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Suburban Apartments: What Are They & How to Find Them

June 1, 2022

Apartments are popular options in cities with high housing costs, crowded neighborhoods, and a growing population looking to live in the middle of the action. But you could be overlooking great deals, more space, and the best amenities that suburban apartments offer.

Some suburbs are sleepy and quiet, which could be ideal if you love tranquility. Other suburbs have pubs, restaurants, shopping, and plenty to see and do. So whether you want a quiet, laid-back lifestyle or a cheaper place to live, here’s what to know about suburban apartments and how to find them.

What Is a Suburban Apartment?

As the name suggests, a suburban apartment is an apartment located in the suburbs of a metro area. The lifestyle is usually slower-paced with a small-town feel.

Just like cities, suburbs can all look a little different. You may find one with plenty of amenities and attractions and others in sleepy bedroom communities that feed into a nearby city.

Pros of a Suburban Apartment

Before you sign your next lease, brush up on the pros of suburban apartments.

More Space

Suburban apartments usually offer more space than their city counterparts. You’re more likely to find larger bedrooms, living spaces, and kitchens. The building may also provide more room, whether in common areas or outside green space.

Finding three-bedroom apartments or single-family homes for rent in urban areas is not always easy. The suburbs are different. The rentals usually offer a wider choice of rooms, especially when they’re located in a good school district attracting families.

Lower Rent

Cheaper rents are a big win for renters looking to escape the high cost of living in nearby cities. You’re likely to find more space in the suburbs at an affordable price point.

The overall fees are usually cheaper in suburban apartment complexes. You won’t pay extra for parking and may discover more affordable application fees.

Peaceful Environment

The peaceful and idyllic setting of the suburbs appeals to renters looking for a reprieve from city living. Suburban apartments often have outdoor space and are surrounded by gardens or woods.

Suburban complexes are also smaller than those in the city. The fewer tenants also bring more peace and quiet to your building.

Yard Space

Ask a city dweller, and they’ll tell you it’s challenging to find an apartment with yard space. Meanwhile, suburban apartments frequently advertise private yard spaces and porches. Many landlords also permit gardening and grilling, turning your yard into a place to entertain or relax.

Avoid Large Crowds

Crowds bring life and energy to the city, but they also cause stress and anxiety. It’s easy to avoid large crowds when you live in the suburbs. You can drive in and out of the city whenever you want and still come home to enjoy peace and quiet.

Better Amenities

Many cities house towering apartment buildings with rooftop lounges, pools, and on-site gyms.

However, they’re usually expensive and challenging to find in competitive rental markets.

But modern amenities are the norm in newer suburban apartments. You’ll find swimming pools, grilling areas, common lounges, and fitness centers without paying staggering rents.

More Family-Friendly

Cities may be kid-friendly with decent schools, but the sheer expense and lack of space are usually deal-breakers for families. Suburban apartments offer more space, privacy, and outdoor access for families. Also, depending on your location, areas outside the city likely have better schools and resources for their students.

Cons of a Suburban Apartment

Now that you have insights on a few upsides to suburban apartments, here are the cons.

Need More Furniture

All of that extra space in suburban apartments requires more furnishings. So you’ll need to increase your budget to buy some extra chairs or a kitchen table. Renting a studio apartment in the suburbs is also an option to keep your furniture budget in check.

Renting furniture is also an option if you don’t want to commit to a long-term purchase.

Can Get Boring

Some suburbs with pubs, dining, and shopping are trendy options for young professionals. But many suburbs also have a reputation for being sleepy and boring. This stereotype holds true in small, primarily residential areas.

Before starting your apartment hunt, know what you need in a suburb and what to expect from nightlife and recreation.

More Competitive Job Market

If you’re not commuting into the city for your job, the suburbs could pose a challenge. With fewer employers, the job market is also more competitive. The suburbs could work well for anyone who wants to grow a career in small business services. Otherwise, you may have difficulty finding a corporate job with a big paycheck to match.

Need for a Car

Car culture is the norm in the suburbs, whereas you can walk, bike, or hop on public transportation in the city. Even if you have access to the public bus in the suburbs, service is limited. You’ll still need a car to get to shopping, dining, and out of town. The upside is parking is usually free and plentiful in suburban apartments.

Longer Commute Times

If you’re not working in the suburbs, you’ll need to plan for longer commute times and a healthy gas budget to get to and from work. Long commute times can also feel frustrating day in and day out. So keep podcasts and audiobooks queued up to pass the time and take your mind off the traffic.

Higher Utilities

City apartments are small and usually don’t need much heat or cool air to keep it feeling comfortable. On the other hand, because of the larger size of suburban apartments, you’re more likely to spend more on utilities to keep them warm or cool for a comfortable lifestyle.

How to Find a Suburban Apartment

Suburban apartments are readily available, but it can pose a challenge to know which ones have the amenities and touches you’re looking for without the right resources. Instead, use a reputable site with scores of inventory listed, like ApartmentList, to find the suburban apartment for you.

Using Apartment List to Help You Find the Perfect Apartment

Enjoy the benefits of renting without giving up on creature comforts in the suburbs. A suburban apartment is often cheaper, with more space and better amenities. Ready to start apartment hunting? Get started finding your perfect place with Apartment List.

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