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40 McCrea Street - Apt 3
40 Mc Crea Street, Fort Edward, NY
3 Bedrooms
800 sqft
2 story 3 bedroom apartment. Kitchen open to combined living room/dining room. Bathroom and 1 bedroom on 1st floor. 2 bedrooms with closet space on 2nd floor. Small covered porch off of living room w/ sliding glass door. Off street parking.
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1 Unit Available
107 Middle Road, Warren County, NY
3 Bedrooms
Minutes from the Village of Lake George and I-87, this spacious well-maintained home offers one bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms on the first floor, and two bedrooms and 1 full bath on the second floor.

Average Rent in Glens Falls

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The average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Glens Falls is $661, while the average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $821.
1 Bed
2 Beds
3+ Beds
City GuideGlens Falls
"Glens Falls is Hometown U.S.A," Look Magazine, 1944.

Since the city gained the accolade of being America's archetypal hometown during the Second World War, Glens Falls has retained the nickname. However, don't be confused if you hear the term "Empire City" too, because locals also use this name from time to time as well. Situated in Warren County, New York, the city covers an area of just under four square miles and has a population numbering 14,700. It was named after Colonel Johannes Glen and the nearby falls, which make up part of the Hudson River as it wends its way to the ocean, located at the southern edge of the city. Nowadays, the city is noted by many for its employment opportunities and industries in Glens Falls, include the medical sciences and companies that produce anything from industrial valves to specialty paper and cement. Because of the diversity of employment, there is a good choice of places to live in Glens Falls which will suit many.

Moving to Glens Falls

Because of its long history, much of the architecture in Glens Falls has a charming appeal. Therefore, you can find an apartment complex that has been converted from an historic building just as easily as you might find a condo for rent that is more up-to-date. If you are looking for modern rental housing, then try the area close to Glen Falls Hospital. This is easy to find even for newcomers because it is situated next to the river in the downtown area, off Hudson Avenue. Much of the rest of Glens Falls' housing is older with attractively painted wooden weatherboarding on the outside of buildings that are set back from the road behind neatly kept lawns. Yes, you can find white picket fences, too.

The city enjoys really good transport links, so it is an ideal choice if your job means that you will have to travel around a lot. There are two airports nearby. One, Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, is just a few miles away. The other is Albany International Airport, which is about an hour's drive to the south. Boston and New York City both take about three and a half hours to reach by car. It is also worth knowing that there is a reliable bus service run by the Greater Glens Falls Transit System, which serves both the city and the surrounding communities. Glens Falls is at its most leafy and most attractive in spring and summer. If you are looking for premier apartments in the surrounding area, then start your search in March or even February to get ahead of the competition.

The City Layout

The city has two historic districts, both of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of these, the Fredella Avenue Historic District, boasts a few unique concrete block structures. The other, the Three Squares Historic District, makes up much of the central area where you'll find many businesses and offices. The Hudson bounds the southern edge of the city, with South Glens Falls on the other bank. Thomas Street, to the west, forms the boundary with West Glens Falls where you can pick up the Interstate. To the north, Fort Amherst Road is the dividing line between the city and North Glens Falls. The city itself is roughly split in two by Glen Street, which heads north to Lake George, and south towards the river.

Western Glens Falls: Open spaces are an important part of any city, and the charming Haviland Cove Park, which lies next to the Hudson River, is a great place to start exploring the western side of Glens Falls. The main residential neighborhoods are to the south of Broad Street, where you can find a good number of eateries and commercial outlets and to the north of Sherman Avenue. There's another attractive park in the north of this district named Crandall Park. Check out the Glen Falls Recreation Ice Center, close by, before moving on.

Eastern Glens Falls: The neighborhood to the east of Glen Street is laid in something more closely resembling a grid formation than the western side. Most of the streets with condos for rent are laid out in a north-south pattern. There are few good gyms in eastern Glens Falls. Try Adirondack Nautilus on Dix Avenue or the indoor climbing gym which is situated just beyond the northern edge of the city on Quaker Road. The Warren County bikeway runs through eastern Glens Falls and heads all the way from the city to Lake George Village--perfect if you like to get about on two wheels.

Downtown Glens Falls: Although there are some eateries in the residential neighborhoods of the city, most of the restaurants and bars are to be found in the downtown area, but you could have guessed that, right? Glen Bistro on Glen Street is a good place to discover what the city has to offer in terms of dining out. Expect homemade bread and desserts. Try Bistro Tallulah for something a little different, but make sure that you make a reservation, especially if you are looking for apartments over the course of a weekend. Downtown Glens Falls affords numerous boutique shops and art galleries, although it is not too far to find a regular supermarket and other less expensive stores, if you need them.

Living In Glens Falls

Finding an apartment is one thing, but if you want to know what it will be like actually living in Glen Falls and why wouldn't you? then it is worth considering the local culture a little. The Wood Theater on Glen Street is probably best described as the cultural hub of the city, which is home to a professionally run six-week summer theater festival featuring contemporary plays, musicals and new productions.

Check out Aimie's Dinner and Movie, too, which is a cinema and an eatery all rolled into one. Glens Falls Civic Center is also a central part of the city's life where you can see anything from a rodeo to circus performances to ice hockey. Glens Falls also boasts its own symphony orchestra and a frequent farmers' market. If you are moving to the city for a more relaxed pace of life, then there's plenty of massage and acupuncture therapists who work in the area, too.

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