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Smooth Moves: 12 Steps to a Successful Move

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Even if you’ve got the keys to your new dream apartment, moving can feel overwhelming. To make your move stress-free, we’ve compiled a guide with everything you need to know about moving to a new apartment, from packing secrets to remembering to forward your mail.   Preparing to Move Out   1. Read Your Lease Once you’ve decided to move, re-read your lease. Follow the proper procedure for notifying your landlord of your move. Landlords generally require written notice 30 days or 60 days prior to your move. If you don’t follow the proper procedure, you may end up paying

Your Worst Roommate Horror Stories

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With the big moving season coming up, Apartment List wants to ensure our renters not only found a great apartment but are also prepared for their new roommates. We already shared our tips for finding the perfect roommate, but beware, not all roommates are perfect. Having a roommate (or many) can be a blessing. You’ll have someone to cook dinner with or vent about your day over a glass of wine. Plus, a roommate helps split the costs of your apartment. The wrong roommate can also be a disaster. We’ve all had a bad roommate - whether they were messy,

DIY Apartment Decorations You Can Build in a Weekend (for under $100)

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  Want to make your apartment feel more like a home? Trying to add tasteful decor without breaking the bank? Apartment List has compiled 10 of our favorite apartment-friendly decorations. All these projects can be completed in a weekend -- and without breaking the bank. Each craft costs under $100, and many can be completed for less than the cost of dinner out. Trade in your weekend brunch plans, grab your gal pals and get crafting!   Hexagon Shelf from Make & Do Crew This shadow box is the grown-up, more attractive version of all the popsicle picture frames you

Top 10 Tips for Saving on Rent

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Are you looking at your monthly expenses and thinking something has to go? Trying to save for a down payment? Pay off your student loans? We’ve all been there. Housing is the largest annual expense for most renters so saving money on rent will have a huge impact on your overall budget. Unlike saving money on a one-time purchase, like a flat screen TV, you’ll save every single month if you decrease your rent. Save thousands of dollars each year by following Apartment List’s top 10 tips for saving money on rent.   Moving to a new city? Lease about

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Roommate

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Found your dream apartment? Congratulations! Now it's time to find your dream roommate. At Apartment List we know roommates can make or break your living situation so we've put together our best advice to help with your search. 1) Make sure you have a similar budget Having a roommate is a great way to save some big bucks, but before you sign a lease make sure you and your roommate having similar price expectations. If you're looking to rent a cheaper apartment to save money for a downpayment (or your next trip to Mexico), you shouldn't move in with your