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The Best Pet Tech For Pet Parents

By: Angelina Bader
January 28, 2019

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Having a pet is a big responsibility, and life can get a bit hectic sometimes. A little help can go a long way when you’re running late from work and your pup needs a walk or you need help tracking your bud’s medical records. We’ve put together a list of the most useful pet tech gadgets and apps that will help you keep track of your pet’s habits, check in on them when you’re not home, and even feed them while you’re stuck in traffic. This list of cool pet tech will keep your pet happy, and you as a pet parent sane.

1. Feeder: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Let’s say you’re running late from work and are worried that your best friend won’t get their dinner in time. No problem! PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder has got your back. With a click of a button on your phone, your fur baby can get their dinner automatically dispensed to them in a preset portion size, chosen by you. You can even set up a feeding schedule to keep Fluffy’s feeding needs satisfied. Step up your game with this cool piece of pet tech!

2. Supervision: Petcube

Heading to work in the morning is especially hard when a pair of puppy eyes is staring at you. With Petcube, you can watch your buddy play any time of day. The high-definition camera records live videos, and provides two-way audio, so you can interact with your pet while away from home. You can also treat them with some of their favorite snack while watching them play, as this pet tech gadget is equipped with a treat tosser.

3. Cleaning: Dyson Groom

Remember promising to keep the place clean when you signed your lease, but now every surface has pet hair coating it? Dyson Groom could be a big help. It brushes and removes hair from your dog directly into the vacuum. As a bonus for your pup, it also collects dead skin cells, making your bud’s coat all the more healthy.

4. Training: Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks

Most rentals require that your pup is trained. If you need guidance on training your new best friend, Puppr can be of great help. The app provides step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos and videos. On top of it, Puppr also has a training clicker to help with tricks. Great for both new and experienced dog owners.

iOS | Android

5. Tracker: Tractive GPS for Dogs and Cats

If your pet is an explorer and likes to wander away, it may be a good idea to put a GPS tracker on them. Tractive GPS is an app that allows you to track your pet on your phone thanks to a companion GPS device. The device can locate you BFF in over 150 countries worldwide. It is also waterproof and quite robust, so it will serve you for a long time.

iOS | Android

6. Visibility: Halo Mini Dog Collar

LED dog collar can keep your beloved friend safe during those late evening walks. Halo Mini Dog Collar is lightweight and its LED light makes it highly visible.

7. Fitness: PitPat

Renting an apartment usually means that you don’t have a backyard where your pet can catch up on some quick exercise. PitPat is a fitness tracking device that will keep you updated on your pet’s health and activity levels. The app creates an individual profile with goals designed exclusively for your pup. You can track how each activity affects your fur baby.

iOS | Android

8. Walker: Wag!

It can be hard to keep your dog exercised if you’re not home for at least eight hours a day. Wag connects you with walkers in your area. The company cares about your bud as much as you do, so it runs a background check on all its walkers, to make sure that you pet and home are in safe hands. For extra assurance, Wag guarantees $1,000,000 in home insurance. While your furry friend is on a walk, you will receive notifications of their activity and photos of their experience, and even a cute bark notification for when they’ve pottied.

iOS | Android

9. Medical: PawPrint

Keeping track of your own medical records can be daunting, so when you also have to stay on top of your pet’s paperwork, things can get twice as messy. PawPrint collects all the medical feedback and treatments your pet has ever received and puts in one place - your phone. Just let them know the name of the medical facilities you’ve visited in the past and they'll pull the records for you. They'll also remind you if any vaccinations need to be updated. Tracking health records has never been easier!

iOS | Android

10. Comfort: Dog Cooling Bed

Help your pup enjoy summers with you by comforting them with a cooling bed to relax in. The bed contains a water-saturated core, which absorbs your pet’s heat and pushes it out into the air.

11. Info: ScritchSpot

ScritchSpot is the key to answering all your pet-parenting questions in the palm of your hand. Looking for pet-friendly areas to walk with your dog? ScritchSpot got you covered with pet-friendly maps. Need help with training? ScritchSpot has videos and guides to ease the process. From finding a new pet friend to saving and sharing your pet’s records, this app got you covered.

iOS | Android

Have a favorite pet tech gadget or app that you can’t live without? Let us know of it by tweeting us @ApartmentList.

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