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25 Fight-Inducing White Elephant Gifts Under $30

December 6, 2019

It's that time of the year when offices and households start planning their gift-giving strategy and festivities. A friendly game of White Elephant is usually a safe bet since it’s entertaining and easy to plan.

What can be worse than a White Elephant gift nobody wants? After all, who wants to sit around watching everyone fight over a cool gadget, while your artisan candle sits all alone ignored by everyone in the room. 

To save you the embarrassment of taking your own gift home, we put together a list of White Elephant gifts that people might actually fight for.

1. Floating Globe

For the best White Elephant gift that screams, "I want to quit my job tomorrow and travel the world" try this Senders Floating Globe. It has the power of levitation. 

This beauty comes with LED lights. That way, you can illuminate your wish-list travel journal of all the places you'll see and post about on Instagram. 

Price: $25.99*

2. Bluetooth Beanie

This Bluetooth Beanie is a great gift and yet another thing to remember to charge. It's perfect for your overenthusiastic marathon-running friends who are tired of snagging cords and constantly "escaping" earbuds.

Price: $22.91*

3. Electric Toothbrush

Whether you know someone who could use a little freshening up in the oral hygiene department or they just love a vigorous teeth polishing, give the white elephant gift that keeps on cleaning. 

The Sonic Electric Toothbrush for adults features four replacement heads. It even has an option to clean those grown-up braces.

Price: $23.95*

4. Game of Thrones-Inspired Grill Apron

This Game of Thrones-inspired apron would be a great white elephant gift for a hard-core GOT fan. Let's just hope that their cooking skills are less disappointing than the series finale.

Price: $19.99*

5. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

For whatever reason, ginger beer and vodka tastes so much better in a copper mug. This gift set comes with not only four copper mugs, but four wooden coasters, four copper straws, and even copper shot glass.

Price: $19.97*

6. Burrito Blanket

If you use Twitter, you probably have seen this burrito blanket come across your timeline. This viral gift will be the hottest white elephant gift under the tree. If one of the five tortilla design options don’t satisfy, you can go with one of their waffle or pizza options. 

Price: $27.99*

7. Charging Dock Station

Gadget lovers rejoice! This BEACCO Charging Dock fuels your  Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone for a look that says, "I'm technologically advanced." It also says, “When can I regift this white elephant gift?”

Price: $19.52*

8. Monopoly for Millennials

If you are worried that your holiday party might be a tad boring, you can instigate some generational drama by bringing Monopoly for Millennials as your white elephant gift. One thing is certain, one thing is certain, millennials haven't killed the board game industry (yet).

Price: $24.95*

9. Sleep Headphones

Step into the future (or back into the 80s) with this wireless 3D Eye Mask complete with Bluetooth technology. Slip it on and snuggle up for a snooze. The mask blocks out light, sound, and hopefully the sight of everyone staring at you on your next flight or train ride. 

Price: $22.59*

10. S'mores Maker

Do your loved ones have “s'mores rage” over marshmallow and chocolate melting at different times? No? 

Either way, they'll love this microwaveable Progressive Prep Solutions s’mores maker. It delivers on a smooth and uniform s'mores-making experience. It’s one of the best white elephant gifts on the planet.

Price: $12.73

11. Bob Ross Chia Pet

Give the gift of nostalgia by putting a Bob Ross Chia Pet under the tree. This wholesome gift will be sure to be a hit. Just make sure your audience is old enough to know who Bob Ross is, or buying this gift might be a happy accident. 

Price: $15.97

12. Waffle and Taco Bowl Maker

This one is perfect for the person who has everything and wants more. The DASH Waffle Bowl Maker transforms your day from average to exhilarating. 

Whip up some waffle bowls for a sweet ice cream treat. You can even waffle up some tortillas when you just can't bring yourself to use a real bowl.

Price: $19.99*

13. Star Wars Electronic Yoda Mask

To be honest, we wanted to include an electronic Chewbacca mask but it was over the allocated $30. But the Yoda mask is great too, perfect for a friend that loves to spew unsolicited wisdom.

Price: $27.17*

14. Waffle Maker

Now that you have checked everyone deserving of a waffle ice cream bowl off your holiday white elephant list, look to the DASH Waffle Maker Machine. With this one, you can cook up piping hot waffles, paninis, and hash browns. This is a gadget that does all things non-stick breakfast with enthusiasm.

Price: $17.98*

15. Charging Laptop Backpack

Who says the best white elephant gifts can’t travel with you? This Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is perfect for the coffee shop globetrotter on your gift list. 

Don't worry, they'll be sure to announce how they’re building their digital empire when they never run out of battery power.

Price: $25.99*

16. Scratch-off Map

Scratch away your sorrows of only having two weeks of vacation with this International Scratch the World Travel Map. It fits perfectly in the office or at home. You can remind your friends and family they've got travel itches left unscratched. 

Price: $23.99*

17. Fitness Tracker

The obsessive fitness nut on your gift list will snatch up this Akasma Fitness Tracker at your next white elephant party. It tracks your heart rate. It also stalks your distance traveled, calories burned, and even knows when you're asleep.

Price: $26.95*

18. Cocktail Bar Set

Give your friends the gift that gives back with a Cocktail Shaker Bar Set. This comes complete with mixing accessories and a booklet. Your friends will have no excuse but to actually learn to make the mojito you've been asking for all these years. 

Price: $16.95*

19. Jade Body Roller

The diva on your gift list is just begging to receive this Natural Jade Roller for an anti-aging treatment delight. That's right, just roll it all over the face. Watch the anti-aging magic of jade stones melt away the wrinkles. 

Hopefully, the lucky gift recipient will use this beauty on their morning commute. Then, we can all bask in its white elephant glory.

Price: $22.95*

20. Whiskey Decanter

Another great white elephant gift idea for booze lovers. This fancy decanter will make an amateur that has to chase their Whiskey with Diet Coke feel like an esteemed connoisseur.

Price: $28.95*

21. Superman Throw Blanket with Sleeves

Spiderman might be all the rage right now, but let's not forget about good old Superman. Have some comic book fans in the white elephant group? This Superman snuggie-style throw will keep them warm all winter long.

Price: $21.84*

22. Whiskey Glass Gift Set

For the whiskey lover, or for someone who simply wants to look cool while drinking, this whiskey glass gift set is an elegant white elephant gift. The chilling stones are an added bonus and will class up any whiskey beverage.

Price: $29.98*

23. Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug

Take it camping. Take it to work. Or just use it at home and keep your coffee hot for hours. This travel mug will put your friends in a panic since Hydro Flasks are all the rage these days.

Price: $29.95*

24. Tactical Multifunctional Pen

This cool-looking pen doubles as a bottle opener, flashlight, and window breaker. Perfect for dads, James Bond-wannabes, and conspirologists in your group.

Price: $27.97*

25. Wireless Key Finder

This Wireless Key Finder could be a life charger for some people. If any of your friends don't get excited about this white elephant gift, it's likely because they can't use the "I couldn't find my keys" excuse anymore for being late.

Price: $26.99*

There you have it. Your next holiday party is sure to be a hit with these fabulous white elephant gift ideas no one will ever forget! If you are ordering your white elephant gifts online, make sure to check out our tips on preventing package theft during holidays.

*Prices represent the costs of the items on the article’s publication date.

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Sania is a content manager and contributing author at Apartment List. Sania previously worked in marketing at Habitat for Humanity and Samsung Electronics. Read More
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