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Joplin, MO

So you’re moving to Joplin and you’re in desperate need of information about this western Missouri city. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Joplin has a number of apartment rentals available in all shapes and sizes—everything from studio apartments to rental homes. Let’s get started!

What, exactly, is Joplin like? Characteristically, Joplin is a conservative, deeply religious city located on the historic Route 66. It’s good that you and your neighbors will be praying so much because Joplin has front row seats to Tornado Alley, so you’ll be experiencing a higher than average number of annual tornadoes. In fact, in 2011 an EF-5 tornado touched down amongst the newer developments in the western portion of the city and wrought its fury, leveling several homes. We may not be in Kansas anymore, but we’re located about seven miles from its border. If insurance is an option, we recommend a consideration.

When you’re not getting swept up to Oz, Joplin residents enjoy a number of outdoor recreational activities in the area’s many parks and lakes. The city is also home to a number of colleges, including Missouri Southern State University and two religious schools—Ozark Christian College and Messenger College. Educated folks come in droves around these parts, so hold that thinking cap close.

Joplin rentals are some of the most affordable in the state and finding cheap apartments is no sweat! Many rentals are available in detached homes and larger apartment complexes. Townhome communities and complexes will have a wider variety of amenities — including clubhouses, pools and gyms — as well as more flexible options, including short-term leases. Because Joplin is a family-oriented city, studio apartments and efficiencies are harder to come by in town. With cheap and plentiful one and two bedroom rentals, you’ll get more bang for your buck in a larger apartment with some roommates divvying up rent.

Fear not, renters with furry friends! Joplin is an incredibly pet-friendly city. Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, snake, goldfish or dinosaur, you shouldn’t have any problem locating pet-friendly rentals in most Joplin neighborhoods. However, some apartment complexes may require you to pay an additional pet deposit (generally ranging from $50-100 per pet) so please make sure that Toto doesn’t pee on the carpet.

Neighborhood safety and affordability are kind of a mixed bag in Joplin. Like many smaller cities, the area around the city center has a less-than-stellar safety record, which has spilled over to the neighborhood adjacent to Ozark Bible College. Rentals here tend to be the cheapest and the most varied in terms of maintenance and safety. Though most other Joplin neighborhoods have isolated run-down blocks, the rest of the city remains fairly safe and affordable. The further south and west of the city center that you go, the more expensive and nicer the rentals will be. Two bedrooms will range from $400-500 on the low end and $550-700 on the high end.

Now that you’ve gotten a good feel for the city, welcome to (virtual) Joplin! With its diverse rentals and affordable living, you’ll be sure to find a great rental property that fits your every need. Just watch out for those twisters! Protip: If things get really heavy in twister season, just call Bill Paxton. We’re sure he’ll have some tips.