas
  • chairs 
  • tables 
  • dressers 
  • bed frames 
  • tables
  • entertainment centers 
  • bookshelves
  • more items that are free of tears, stains, or pet damage

If your landlord or property managers are renovating your apartment or building, let them know Habitat for Humanity will even pick up things like sinks and doorknobs. 

You can find a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area. You can also schedule furniture pick ups online. Furniture donation pick up hours vary depending on your Humanity ReStore location.

7. Housing Works

Support the fight to end AIDS and homelessness with the help of Housing Works. Housing Works eagerly accepts furniture in excellent condition, including: 

  • clothing 
  • accessories 
  • antiques
  • art
  • decorations 
  • housewares 
  • jewelry
  • lighting
  • clean rugs
  • books
  • and more 

Housing Works’ standards are pretty high. They will not accept: 

  • broken or stained furniture
  • office furniture
  • mattresses
  • glass-top dining tables
  • most IKEA furniture
  • electronics older than two years 
  • used or large appliances
  • medical equipment

You can schedule a furniture donation pick up online for service between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

8. The National Furniture Bank Association

Help support vulnerable families trying to get back on their feet. Most Furniture Bank clients are moving out of homeless shelters. 

They desperately need furniture ranging from beds to tables and couches. It’s a meaningful way to help them find more comfort and dignity in their day. 

Connect with your closest furniture bank online to donate a furniture pick up free. Furniture donation pick up hours vary depending on your location.

9. Salvation Army

Help the Salvation Army aid disaster survivors, provide shelter, cure hunger, support the LGBTQ community, and help those who are addicted and living in poverty. 

The Salvation Army is the place to turn if you have large items and a variety of things that you can’t place otherwise. Donate your furniture, appliances, clothing, household items, and even used vehicles to help those in need. 

Schedule a Salvation Army pick up online or call 1-800-SA-TRUCK. Salvation Army pick up hours are typically 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, they can vary depending on the location.

10. Pick Up Please

Pick Up Please is a donation service program ran by the Vietnam Veteran of America. The VVA helps veterans access the health care and treatment options they deserve, and donations help generate funds. The Vietnam Veterans of America accept: 

  • clothing of all types and sizes
  • stereos
  • books
  • toys
  • bikes
  • kitchenware
  • small furniture and rugs 
  • small appliances
  • tools
  • jewelry
  • cosmetics 
  • baby items
  • and more 

The organization requests that furniture be lightweight and suitable for one person to carry. Schedule a furniture donation pick up for Vietnam Veterans of America online for the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Furniture Donation Pick Up Tips

Once you’ve identified your favorite charity that accepts your furniture, it’s time to schedule a donate furniture pick up for free. Here are some tips to consider.

1. Coordinate with Your Landlord or Neighbors

Many organizations don’t require that you be home. However, that can vary depending on the location and size of your item. 

It’s important to ask your landlord if you’re permitted to leave any items outside of your apartment complex. That’s especially the case if you live in a large building. 

Chances are, you’ll need to be home for a furniture pick up. However, you can coordinate with neighbors if you’re not available. 

2. Donate Quality Furniture

Donated furniture typically needs to be in decent shape. It’ll need to be free of stains, rips, and other damage. It’s wise to let the charity know about the condition of your furniture donation before they come. That way, you can make sure it’s acceptable.

3. Write Off Your Furniture Donation

You can write off a furniture donation on your taxes. Ask the charity about a tax receipt or other paperwork to use for tax time. That can help you to keep more money in your pocket.

4. Give Stuff Away For Free

Still can’t find a charity that will accept your furniture donation? Try a site like Freecycle

This grassroots nonprofit helps people give away their stuff for free to help divert reusable goods from landfills. Freecycle is also a fantastic way to declutter your apartment and give away stuff charities won’t typically take. That includes items ranging from compost to fabric scraps.

5. Pay it Forward

When you schedule a furniture donation pick up, everyone wins. The cherry on top is that your apartment will feel neat and clutter-free!

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