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3 Places to Rent Furniture for Your Apartment

February 2, 2019

For some renters, purchasing an apartment’s worth of furniture is not an economically sound decision. Perhaps you move frequently and don’t want to lug tons of furniture around the country with you. Or maybe you are living in a semi-temporary home and don’t want to spend money on a new couch when you have no idea if it will fit in your next place. Whatever the reason for not wanting to purchase your furniture, we have good news for you: rent furniture. Renting furniture is a great option, and we have three companies worth checking out for leasing your next couch or bed frame.


Image via Feather

With Feather you can subscribe to furniture for “as long as you want or need it," according to the company. Whether you want to rent a single piece of furniture or a full set for a room, Feather has great options. The length of your subscription is flexible, and can be anywhere between three to twelve months long. At the end of your plan, you can choose one of four options: renew, buy, swap, or return. Let’s say you really like a chair, and you know you want to keep it for longer than a year. You can renew the same item after a twelve-month period, and will receive a 15% discount! If you love the piece of furniture and know you want it permanently, instead of renewing you can simply buy the piece.

However, if you are ready for a change, you can also swap out your furniture at the end of the subscription for something new. The exchange process won’t cost you extra. Finally, if you are done renting from Feather, you can return everything at the end of the subscription and Feather will come and pick all the pieces you’ve rented up from your apartment. Currently, Feather only services the New York City and San Francisco Bay areas, so look out for them if you are in one of those two cities.


Image via Cort.

Cort is a furniture rental company with a large presence on the East Coast and a few locations scattered around the rest of the country. The company has showrooms, which can help you decide between the turquoise couch and the yellow chair for that emerald bedroom of yours. The website also has special offers for students and military members, with 3 room packages starting at $99 a month. Don’t let spatial limitations or frequent relocations stifle your creativity! As a side-note: you can even rent full room sets for events, as Cort also caters to stagers.


Image via Brook.

Brook Furniture Rental is a great service to use if you’re trying to rent furniture for your home or office. Its showrooms are primarily located along the West and East US coasts and surrounding areas. The company offers onsite consultations, so if you’re unsure about what furniture will work with your space Brook has you covered. Brook’s trained sales associates can help you plan the layout of your apartment, or if you need to stage a home or office can offer guidance along with staging furniture!

Renting furniture can have many perks. Moving is simpler when you don’t have to worry about packing up or selling a bunch of bulky furniture. You can test out your decorating skills without having to purchase expensive pieces. You can still live in a well furnished, stylish home even if you know your residence there is temporary.

If none of the three companies listed above operate in your area, you could still be in luck. Try searching for a local furniture rental company that serves your area, as there are many smaller mom-and-pop shops that will allow you to rent their items.

Have you ever used a furniture rental company? Know of a good one you can’t live without? Share your findings by tagging us @ApartmentList on Twitter or Instagram.

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