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Apartments with EV Chargers: What Are They & How to Find Them

June 1, 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) can help you save money on fuel, reduce your impact on the environment, and join a growing community of like-minded drivers.

Of course, figuring out what kind of electric car to buy is the least of your research. You'll also need to figure out where to live. Learn more about what apartments with EV chargers are and how to find them.

What are Apartments with EV Chargers?

Electric vehicle chargers, or EV chargers, are dedicated stations to keep your car up and running. EV chargers can be found in public parking garages, hotels, and big-box retailer parking lots. But if you want to buy or lease an electric vehicle, you'll need to rent an apartment with an EV on-site.

You’ll often find EV charging stations in new apartment complexes. Some landlords also renovate their property to compete with surrounding complexes and add EV-friendly amenities. But not all landlords will do it, even if you offer to pay for it. In addition, there may be issues with upgrading and protecting their electrical outlets to accommodate EV chargers.

Pros of Apartments with EV Chargers

If you own an electric vehicle, you'll know the joys and challenges of navigating an apartment living with one. Here's what to know about the pros and cons before you move.

Easy Access

EV chargers are easy to use, especially on-site at your apartment complex. You just need to park in a dedicated space, plugin, and let your car charge.

May Come with No Additional Costs

Some apartment buildings come with free EV charging stations. As a result, there's no cost to plug in, which reduces your transportation costs and leaves more room in your budget.

You Don't Have to Worry About Charging

EV charging stations are becoming more mainstream but aren't always easy to find when needed. Having an on-site charging station in your apartment building is a huge win and makes it convenient and worry-free.

Enjoy Modern Amenities

Although there are exceptions, most apartments with EV chargers will have other modern amenities too. You're more likely to find everything you want, from rooftop terraces to an on-site gym, if EV chargers are on-site.

Cons of Apartments with EV Chargers

Now that you know the perks of apartments with EV chargers, consider the cons before signing your next lease.

Limited Stations

Not all apartment buildings are adopting the EV lifestyle as quickly as drivers want. As a result, you may not find many complexes with this amenity.

Once you find an apartment with EV chargers, you'll probably discover the stations are limited. There may only be a few in the complex, even if there are hundreds of units. As a result, you may have to wait or work out a schedule to keep charged up.

May Incur Additional Costs

EV chargers aren't always accessible. As a result, you may incur an additional cost, either in your lease or as an additional fee. The prices may still be less than traditional fuel, but you need to make sure you understand the potential expenses.

Might Have Slower Charging

Apartment buildings with EV chargers attract a broader range of renters, though it doesn't mean the EV chargers are up to date or top of the line. You may find the charging stations are slow and cumbersome. If several residents need to charge their cars, you'll likely have a long wait for everyone to finish.

Lease Terms About Charging May Look Murky

If your landlord is new to EV renting, they may not have a firm policy on what happens if the charging stations break. Are they required to fix it? Before you sign a lease, ask what happens if more tenants move in with EVs, if the charging stations need servicing, and if there will ever be additional costs to use the chargers.

How to Find Apartments with EV Chargers

If you've decided renting an apartment with an EV charger is right for you, the next step is figuring out how to find a place to live. Here's how to get started.

1. Start Your Search Early

If you want an EV charging station, staying proactive and starting your apartment search early is necessary. Unfortunately, the inventory for apartments with EV charging stations is limited, and even in a down rental market, you'll still have competition.

Calling around apartment complexes and asking about EV charges could also prove beneficial. But, again, you need to start your search early so the property managers can keep in touch with you or add your name to a waitlist.

2. Be Ready to Strike Fast

You probably won't have much time to mull over an available apartment if you're specifically looking for EV charging. So be ready to sign your lease if you find the right place for you by bringing along the proper forms, proof of employment, ID, bank statement, and references.

If you have flexibility in your apartment hunt, try looking for a new place during the slow season. Spring and summer are usually the most competitive times to find a new apartment. The winter season is generally quieter, with cheaper rents and fewer people looking to sign a new lease.

3. Know Where to Look

Knowing where to look for an apartment with EV chargers is helpful. If you live in an urban area, new or upscale apartment buildings are more likely to have EV chargers than others.

You can also find enthusiastic EV drivers in your area. Ask around on local communities on Reddit or Facebook for electric vehicle owners who are in the know.

4. Keep an Eye on New Construction

More apartment complexes are introducing EV chargers as a perk for renters and to meet the demand for more sustainable, green living. If you have flexibility in your apartment search, keep an eye out for new construction and renovations in your area. Then, contact the property manager to ask about signing a lease to get in early on the grand opening.

5. Be On the Lookout for Rental Scams

Despite all the perks of apartment buildings with incredible amenities like EV chargers, they also come with a darker side. Rental scams are common with desirable apartments. Be on the lookout for deals that are too good to be true, requiring money down before signing a lease, or getting charged a fee to tour the apartment.

Learn more about what types of rental scams to look out for here.

Using Apartment List to Help You Find the Perfect Apartment

Whether you're looking for an apartment with EV chargers or loaded with amenities, it's vital to find the perfect place. Use Apartment List's filters to narrow down your results and only see the units you want. Ready to start your apartment hunt? Sign-up for Apartment List now.

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