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Best Pets for Apartment Living

March 19, 2019

Everyone needs a buddy. Even if that buddy is tiny and not human. Apartment living may limit your options of pet choice due to property’s pet restrictions, size constraints, or the lack of an enclosed backyard. So we compiled some suggestions that might help you pick a pet that is right for you and your lifestyle. Below are the five best pets for apartment living.

1. Cats

Low-maintenance and are likely to cuddle? Deal! Depending on the cat’s temperament it may or may not be up for being the center of attention, so remember that older cats are more likely to be calm and trained. If you’re looking for someone more active and trainable, a kitten could be a great fit! Cats in general are great apartment animals as they are small, don't require a yard or walking, and don't make a lot of noise.

2. Dogs

Small breeds such as Pug and Yorkshire Terrier can be a great fit for an apartment. If you’re a fan of larger breeds, then maybe a Great Dane could be a viable option, considering that they are pretty calm and make great, lazy couch buddies. Though remember, just because they enjoy the couch it doesn’t mean they don’t need to be walked extensively. Plus many apartments have breed restrictions, so many sure to check those out. If you want to know the best dog breeds for apartment living, check out our list here.

3. Rodents

Cuddly and low-maintenance, Chinchillas will not make your place smell as long as you keep their environment clean and tidy - perfect for close-knit quarters. Another great option are Guinea Pigs. These little adorable buds can be trained and will even snuggle with you. They are low-maintenance, but can be oh-so-playful!

4. Fish

Not a huge fan of walks on the beach or cuddling? Fish may be the right fit for you!

Not only are these guys quiet and meditative, they are also gorgeous to look at. On top of it, they are rather low-maintenance, and only require that you to clean their aquarium and feed them.  

5. Reptiles

Snakes have a long lifespan, are quiet, and do not need walks. Remember, they require sufficient heating and lighting. Perhaps, look into getting an apartment-friendly snake such as a Milk Snake or a Corn Snake.

Some turtles and lizards, such as certain geckos, are small and quiet, can be very social, and could potentially make a great addition to your family.

Have other pets in mind that would do great in an apartment? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram.

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Angelina Bader
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