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Meeting your leasing needs 24/7 on all communication channels. Lea improves conversion and maximizes your time, while seamlessly integrating with your software.

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Why Us?


Lea maximizes your lead conversion with instant, around-the-clock support, resulting in reduced lead-to-lease time and more tours generated.


Lea automates your leasing – by qualifying leads, answering questions, and scheduling tours - providing efficiency, cost savings, and time back.

24-Hour Assistance

Lea provides your community 24/7 support and responds immediately to all leads, so your onsite team never misses out on a potential renter.

Proven Success


increase in lead-to-tour conversion

20 hrs

saved weekly per leasing agents


instant responses to prospects, even after-hours

What We Offer

Email, Text, Voice, and Chat

Omni-channel: Lea provides real-time responses over email, text, voice, and chat.

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Take advantage of Lea’s expertise in working with millions of renters and property management teams.


Take advantage of Lea’s expertise in working with millions of renters and property management teams.

Clear Handoff

Control: Since Lea is integrated with the PM software and leasing agent workflows, Lea ensures there’s a clear and seamless handoff when a human touch is necessary, flagging an agent within the PMS/CRM when they need to step in.

Continuous Advantage with Machine Learning

Results-oriented: Quickly identifying trends and patterns specific to your community to improve accuracy and efficiency, resulting in smarter decisions.

Automation Powered by AI

Lead-to-lease AI and automation are the future of leasing: Lea gives you the competitive advantage to scale using Natural Language Processing.

Increase Your NOI

Maximize NOI with AI: Improve yield and drive more productivity while transforming your prospect’s leasing experience.

If you are interested in learning more about Lea but do not see your integration listed, we are always adding more LMS systems to our portfolio. Contact us today.


How It Works



“Most AI companies in our industry space focus solely on the prospect experience, but we needed a product that also included our residents. delivered on both of these needs by providing automated 24/7 email, text, and phone prospect communication, prospect follow-up, and resident service request submittal.”

- Devin Harvey, Director, Business Services at Pegasus Residential

“Working with has been a wonderful experience, from implementation to go-live. The ability to provide 24/7 immediate responses to our leads has increased our conversation rates and freed up valuable time for our teams to focus on other important tasks”

- Samantha Hoard, Senior Marketing Director at First Communities

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