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Last updated August 16 at 6:37AM
702 Bremner
Bismarck, ND
Updated July 12 at 10:46AM
3 Bedrooms
1226 W Avenue A
Bismarck, ND
Updated August 10 at 10:23AM
3 Bedrooms
207 N 19th St
Bismarck, ND
Updated June 4 at 11:38PM
2 Bedrooms
715 Weyburn Dr
Bismarck, ND
Updated August 4 at 12:59PM
3 Bedrooms
708 Bremner
Bismarck, ND
Updated July 15 at 9:51AM
3 Bedrooms
214 N 16th St
Bismarck, ND
Updated July 11 at 9:41AM
5 Bedrooms
1715 N 8th St
Bismarck, ND
Updated August 3 at 11:17AM
2 Bedrooms
215 E Arbor Ave
Bismarck, ND
Updated August 11 at 10:42AM
1 Bedroom
1112 Portland Dr
Bismarck, ND
Updated July 13 at 10:06AM
1045 Madison lane
Bismarck, ND
Updated August 10 at 10:37AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Bismarck, ND
302 5th ave nw a
Mandan, ND
Updated July 28 at 10:47AM
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
What to Expect in Bismarck

Okay, so Bismarck may not be the most happening city in the region, nor even in the state of North Dakota. Nobody here would describe Bismarck as life in the fast lane. Life in the vast lane more like it. But you’ll be sure to find something to do in the city’s surprisingly vibrant downtown areas or the more suburban-feeling development in the farther reaches of town.

Bismarck was developed as a railroad and gold town, and eventually became the state capital in 1889. Since then, it’s attracted a large German population, and also has two of the state’s top-notch medical facilities, Saint Alexius Medical Center and MedCenter One Health Systems.

Don’t fool yourself. Bismarck is cold. Average temperatures during the winter months tend to peak in the low double digits. There's not a lot of snow, but there is winter blight. It can be solitary and depressing, but North Dakotans are intrepid. Social clubs are prominent as well as a greater sense of community than the urban heavyweights.


You’re not going to have a hard time finding a safe, pleasant neighborhood in the greater Bismarck area. Pretty much all regions of the city are considered equally safe and desirable. So you might not be able to locate great nightlife or a diverse assortment of restaurants (emphasis on not able – Yelp lists 124 total restaurants for the city. That may seem like a lot, however, by comparison, San Francisco has 4,601 on Yelp). But hey, Bismarck is super safe and its 2nd favorite restaurant is Space Aliens Grill & Bar (San Fran's is a taco truck). Take that, uninspired Fog City!

Though Bismarck neighborhoods are generally similar in terms of safety, they vary slightly based on rental type, resident type, and overall vibe.

Downtown Bismarck is not only within close proximity to the capital area complex, but also to the city’s urban shopping center, the Kirkwood Mall, the Bismarck Civic Center and the city’s two major medical centers. These commercial and medical centers have kept downtown Bismarck lively, with several restaurants and shops lining the downtown streets. Some rentals are available here above storefronts and will put you in close proximity to what exists of Bismarck’s nightlife.

Northern Bismarck has expanded with the recent development of several additional shopping malls. New construction means this may be the easiest place to locate rentals in this region. If you’re looking for a more suburban-feeling neighborhood, northern Bismarck is the place for you.

Portions of southern and western Bismarck have varied neighborhoods with some suburban type developments (a golf course here or there), as well as slightly more urban feeling neighborhoods (some semblance of nightlife not consisting of a chain buffet). The eastern portion of Bismarck is quite similar, with the notable exception of the area around the North Dakota State Penitentiary – where rent is free, but the lease terms totally suck and the landlord is reported to be not tenant friendly.

Rental Tips

Despite the fact that you can find a desirable rental in nearly any neighborhood of Bismarck, you’ll encounter certain inconveniences along the way. The city has undergone a recent population boom. Pair this with a housing market dominated largely by privately owned homes, and you’re nearing a housing crisis that rivals the inflated cost of living along the oil fields at Willston. However, since 2009, Bismarck has been making strides towards addressing this housing crisis while keeping rentals at an affordable rate.

There are a few ways to guarantee that you find an apartment in Bismarck. First of all, start your apartment hunt early. And I mean early. Like three to six months in advance. You will frequently find an apartment complex that you like with a long waiting list for rentals. Put your name on the list and keep looking.

Many apartments in the city are rented through private management companies that don’t exactly advertise vacancies. No problem! Enlist that intrepid Wild West attitude and start scouring the city for the “For Rent” signs hanging above apartment complexes in your neighborhood of choice. You can also occasionally find rentals advertised on online apartment hunting search engines (like this one!) or in the good old classifieds section of the Bismarck Tribune.

You also need to be realistic in your expectations. You’re not going to find many houses for rent in town, so if you’re looking for a detached single-family unit, you’re probably going to have to suck it up and buy one.

Finally, to ease your burden, contact local apartment and renter’s associations and tell them about your woes. These groups will frequently keep you in the loop about up-and-coming rentals in your desired location, as well as give you the skinny on what it’s really like living in specific complexes.

The main thing is, don’t get fed up or give up! You’re moving to Bismarck, and just like Otto himself, you’ve got to pull yourself up by your boot straps and quit your bitchin' or as they say in German, “stoppen Sie sich zu beschweren.”

Getting Around Town

Interstate 94 is the main highway in Bismarck and runs just north of downtown. Because Bismarck is largely wide-open spaces and little in the way of population, you won’t experience much but the slight inconvenience of slowing down a bit on your rush hour commute. Main Street, which runs through downtown, can sometimes get a bit backed up during the weekdays, but it’s nothing too bad.

Bismarck area is serviced by Bis-Man Transit, which provides 10 bus routes throughout the greater Bismarck-Mandan area. Plan ahead... remember... Life In The Vast Lane.