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How to Elevate Your Space with Decor

By: Susan Finch
October 6, 2020

It's no secret that decor has the power to bring a new mood and perhaps even new life to your home. The decor you choose can elevate your space in various ways. It depends on the color palette, art medium, and artists you select for your apartment.

Take a cue from your closet to rethink your apartment's decor. Similar to your wardrobe, your apartment's decor and art collection should be continually evaluated and refreshed.

We all have our favorite go-to pieces. However,when it comes to the trendy focal points, your apartment’s artwork should ebb and flow with the seasons.

Give your apartment the decor uplift it deserves with an artistic approach. At the end of the day, how you decorate your home is an expression of your identity. Here's how to get started.

Get Colorful with Palettes

When it comes to selecting your color palette, trust your instincts. First, consider how a particular color scheme makes you feel.

You can choose more than one palette per room, or designate a specific aesthetic to each. If you're unsure where to start, here are some timeless ideas:

1. Neutral walls with a pop of color

You can't go wrong with neutral walls and pops of color throughout your apartment. Add a colorful trim or opt for vibrant, geometric rugs and window treatments to curate your look.

2. Warm creams

Warm creams that envelop you into comfort work for any season. If you can't repaint or replace furniture, add creamy throw blankets, pillows, rugs, and bedding for a luxurious look grounded in comfort.

3. Monochromatic

Monochromatic palettes take your favorite color to new heights. Try different red, black, or blue shades to create a radiating wavelength of color around your apartment.

Or, keep your walls on the neutral side and add monochromatic artwork or curtains to frame your outdoor space and make the most of your natural light.

4. Jewel tones

Jewel tones invite more whimsical color to your space. Swap out artwork for bold jewel-based colors or mix in metallic accents through your living room. Dinnerware and place settings also bring a refined aesthetic into your dining space year-round.

5. Warm pastels

Scatter accents in warm pastels and select artwork with light pink, soft blues, and cool tones. Play with the color to capture various moods and scenes that reflect the season.

6. Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue gives your space a jolt of color from walls to furniture and artwork. Paint an old dresser cobalt blue or an entire accent wall in your living room.

Include paintings and digital canvases featuring a blue landscape or geometric pattern to tie your look together.

7. Earth tones

Earth tones are warm and natural-inspired with soft greys, blues, orange, and yellows. They are perfect for transitional periods, from the dog days of summer to the fall season, earth-toned artwork will transport you into the feeling of the great outdoors.

Infuse your favorite color palettes into your furniture, rugs, and window treatments. If your lease doesn't allow you to paint the walls, try peel-and-stick wallpaper. You can also lean towards accents like throw pillows and blankets.

Choose Your Art Mediums

There's no right or wrong when it comes to choosing art mediums for your space. Mix and match your favorites to create an aesthetic that speaks to your style.

1. Traditional canvas and print art

Steer the traditional route with painted canvas and framed prints. You can easily rotate them around your apartment, store them, and add on to your collection.

Play around with the frames' color to enhance the aesthetic. Then, create a gallery wall to feel like you just stepped into your favorite exhibit.

2. Sculptures

Sculptures come in all shapes and sizes, from oversized to small and ornate. Add one to your balcony or patio with a built-in fountain to create a tranquil oasis.

Sculptures can also be situated in entryways, on shelves, and in your home office. That’ll add an expected artistic touch.

3. Digital art

Digital art offers endless possibilities to change up your decor as the trends and seasons change. Allow your creativity to run wild and take risks with your decor as you can download new pieces at a moment's notice, or simply rotate through your favorites.

Digital decor takes many forms, from geometric printables to printed quotes with a flair.

4. Lighting

Light fixtures and lamps are a stunning way to play with decor. Look for options that resonate with your favorite pieces, including floral, ultra-modern, or vintage lighting.

The best part? Lighting is as functional as it is beautiful to look at.

Decorate in Unexpected Places

Your apartment is full of nooks and crannies to decorate. Lean into those unexpected places.

Add a corner shelf to display a sculpture or small canvas. Your bathroom vanity is an ideal spot for colored stones or artistic lighting to soothe your senses. And your laundry room wall offers space for an abstract canvas that brightens up your day.

Tell a Story

Every piece of art has a story behind it, from the creation of the work, the artist, or its origin location. Draw inspiration from these stories as you go about decorating your apartment. Decorate with a theme in mind and include various pieces that extend the story.

Playing with stories is also the perfect opportunity to lean into diversity. Choose artists with diverse backgrounds or works that represent a variety of cultures.

The Best Ways to Discover New Decor

Make staying on top of the trends and discovering new decor a part of your weekly routine. Popular blogs are one place to start, as well as Instagram and Pinterest.

You'll find decor enthusiasts, influencers, and shoppable channels with new looks for sale. Bookmark your favorite inspirations, like Spacey Studios' Instagram channel. That page features affordable, museum-quality artwork from some incredible artists.

1. Kit Agar: Kit is an artist and illustrator living in Brighton, United Kingdom, with a focus on ethereal and feminine artwork. Kit leans towards abstract art and offers prints that blend effortlessly with your decor.

2. Delta Venus: Delta Venus is a painter based in Victoria, Australia. With artwork featured in Vogue and Architectural Digest, Delta focuses on the dream space and state of unconsciousness to answer the unknowns in the physical world.

3. Luisa Salas: Luisa Salas is based in Yucatán, México. Her collection of paintings leans towards the minimal and modern. She also honors her Latin roots throughout her artwork and plays with natural and geometric forms.

Online curators are another source of decor inspiration, provided they showcase quality options. Quality meets affordability with Spacey Studios' story-driven, community-inspired collections featuring limited edition work by influential emerging artists.

Local art galleries and shows also introduce the public to emerging artists and new work from community favorites. Look into current openings or virtual opportunities that raise awareness about the artists. You'll also have the chance to browse their work to inspire your apartment's next decor transformation.

Photos in this article are courtesy of Spacey Studios.

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Susan Finch is a freelance writer and content manager focusing on local experiences, travel, and anything relating to really good food and craft brews. Her work has appeared in travel guidebooks and national magazines and newspapers. Read More
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