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How Lea Can Help Clients

May 31, 2022

Earlier this year, Apartment List acquired offers one of the most comprehensive AI virtual leasing assistants in the market used by multifamily industry leaders from the NMHC top 50.

“This acquisition ushers in the next evolution in leasing. enables us to provide a better rental experience for both renters and properties through AI technology. This is just the beginning.”

-Matthew Woods, CEO of Apartment List’s core technology is known as Lea. Lea helps increase lead conversion by combining advanced AI technology with its human touch.

How Can Lea Help You

There is already proven success using Lea! Lea increases lead-to-tour conversion by 68% and saves an average of 20 hours per week for leasing agents.

Multi-Channel Design

Lea provides real-time responses over email, text messages, and even voice conversations. Our AI works with millions of renters and property management teams, offering 24/7 support so that lost leads are a thing of the past.”

Gives You Control

Lea ensures there’s a seamless handoff when a human touch is necessary, flagging agents on when to step in. Your team can focus on high intent renters, and Lea takes care of the rest, including scheduling tours.

Machine Learning Approach

Using Lea allows you to quickly identify trends and patterns specific to your community to improve accuracy and efficiency, resulting in smarter decisions.

Powered by AI

Lea gives you the competitive advantage you need to scale with its lead-to-lease AI and automation.

Created to Maximize Your NOI

With Lea, improve yield and drive more productivity while transforming your prospect’s leasing experience.

What Clients are Saying about Lea

Clients have already highlighted their success with Lea. Samantha Hoard, Senior Marketing Director at First Communities, found that the AI increases efficiency and conversion while freeing up “valuable time for our teams to focus on other important tasks.”

Devin Harvey, Director of Business Services at Pegasus Residential, expressed how Lea has helped fill the gap in the industry. “Most AI companies in our industry space focus solely on the prospect experience, but we needed a product that also included our residents. delivered on both of these needs.” With Lea, his team has benefited from the 24/7 emails, texts, and phone prospect communication, prospect follow-ups, and resident service request submittal.

Learn More about Lea

Interested in exploring the possibilities with Lea? Request a demo to learn more.

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