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Orange, TX
19 Apartments for Rent with Balconies

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Balconies are a coveted amenity for many renters looking for high-rise views and opportunities for fresh air. However, you should keep in mind that balconies often come with restr... Read Guide >
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City Guide for Orange, TX

A word to the wise: renting in Orange isn't for the faint-of-heart. It's a wonderful and terrible Cajun-spiced slice of East Texas. With a little local know-how, good times will come easy, and finding the perfect property rental will come even easier. So, read on, my friends.

Orange is home to some of the toughest Texans you will ever know. Much like fine moonshine, life in the Golden Triangle will kick you in the throat, make your eyes twinkle, and then give you an uncontrollable urge to dance to some honky-tonk music. Smoke bellows from the nearby chemical plant, crocodiles and mosquitoes keep people on their toes, an occasional hurricane tests the town's will, and of course, the unforgiving heat can really drive people crazy. But, this is not the downside. In fact, this is what makes Orange such a great place to live. A rough life breeds good music, good food, and amazing people, including the blues-greats Marcia Ball and Gatemouth Brown. It's certainly no tropical paradise, but it's also not a place prone to high rental rates, expensive food, or flocks of pesky tourists either. It's more of a crazy-Texan-Cajun-swamp paradise, and the price for this breed of luxury is very affordable. Rental rates start at about $500 to $800 a month, and even the finest of southern living fails to exceed $900. There are small apartment complexes, as well as rental homes if you know where to look. While apartments can easily be found online, houses for rent are usually advertised through word-of-mouth and local classifieds.

In this city's apartment communities, amenities make life very convenient. Extras such as an on-site laundry facility and swimming pool are simple enough to find, and can be a lifesaver during the blistering hot summers. There are also apartments available with easy access to public transportation, for all you renters brave enough to live in Texas without wheels.

Those in the market for a pet friendly pad are in luck. Like most Texas towns, cat friendly and dog friendly rental properties are all over the place. However, you can expect to pay some hefty pet fees, with most places charging over $200 for a pet deposit.

For those moving to town with kids in tow, it is very important to know that Orange isn't the most family friendly place to live. The index is frighteningly high for both violent crimes and property crimes, drugs are certainly afoot, and that old hard-drinkin', fast-livin', hell-billy lifestyle is no place to raise kids. However, if you are in need of a safe neighborhood, then there areas along the northern outskirts of town where trees outnumber people, and the safety of secluded rental homes can keep the kids out of harm's way.

Armed with a little local info, you are now ready to scroll through those listings and find your perfect new place. Best of luck.

-By Katy Comal See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with balconies in Orange, TX

Balconies are a coveted amenity for many renters looking for high-rise views and opportunities for fresh air. However, you should keep in mind that balconies often come with restrictions.

Before signing a lease, ask about how many people can be on the balcony at once. Also, ask about whether you’re allowed to store a bike or other items.

You’ll also want to know about any maintenance schedules. Using your balcony as storage could result in fines and intervention from your property management.

Keep in mind that not all balconies are created equally. You may discover the views of the parking area are less than optimal or reduce your overall privacy.

Balconies can also get messy with debris, foliage, dirt, and pollen depending on your location. Renters are typically responsible for any clean-up and basic balcony upkeep.

Regardless of the issues to keep in mind, balconies are usually a big win for Orange renters. Ask about apartments on higher floors for the best views.