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Best Practices for Choosing a Neighborhood for a Family

April 9, 2019

Moving with a family in two can be tough. Looking for a new place to live, checking out schools, and finding the best park to walk your dog are important things to consider when making this big step. We thought we could help you out and compiled a list of pointers to look out for when choosing a neighborhood for your family.

Family practice

Health is of utmost importance. Be it your child’s annual check ups or your own drop-in appointment, you want your child’s doctors to be nearby. A good children’s hospital in the area is a huge plus, but a whole family practice is even better, since it accepts patients of all ages. Having a family medicine center as your close neighbour means taking care of your health will be easier and more convenient.


Safety is one of the biggest factors that most parents consider when moving to a new neighborhood. You want your child to be and feel safe when walking home from school or heading to the nearby park. Besides looking online and touring the neighborhood, you can go the extra mile and check FBI statistics on crime rates in the area.

Stellar School District

If you’re planning on enrolling your child in a public school, it is very important that your potential school district has an outstanding education program. See what after school programs the school provides. If you have a toddler in the family, check on the daycare programs to make sure they will be a good fit. Keep in mind that it is difficult to compare schools, since the education requirements may differ across states. Sites such as GreatSchools.org can help you locate well-rated schools in the areas you’re considering moving to.


A neighborhood having a playground is a good sign that there are other children in the area and that the community cares about its younger residents. A great bonus will be if there are several playgrounds, each one for a different age group. When touring, note whether the playgrounds are safe from traffic zones. Ask at the city center if there are other amenities, such as a swimming pool or a tennis court - great places for family exercise and bonding.


Public libraries can be a great resource to you and your family in many ways. Libraries have the latest news on community events, and can advise you on the city’s child-friendly activities, reading clubs, and books. If your child is of school age, they can always work on projects or do their homework at the library.

Family Entertainment

Being able to enjoy time with family is important, and having options for outings with your children is part of it. Movies, kid-friendly restaurants, and play areas are all things that you can keep an eye out for when touring the neighborhood offerings..  

Convenient Grocery Stores

As a parent, you want your grocery shopping to be as efficient as possible. If you forget to buy anything, you also would like the store to be close by, to make that extra run quickly, because in the next hour the kids will be back from school and then they have basketball practice.

Public Transport

If you’re planning on staying in the neighborhood for several years, up to the point when your child will be old enough to get around town on their own, make sure to look into public transportation in the area. Are there bus stops nearby or a tram? What areas of the town does it pass through? Is it popular among the city’s residents? These are all things you would want to consider before making the final decision.

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Angelina Bader
Angelina is a Marketing Specialist at Apartment List where she writes content on rental lifestyle. Angelina previously worked as a Russian and German language specialist at Facebook and Google, and has a BA in Applied Linguistics from UCLA. Read More
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