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Need a Roommate Agreement? (Template)

March 23, 2019

You’re moving in with a group of awesome, new people. You’re excited and can’t wait to bond with your housemates, but first there is some business to take care of. You need to sign a roommate agreement. A roommate agreement defines the responsibilities all residence living in any property have towards each-other and the apartment. It’s a legally binding agreement that all housemates must abide by, and it helps prevent and resolve any potential disagreements.

Remember to specify any details that may be important to your situation in particular. Your rental unit is your home and you want it to be comfortable for all of you to live in. It could be a good idea to set house rules about paying rent, quiet hours, and overnight guests. Everything from rules about common areas to utility bills to the security deposit can be listed in the agreement - it’s up to you as to what you want to put down in writing. Maybe you want to add a caveat about when a roommate moves out and what happens with finding a person to take their place? Make sure to include everyone that signed the lease agreement in the roommate agreement. It's important to remember that the roommate agreement is usually set to last only as long as the lease term.

We’ve created a Roommate Agreement template for you to download and sign, just click on the link below. You can make a copy of our version and modify it in whichever way you find most useful.

Roommate Agreement Google Drive template:


By: Angelina Bader
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