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Cost of Living in Naples, FL [2024]

March 25, 2024
If you're thinking of moving to the stunning Gulf Coast, you're probably wondering about the cost of living in Naples. We break down rent, utilities, and more.

Dreaming of Sunshine and Seashells? Naples, Florida might be your perfect paradise. Nestled on the stunning Gulf Coast, Naples offers residents a vibrant mix of coastal charm and exciting amenities. Whether you're seeking relaxation on pristine beaches, cultural exploration at world-class museums, or adventurous days on the water, Naples has something for everyone.

But before you start packing your swimsuit, you'll likely want to consider the cost of living. Renting an apartment or house is often the first step for newcomers, so this guide will delve into the rental market in Naples, providing you with essential information to budget effectively and find your dream Naples home.

Cost of Living in Naples, FL

What Is the Cost of Living in Naples, FL?

According to, the cost of living in Naples is about 13% higher than the rest of the United States, and about 10% higher than the rest of Florida. Let’s see how that breaks down by category:

CategoriesNaplesFloridaUnited States
Median Home Cost$1,045,900$362,400$338,100


How Much Is Rent in Naples, FL?

According to our database of national rental estimates, rent averaged around $1,796 in Naples in March 2024. Let’s look more closely at how that breakdown worked by number of bedrooms:

How Much Is a 1-Bedroom Apartment in Naples, FL?

As of March 2024, one-bedroom apartments in Naples cost around $1,563 a month.

How Much Is a 2-Bedroom Apartment in Naples, FL?

Two-bedroom apartments in Naples in March 2024 were listed for around $1,709 a month on average.

What Salary Do You Need to Live in Naples, FL?

There are a few different ways to estimate what salary you need to live in a city like Naples. One way involves estimating based on how much you expect to spend on rent using a rule of budgeting that says rent should not be more than 30% of your income. If one-bedrooms currently run around $1,563 a month, that means you should probably make around $60,000 a year to live comfortably in Naples.

Another option is to use the “living wage” calculation made available by researchers at MIT. According to their data, a single adult would need to earn $23.13 an hour in order to live in Naples (or $48,113 a year before taxes). That’s slightly less than our estimate, which is certainly possible if you find a better than average rate for an apartment.


How Much Are Utilities in Naples, FL?

In Florida as a whole, utilities are slightly less expensive than the rest of the country. Floridian renters spend around $217.09 a month on electricity, fuel, gas, and water, whereas the rest of the country spends $253.14. That’s partly due to the reduced cost of heating in the winter months.

United States$150.93$51.12$45.52$5.57$253.14

How Much Is Child Care in Naples, FL?

According to MIT, the cost of child care in Naples is high, as it is across the country. Families will spend on average $10,809 a year for child care for one child or $20,212 for two children in Naples.

How Much Is Transportation in Naples, FL?

MIT estimates that a single person with no children will spend around $10,054 a year on transportation, while a family of four will spend closer to $14,657. These high costs are associated with a city that requires a lot of transportation by car, though you will find options for public transit, biking, and walking.

Getting around Naples can be navigated in a few different ways, depending on your lifestyle and budget. The walkability of your chosen neighborhood will play a big role. Naples offers a public bus system, the RideCAT, for a budget-friendly option. However, for those venturing outside the core areas or seeking more flexibility, a car may be necessary.

How Much Are Groceries in Naples, FL?

Numbeo estimates that in order to eat 2400 calories per day, you would probably need to spend around $392.27 for 31 days of groceries in Naples, Florida. That’s if you follow a Western diet. If you follow an Asian diet, that number drops to $317.89. Similarly, MIT estimates that a single person would spend around $4,912 a year on food in Naples, which comes out to a little over $400 per month.


Naples, FL Fitness & Entertainment

Gyms are widely available in Naples, and prices can range widely depending on how much or how little you want to use the gym. For instance, a popular gym in the area called SPENGA charges $99 a month for 4 visits, and $179 for unlimited visits. Orange Theory has the same rate for unlimited classes, but only charges $79 a month for four visits.

Find Your Next Apartment in Naples, FL

Intrigued by the rental landscape in Naples? Now that you have a better idea of transportation options and their costs, you can start picturing your dream Naples home! Head over to our apartment listings in Naples, a trusted resource for finding rentals, to explore the variety of apartments available. With filters for price, location, and amenities, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle.

FAQs about Cost of Living in Naples

Is Naples, FL a wealthy community?

According to census data, the median income in Naples is $135,657, which makes it one of the wealthier neighborhoods in Florida, and is much higher than the state-wide median income of $67,917.

How much is the average electric bill in Naples Florida?

According to census data, the average Floridian spends $167.17 a month on electricity, and $217.09 on electricity plus gas, fuel, and water.

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