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City Guide
Moving to Monticello

From downtown on Broadway to Old Liberty Road's nearby lakes, Monticello packs a surprising amount of choice when it comes to choosing your next apartment. Although only a short drive from neighboring towns, the village has characteristics all of its own. But before launching headfirst into your property search, you'd be wise to do some homework and understand the factors that make Monticello a place that marches to its own rhythm. Unlike neighboring towns, 72 percent of its residents live in apartment homes, so finding a lease shouldn't be too difficult. But the even better news is that typically, rents are way below the New York average. Monticello is certainly the kind of place where you can spend less and live more!

Colonial Revival to '80s Red Brick - Take Your Pick!

Much like neighboring South Fallsburg and Liberty, a lot of the housing stock consists of colorful colonial revival-styled houses with timber-clad exteriors. Lots of them date back to the first half of the twentieth century, and some even earlier. Quite a few have been converted into apartments but most remain single unit homes. With roughly 73 percent of rental properties considered as apartments or condos, you've got plenty of choice.

Some small words of caution

Ok, no biggie but still worth mentioning: once you start looking for places to rent in Monticello, be aware that the majority of properties were built before 1980 (over 70 percent). So before getting too excited about a listing that catches your eye, it's important to go over some details. Yes, it might be boring, but remember that it's really not a bad idea to give these apartments a good inspection for potential issues. Fortunately, most were built with high levels of craftsmanship, so it's unlikely you'll find any serious problems. But as your grandma probably told you, it's better to be safe than sorry! Also take note that public transport is infrequent in Monticello. If you're a commuter or you want to explore the wider area, access to a car is essential. If it's trains you're after, you'll need to make the 75 minute drive east to Poughkeepsie. However there is a local bus service and also coaches depart for NYC's Port Authority Bus Station four times daily.

Taking the Plunge

You know the deal, once you've found that perfect apartment, you'll be expected to sign and initial a rental lease with the usual terms and conditions. It might all seem like legal mumbo jumbo, but make sure you read it thoroughly before putting pen to paper, this stuff is actually important. Also take note, some properties don't allow pets or smoking and require noise to be kept to a minimum during evenings, while others are less fussy. Typically, landlords and letting agents in Monticello ask for one month of rent upfront. Many also require potential tenants to undergo background and credit checks, and could ask for a reference from your previous landlord. Some of the more expensive properties offered might require you to demonstrate proof of income, however as long as owners or rental agents believe you can pay, you'll probably be fine. Ultimately they want to know that they won't be dealing with bouncing checks every other month.

Monticello Neighborhoods

Covering just over 4.02 square miles, you'd be forgiven for thinking location doesn't matter in Monticello, but you'd also be wrong. Whether you're after restaurants, shops and groceries within walking distance or prefer gazing out onto a lake with views of the nearby Catskills, your location will make all the difference as to how you experience life in this part of Upstate New York.

Broadway: Monticello Bagel Bakery, Siena's Pizza, Trotters Tavern, and Nature Lounge & Restaurant, are establishments that make Monticello's downtown core an area of note. The northern side of the street is lined with Victorian red brick buildings, occupied by commercial tenants with some apartment homes on the other side.

Forestburgh Road: Located close to Monticello High School, the area around Forestburgh Road is a leafy neighborhood with housing stock built predominantly before 1960. Many homes have now been divided up into newly-renovated premier apartments. There is a nearby fitness gym and De Hoyos Memorial Park is close.

Old Liberty Road: Found on the northern fringes of Monticello, there are numerous one bedroom apartments for rent in this area with access to the nearby lakes. Kutshers Country Club is also close.

Pleasant Street: Houses in this area surround one of Monticello's main thoroughfares, which links onto the adjacent New York Route 17.

Living in Monticello

It's true that Monticello isn't that big, don't let that fool you. Spend a few days here and you'll understand it has a life of its own. You can get round the whole area by foot, but without a car you'll miss out on outdoor activities at nearby attractions like Catskill Park or Holiday Mountain Ski Resort, a short drive west. But if the thought of sliding down frozen water on two planks is your idea of hell, you can grab a drink at Roark's Tavern instead and have chance to chat with locals or try out some food at Salt & Pepper Kitchen on Broadway. The Monticello Raceway and Monticello Motor Club are two attractions and major local employers, both frequented equally by nearby residents and tourists. It's these little things that all add up and make you realize why 6,700 or so residents that take pride in calling a place like Monticello home. After a few weeks living here, there's no reason why you shouldn't either.